A water leaking sound was coming from the lady's feet - was she peeing herself?

Dear Readers,

after my longest ever winter hiatus I finally got out for my 1st weekend of sightings for 2007, going out last Saturday night and getting my first February sighting. It's only my 2nd sighting for the year as I'm off to my slowest start ever. But my strange destiny with sightings continues as I got a shot of this lady, now have a shot of both of this year's sightings. I snapped a puddle shot of the sighting as well, the most unusual puddle I've seen, which is included here making this another web page report. It's my 234th shot overall in my 15th year of sightings, 5th shot overall for February. My last February shot came in 2004, coincidentally on the 3rd weekend that month too - unfortunately it was a bad shot that didn't make my albums, a misfire with a then-new camera that I stopped using a few months later.

Each year starts out a little differently, this one starting in the teeth of a record 7 consecutive weekends of snowstorms that began before Christmas. That finally stopped 2 weeks ago but the cold temperatures hung around, finally 'warming up' to night temps in the 30's Saturday night so I was finally able to get out. This time of year is always a question for me of if I still have the interest in continuing to go out for sightings, so I go out on a February night and see how it is. Every year I manage to encounter a lady in a desperate situation that re-ignites my spark, either in her desperation or how she pees, that keeps me coming back for more and once again, that happened this weekend!

This week's story is a shocker, the best kind of sighting you can get: a lady peeing on herself. The last time I saw that was in November '99, a drunk pretty lady who came out of a dance club at closing time and stumbled for a half-block before stopping and leaning against a building where she peed in her pants (and the sidewalk) for nearly 2 minutes before walking off. I snapped her shot (desp 139 in my website sample album), it remains the shot I've gotten the most questions about so peeing accidents are very powerful. I am amazed that among my over 2000 recorded sightings this is only the 2nd lady I've seen pee on herself , there have been hundreds of desperate ladies I thought were going to have peeing accidents but they got their panties down and peed wherever they were and barely avoided that.

Saturday night's outing was more of an 'exploratory trip', I wanted to see what had changed in the sightings area (bar openings and closings) for the new year and the new ladies who'd be coming to the area. I wasn't sure what to expect crowd-wise: would it be a typically small February crowd as it typically is, or would there be a lot more people out because of cabin fever from being cooped up inside for so long from the cold snowy weather? I went to the sightings area late as I usually do this time of year, getting there just after 1 a.m. I was surprised to see mostly full parking lots everywhere and people walking the streets, a crowd more the size of a late September/October night. Streets and parking lots were clear of snow except for small snow banks in back corners and by buildings, so that wouldn't be a limiting factor like it was on New Years' Eve. A few ladies were dressed skimpy and sexy but most were covered up in jeans and big coats, the reason February sightings are typically not very revealing or sexy. I planned on walking through the entire area to see the status of bar closing and openings, but there were so many ladies out there was legitimate sightings potential and I had to keep an eye them like I do during the warmer busier nights: there were enough of them out to produce some sightings. There were lots of new sexy ladies, this is going to be yet another exciting year!

By closing time there were so many ladies walking the streets I was covering the area much more than usual for February, but all got into cars and left quickly as there isn't the late-night lingering that produces a lot of sightings when it's cold. So I went over to my usual haunts at the RTD station, fewer people were there but the bars across the street were crowded and I knew a lot of people would soon be walking by. Then came the magic:

2-18-07, desp 234: Just after 2 a.m. I was standing by the street at the south end of the block, near the shuttle bus stop and closed terminal building. 2 mid-20's ladies emerged from the back sidewalk, walking up to the terminal building from the back block. They stopped in front of the locked doors for a moment, none of them walking up to the doors or showing any sign she had to pee, before turning and walking towards me by the street. As they did I heard splattering, I thought one of them was emptying out the rest of a bottle of something she didn't want to drink. It was coming from lady 1 of the 2, on the left (my right) and closest to me - about 5' 5" with a medium build and dark blonde shoulder length hair wearing glasses, a short black leather coat and dark gray pants and carrying a beige purse in her right hand. I quickly noticed a stream of wetness making a trail on the sidewalk behind her as she walked, the splattering getting louder. Her left hand was down at her side and empty as she walked casually, no bottle or cup she was dumping out - was something leaking out of her purse? She didn't seem to be aware of the trail of wetness following her, I was about to tell her something was leaking out of her purse. But as they got closer I could see her purse was closed and nothing leaking from it, a leaking sound was coming from the lady's feet - was she peeing? Our eyes met as they were about to pass me, she didn't seem drunk and was calm and comfortable like nothing was out of the ordinary. I looked at the front crotch of her pants, it was dark and I didn't see any wet spot there before they passed by me. But the splattering sounded like peeing and the wet pee trail was still following her across the sidewalk.

