NEW YEARS' EVE 2010 Women Public Pissing Report

Dear Readers,
a new sightings year begins - or should I say an old sightings year ends. A disappointing night with just 1 sighting, so this will be a short-ish report.
As usual the crowd was big enough to produce a lot more sightings but didn't, which is pretty much how my 2009 sightings year went. 2010 is starting out in yet another historical way: no post-midnight (January 1) sightings on New Years' Eve. 2 years I've gotten just 1 January 1 sighting, have never been shut out before this year. Is 2010 going to be another strange sightings year? The night's lone sighting came before midnight, officially closing out 2009 with 1 December sighting on the month's final night and finishing the year with 104 sightings and no shots - a strange year but stopping the slide of finishing with less than 100 sightings the last 2 years and the December sighting gives me a sighting in all 12 months of 2009, something I hadn't done since 2005.
My streak of consecutive New Years' Eves with a sighting continues to be 100% of them at 18 now, the only day to produce a sighting every year of my sightings work.
The crowd was smaller than last year as I figured it would be. I knew that would be so when I drove into the downtown area, I was able to park closer to my usual area than I am able to on most New Years' Eves.
I got there about 11:15 p.m., not taking as long as I expected to find somewhere to park so I'd get more of the 11 p.m. hour for sightings and it came before I ever got to the fireworks and sightings areas:

Thursday, 11:27 p.m .- I had just pulled up at an empty parking meter space on a street when an SUV pulled into one of the empty spaces across the street. The door opened and a 20's guy got out and ran up between the buildings there as the other doors opened and people started getting out, 3 more guys and 3 ladies all early 20's. One of the ladies blurted out "I have to pee too" immediately after getting out of the SUV. "NO, don't do it here!" the guy driving the SUV said as he came around to her standing on the sidewalk by the back of the SUV about to unsnap the front waist of her jeans. She was average height with shoulder length brown hair wearing a white waist-length ski coat. "But I have to pee NOW!!" she said emphatically. "There's nowhere to go once we get to the mall!" (where the midnight fireworks would be). By now the other guy came back from peeing between the buildings, the desperate lady kept saying, "I have to pee RIGHT NOW!" but the driver wouldn't let her do it. The group walked off, I got out of the car and followed from across the street because I didn't think she would make it to the fireworks area (about 6 blocks away) without a piss. At the next corner they crossed the street and passed in front of me, the lead guy (driver) saying, "We're going to the 7-11" referring to a 7-11 store a couple of blocks away. "Why are we going there?" one of the other guys said. "Because everybody has to piss!" the driver said as the group walked by me. I got excited at this point, because I knew that 7-11 is closed at night - I was going to get a sighting here! The group walked 2 blocks to the store, in the middle of the block next to a parking lot. I saw 2 people inside, employees closing up as most of the lights in the store had been cut off. 2 of the guys went up to the door and banged on it, the clerk inside looked at them and shook her head no. The desperate lady and her friend seeing that quickly headed down the side of the building by the parking lot to the alley behind it, along with another guy. The ladies turned into the alley just beyond the wall where I couldn't see them, the guy stopping to stand guard there for a moment before turning to face the wall and peeing. With the rest of the group standing in front of the locked store doors I waited from across the street, nearly 2 minutes later the ladies came back from the alley and with the guy who just peed walked back to the others by the locked doors. The group walked off, I went back to the alley where I found her puddle in a partially icy area just around the corner of the building - just barely out of my view! I thought both ladies had peed but it was just the one who had been desperate, her average sized splatter spot in a dry spot next to a mound of snow by the wall with a stream travelling just a few inches before running into frozen ice nearby.
I was glad to get that first sighting out of the way before even getting to the fireworks area, thought I might be in for a nice night. Temps were in the mid-20's and it didn't stop this lady from peeing outside and getting to the mall area by where I usually watch the show - near the RTD block - the crowd was noticeably smaller as I expected. Usually that area is stuffed with people and I can hardly move around, tonight just small crowds scattered throughout the block and I could go anywhere and easily watch all the nearby pee areas. There were a lot of people starting from the next block up, but not as many as usual on this block. Cars were parked in the loading dock area and along the alley on one side of the mall as usual, the parking lot on the other side by me was mostly full - but I noticed snow and patches of ice in all the spaces between cars and in the alley where ladies would likely go to pee.
Snow has been on the ground for 2 weeks now and won't melt because our temps haven't gotten out of the 30's in all that time. I noticed pee puddles in doorways and beside buildings in dry areas along the way there, they all looked like male puddles and I saw some wonderfully desperate ladies:

