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On-Line Payment Method for Multiple or Single Items in the Cascade Shop.

For the foreseeable future, Adult sites that were with AlertPay (& similar payments systems) have been suspended and can no longer be used to pay for your Adult goods. Cascade is still making enquiries for another cost effective credit card payment provider. Meanwhile, you can still pay Cascade on-line quite safely and quickly by a different payment method: Cascade can request a payment for goods from anyone - privately - by a legitimate invoice to their e-mail address!!

How you do it:

You send Cascade an order confirmation from the 'Buy Now' button on the product page. That will tell us which Cascade goods you require, we'll do a total if needed and then send you an Invoice for payment to your e-mail address with the alternative company. You will be able to pay in our country's currency.
It will then be your choice to pay on-line and if you do, your download link will follow by e-mail within a few hours or less.

Please state which Cascade goods you require, we'll do a total and send you an Invoice for payment. You can pay in your country's currency equivalent. ALL ORDERS ARE BY DOWNLOAD ONLY.

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Once the payment has been verified, Cascade will send you the download hyperlinks - job done! Simples!
NB: Cascade's e-mail is checked regularly every day - and that's 7 days a week!