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Pissing Women Stories Retro Cascade 90s Knicker Wetting Mag

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Free audio samples of the female voices & free samples of women peeing audio!

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Cascade Special Wet Sex Money Saving Offer - to Download

What do you get? Desperate females women pissing sounds & power pissing audios to download, watersports wet sex magazines, knicker wetting stories, pissing audio visual downloads etc. A complete Wet Sex Set for £6.00 (or your currency).

Secret Ladies Toilet Recordings & Knicker Wetting Stories - to Download

What do you get? Secret Toilet Microphone Recordings & Knicker Wetting Stories to Download. Dozens of women pissing audio recordings and panties wetting, women bursting to pee stories and female toilets pissing sounds put together in female and male voices. Free voice and pissing audio sounds samples to help you make your choice for £3.00  

Just Sounds of Women Pissing - to Download

What do you get? Super Sounds of Women Pissing the Ladies Toilets! A complete list of ALL SEVEN of the Cascade females women pissing audio pissing sounds (no stories). These are all secret spy cams recordings which have been sent in from around the world to provide some really horny listening. Free sound samples! For £3.00  

Pee Stories ~ Kinky Pissing Stories! - to Download

What do you get? Pt1 or/and Pt2 of a special collection of 16 kinky women pissing, toilet sex, piss voyeur and panties wetting stories with FREE sound samples. For £3.00

Ms JD Super Pissing Sounds - Perfect Pissing!! - to Download

What do you get? This is our own bladder girl pissing into the toilet from a height! The last in her long series, this is the one to finish on. Beautiful piss and hissing sounds pissing with great force. Ms JD pissing is a brilliant download - PLUS links to other Ms J D's pissing sounds with a FREE sound samples. For £3.00

Nicola Steele (The small bladdered teacher) Series - to Download

What do you get? Nicola Steele, the woman teacher with the small bladder. Embarrassing desperate pissing situations. Includes toilet desperation, panties wetting, bladder holding and bursting to pee stories. For £3.00  

Cascade Watersports Pissing Sample Magazine - to Download in .pdf

What do you get? A Sample of our successful Retro 90s Cascade Magazine. In mono and A5 size, it contains pictures, cartoons, drawings, letters, wetting stories and all the normal wet stuff you expect in watersports magazines. Download this sample of a popular retro 90s Pissing Magazine for £3.00  

Watersports Pissing Cartoons Paperback - to Download in .pdf

What do you get? We are always getting asked, 'How can I ask my girlfriend if she is interested in peeing and watersports?' So we compiled a harmless cartoon publication that you can buy, it'll give you a clue if she's game, a lot of laughs ~ and maybe a few ideas! Buy this you get a FREE Adult Humour download! For £3.00

WCs - Wet Compilations Magazines - to Download in .pdf

What do you get? Made up from cuttings from extinct or obscure magazines with stories and pictures that Cascade subscribers have sent in, these WCs are a way of finding out what watersports pissing was like in the old days! Interesting reading and viewing for any women wetting enthusiasts. For £3.00.

Retro Cascade Magazines from the 90s - the Back Issues - to Download in .pdf

What do you get? All our available back issues are listed here with a revue of what they each contain. They are ready for download with the exception of just a few and those have been plainly indicated. All good knicker wetting stories and women pissing pictures for reading and viewing for Ladies & Gents. For £3.00

Bargain Basement No1 - BIG SAVING! - to Download

What do you get? It must be Cascade Madness - you better catch us good and quick. This is the Bargain Basement Piss Party Bucket!! A whole load (20) of sexy watersports women pissing magazines at less than half price!! @ £20.00
Plus, our Cascade Special Offer is now sent to you for FREE with this order!!!

Bargain Basement No2 - BIG SAVING! - to Download

What do you get? A 28 page Cascade Sample Magazine. 15 bladder bursting and panties wetting audio stories sex downloads and one of the popular women pissing sounds only ladies toilets microphone download, (this one runs for an hour and comes with a written description of the women who're pissing!). All at half price!! @ £7.00 

Bargain Basement No3 - BIG SAVING! - to Download

What do you get? Cascade presents for your audio wet sex listening pleasure, 300 minutes - yes, 300 of wanky wetting stories and fabulous females piss audio sounds. Once again, the cost is half of what you would pay if bought separately!! @ £10.00

Finally, our links to Watersports Videos and DVDs

If you enjoy pissing wet sex recordings or watersports stories, then you have come to the right place. We sell sex downloads for the women wetting fetish fan, there's a book of peeing cartoons featuring wet sex funnies. Wetbabes are here with their delicious females piss, urination sounds, or watersports recordings. You can buy wet panties and read about embarrassing peeing accidents, buy downloads of sound files for the peeing fetish persons. There are now pissing movies or dvds, toilet recordings of hot women's piss streams, going to the loo and golden showers downloads and sound files.
Cascade has wet sex watersports pissing pantys wetting wet erotica golden showers ladies toilet listening knicker wetting fetish and pee sex downloads and sound files. Audio downloads giving sexual stimulation, live recordings of women pissing wet sex compilation magazines watersports stories and letters about wet knickers, pissed pantys and soiled panties. Free woman pissing pictures with every download from females. Stories of girls squatting for a piss, women dying for the loo hovering and pissing over the toilet, peeing in dark alleys when desperate, having to squat and go public pissing. Women and girls bursting their bladders and holding their pee. Wet sex piss fun women bursting their bladders, gorgeous females dancing and bursting for the toilet. Woman bursting to pee. Cascade magazines mean watersports pissing torrents, gushes looking like Niagara falls, warm piss pools and frothy puddles.
Piss sex, Miss JD, one of our pee women producing pee spots and damp patches. There are also our links to videos of women pissing, films on dvds format featuring x-streams women gushing their pissed panties. On site are some of Debs drawings, they are free pictures, or sketches of wet jeans and pantys. Audio wetsex is stimulating, hearing the bursting torrents of lovely warm piss, hearing the women walking into the toilet cubicle and the rustling of the underwear, the urgency of the panties being pulled down, the gush and hiss of the piss. Cascade adult water sports sex magazines, for sexy wet piss fun. Pools and puddles of golden urine peed through ladies cotton pants and skimpy pantys, the creamy gusset with pissing spots, creamy crotch and sweaty crutch. Dried pee patches in the pantys, making women who do the pantys wetting famous. They are peeing and making our wet fetish so enjoyable with their hot crotch or crutch. Yellow pee stained gusset of the panties, the secret recording of women in the toilet cubicles. Thank goodness for Cascade magazines and the wonderful wetsex pictures, the lovely looking bulging crutch, the yellow gussett of the pantys. Women + pissing = wet sex movies. Free pictures for every order placed here in the watersports shop. Even if you download piss cams or web cams, or wet pants.
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