pissing audio,pee recordings, piss sounds, peeing mp3, female pissVictoria's peeing! - from 30 seconds to just under a minute of sexy girly piss sounds

Here I am again with a new pee recordings page and a new pee sound file of my audio pissing sound sets, this time I'm treating you to my shorter pees and there's a story behind every piss, well there is with me anyway.
I hate having to want to fart when I'm with people, (particularly my clients!) I always hope that it'll just sneak out quietly with no sound and un-noticed? No way! Mine always squeak! Uuug, so embarrasing, so sometimes if the need to let one go gets bad, I just go to the Ladies' quickly to do a short pee so I can let my wind out, so that's why some of these pee recordings have a farting sound in them.
I know by your mail that you've heard me passing wind on some of my pee recordings and you said you liked it/them, so instead of having them edited out, I've asked for them to be kept in.

Also, I get so full of pee and yet I'm enjoying the hold so much that I go and let the pressure off a bit and so there's some of those quick pees on here too where I just do a little drain, or if I'm in a hurry, like I've said, "I just want to blow my nose", I do a full power quick gush.
Those of you who've read my other pages know that I get quite drunk after my meetings and when I am, the simplest thing like pressing record on my phone becomes such a difficult task, but somehow I manage it, BUT what I've got to do now as well is hold it between my legs and then pee, skillfully missing my phone AND without it dropping down the toilet, ha ha yes, but I've been OK so far.
But then when I'm drunk, I can't seem to hold the phone properly and sometimes it ends up being turned off and that's the annoying part! The result being that only the beginnings of some real classic, bladder busting pee sounds are recorded, so I'll leave the rest of those recordings to your imagination, sorry.

When I'm sober (and completely sensible) and just before I meet one of my associates, I dart into the ladies' toilet and empty out my lovely big bladder so I know I have full capacity, this is because I love the thrill of it filling, I do, I adore it. So there's some of my 'draining off' recordings on here too.

You'll have to forgive some of my bad phone postitioning when I'm pissed, sometimes it's too close to my pussy and pee stream and the sound distorts a bit if I power up or I squirt and oh yeh, sometimes I'm already sat down and peeing and I'm waving the phone in the air like a silly woman. But even when I'm pissed, there's always some kind of recording of my sexy pissing for you to wank (or tut-tut) over and I think it all adds to the sounds of realistic, naughty fun!

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By the way, thank you so much for all your kind words (and the not so kind) on my feedback page.

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