Leg-crossing desperate: A cute lady with long black hair in a knee length gray skirt and short coat who looked to be in bad shape shortly after I got there, walking tensely and appearing in pain when they passed me. They stopped at the corner across the street from the RTD building, while waiting for traffic to pass she bent forward at the waist and kept tensely crossing her thighs and rocking back and forth. "Come on, come ON cars!!" she yelled in frustration waiting for traffic to pass, yeah she was about pee on herself! When a small gap came between cars she ran across the street, while others at the corner were waiting for the light to change, running a mad sprint to the RTD building and pushing her way inside and past people down the escalators to the lower level where the bathrooms were. Her friend followed, not nearly in the dire straits this lady was. I went over and looked in the window of the terminal building down to the end where the ladies' bathroom was, a constant line of ladies was going in and out of there! The gray skirt lady came out after a couple of minutes, as they all are when that desperate so much more relaxed now she seemed like a different person - but also seemed exhausted from running so fast to get there. One of these days I'm going to interfere with a lady in bad shape like her and delay her from getting to the bathroom long enough to make her pee on herself!

I went back over to the mall area and watched the midnight fireworks. After they were over people started flooding past me out of the mall as usual, I watched to see if anyone would go into the alleys on either side to pee as they usually do on New Years' Eve. But only guys did, ladies were complaining about the cold but nobody went to pee. I went over to the RTD block, constant streams of ladies were rushing into the building and looking in the window most headed to the womens' bathroom - SOOOO frustrating!! Walking through my regular sightings area the crowds were so small it didn't seem like a New Years' Eve, so few people at bars in the busy area I didn't even bother working that part of the area after that. Smallest New Years' Eve crowd in the sightings area next to the Y2K fiasco night of 10 years ago, but it did get better at closing time as more people spilled out into the streets and it looked like a late fall night.
My late hour lady count showed 105 fewer ladies than New Years' Eve last year, it seemed smaller than that. Ladies continued to walk up to the RTD building complaining about how bad they had to pee, there were definitely enough of them but they just wouldn't pee outside! Even after the building was locked after the last bus left, desperate ladies still wouldn't pee outside. A thin proper-looking 20's lady with below shoulder brown hair wearing a gray short dress and black stockings and her boyfriend walked up to the locked terminal building doors, just the way she was walking told me she had to pee. "AWWWW!!" she moaned crossing her thighs when she found the doors locked, as I was right. She and the boyfriend walked off looking for a place to pee, looking at the back sidewalk and pee areas but she wouldn't do it. They crossed the street to the mall area and alleys that I usually watch this night, she stood there staring into them but just wouldn't go in to pee. They go to the corner, finally getting in a cab with her aching bladder and it drives off.
That was enough on this freezing night, time to go home!

It's always a longer night and feels much colder when I don't get any sightings. On the way back to the car I went into the alley where the early lady peed, curious to see how much of her puddle would still be there in the 20-degree air. About 95% of her puddle was still there after nearly 4 hours, the splatter spots on the edges of her puddle had evaporated but the rest of her puddle was still there - the stream running a few inches to the ice had actually frozen. I could see by the back of the puddle (where she had squatted) it ran into the snow by the base of the wall and turned it yellow, leaving no doubt about what the liquid in her puddle was. I snapped a shot of it but the yellow stains in the snow didn't come out, bright white snow messes up camera meters and just doesn't show any detail! Without that it's just a nothing-special puddle shot, so I didn't include it here.

The NYE night is still an entertaining one to be out, I like seeing all the ladies dressed nice and in sexy short dresses - more than any other night of the year next to Halloween, despite how cold it almost always is. I think it wasn't so much the cold that cost me sightings but the snow and ice on the ground in all the dark secluded places where ladies would have peed, all those areas are in shade during the day so they had no chance of melting with the continued freezing temps. Yes the RTD building and it's bathroom being open is always the top reason I don't get sightings, but there was more snow and ice on the ground this New Years' Eve than in past years and the lack of dry secluded spots with no ice or snow is probably what kept ladies from even trying to pee throughout the area. Lots of guys enjoyed peeing in the snow and ice, but ladies didn't even want to try it. Of course none of that matters if the lady is desperate enough, like tonight's only sighting. There just weren't any other ladies that desperate, those who were close got into the RTD building and to it's bathroom. I guess the amount of snow and ice on the ground is what I need to pay attention to for sightings possibilities on this night in the future! We're forecast to stay in the freezer for most of next week thru next weekend, temps actually getting colder (single digits/teens) by next weekend.

I'd like to go out on another January night to try and get my first sighting for 2010, but if it stays so cold I'll probably forfeit January since sightings area crowds will be tiny the rest of the month.
My 2009 annual sightings summary next week, then it's sightings off-season until spring.