I thought she was peeing on herself, started getting out the camera as they stopped by the curb a few feet from me to wait for traffic to pass to cross the street. I looked at the back of her pants, her butt and crotch and inner legs as she stood there with her legs together looking at the cars driving by. I could see the dark wetness on her inner pants legs just below her crotch, they were getting even darker as I could hear the drizzling pee running down her legs and wetting her pants even more. Amazing, she was looking at the cars on the street and didn't seem to even be aware she was peeing on herself! She never looked down at herself peeing or the ground, what was going on with her? Traffic finally passed and they started across the street, I crossed behind them and snapped a back shot of the 2 of them walking when they got to the sidewalk. There was no wet trail behind her now, her bladder had finished emptying itself while she stood on the curb waiting to cross the street. They quickly disappeared in the crowd outside the bars there as I watched her walk off in shock, I've never seen anything like this before!

stream across sidewalk of lady who peed walking I went back over to the RTD station and snapped 3 shots of her stream trailing her from the building door, this shot being from where I was standing when she started peeing on herself by the doors and her pee-path from there to walking past me - a huge piss that lasted about a minute. Looking at the shot in the LCD window and zooming in on her pants, they're wet from her crotch down the middle of both pants legs - the left leg wetness stopping above the knee but the right leg wetness going all the way down to the bottom of her pants leg.

The lady I snapped a shot of on New Years' Eve peed here too, by the side of the building (in the upper right of the shot) a little further down - off the right edge of this shot.

I can't believe this lady! Right before I saw her I had been thinking about how most ladies who had to pee this night wouldn't do it because they didn't want to squat outside when it was so cold, this lady took care of that - didn't bother with pulling down her pants and squatting, she just peed in her pants! She had apparently avoided the bathrooms all night in the bars she was in, and her bladder was so full she was in such agony when she got to the RTD building it was too late for her to make it to the RTD station bathroom even if the building was open. She looked at the door and started peeing on herself before even making a move to try to get in, seeing the doors locked I think she just gave up and started peeing on herself - and was determined to ignore it since she couldn't stop it and walked off with pee running down her legs. How did that feel? Her friend didn't react either, I'm sure the desperate lady told her she was about to burst. Maybe this lady enjoys peeing on herself and did it to warm herself up on this cold night, how else to explain her unemotional reaction to peeing on herself in public and carrying on like it wasn't happening? People near her didn't seem to notice, since she was acting like she wasn't peeing on herself. What was going on with this lady? Because she kept walking her pants didn't get as soaked as desp 139's did, it didn't appear to be a sexual thing for her in any way. How could a lady completely ignore peeing on herself? Very weird, I bet she had a very strong reaction to it in private when she got to her car or at home. Do you think this lady's accident was sexy?

This was like the Kate Winslet peeing scene in 'Holy Smoke' where she walked toward the guy peeing on herself, she was naked in that scene. But the pee running down her legs and trailing behind her as she walked (coloured water) was nowhere near as intense as this lady's real piss was. Every time I think I've seen it all, a lady finds a new way to pee that I've not seen anyone do! The shot is a good one of her and her wet pants, will be the 1st official shot for my next album 14. Like desp 139 more wetness showed from behind than in front, the wetness on desp 139's pants legs are twice as much as this lady's but desp 139's coat was long enough to cover her crotch so you couldn't see the origin of her wet pants. This lady's short jacket allows you to see her hips and butt, the pants wet in her crotch and down the insides of her pants legs as she walks - love it! My digital camera is apparently broken in now, doing better on the night shots as it's producing more detail even in the background. Digital does better at bringing out the detail in darker objects 35mm film did, like the darker wet areas of this lady's dark pants.

And what a coincidence that I get a sighting like this! Just recently I got a ladies room survey from a young lady who wrote that she likes to pee in her pants while walking. She was desperate one day and was scared because she was going to have to pee outside and didn't know how to, tried to do it standing. But she couldn't direct her stream and started peeing on her legs, was freaked out initially but couldn't stop her stream and noticed, "It felt really good!" Since then she said she gets excited when she has to pee, makes herself hold it "Until I feel it coming down my legs" and then she still won't go to a bathroom. No it wasn't this week's lady, but there are more ladies out there who would pee on themselves like this!

2007 is off to a powerful start, I guess the theme this year will be 'quality over quantity.' I'll try to get out next weekend in February's final weekend as I'm now excited about what I might see again, but as of today extended weather forecasts have another major snowstorm hitting us next Friday night. Sounds like hit-or-miss, let's hope it's "miss!"