Rebecca L.E. . . . . .
                . . . . used to hold the all-round record for the PissOlympics.
                         This girl held first place in three out of four categories!

Rebecca L. E.

Autobiography (continued)
Once I peeed together with a friend in a wood and was able to start about half a minute before her, and when she had finished I still peeed for about a minute. She then asked me: "Exactly how many bladders do you have?" I like driving. And when I do I drink mineral water all the time. Nevertheless. when I stop at a gas station it's most often to fill the car's tank rather than to empty my own.
When driving with my sister, I've noticed that she has to pee approximately three times as often as I do. I think she's a little embarrassed about this, but she has never said anything.

I've made a rule of never getting up at night for a pee. My record pee was made one Sunday morning. I hadn't slept well the previous nights so I had a lot to catch up with. When waking up at 11 a.m. (after sleeping for about 11 hours) my bladder was aching. I knew this was going to be a really enormous pee, so I decided to stay in bed a little longer reading a couple of chapters from a novel. At around noon the pain had become unbearable. I then got up, nearly peeing on the floor when rising from the bed (I sleep nude), and went into the bathroom, held my scaled jug underneath my fanny and started to pee. That day I made my records of both quantity and time, producing the darkest yellow pee I've ever seen. My bladder continued to ache not only during the entire pee, but also for a while afterwards. For a short while in the beginning of my peeing it even felt as if the content of my bladder increased. Sweet agony! But what a rewarding pee! Looking at the jar with all that pee and knowing that I was the one who had managed to pee all that in one go.....the feeling is just impossible to describe. For a woman who takes a lot of pride in her peeing, an experience like that really makes life worth living.

Maybe I ought to become an organ donor. There are many persons with weak bladders out there.... Now that the PissOlympics is public on W4W - Watersports for Women, I'll be watching very eagerly to see if there's any female out there who's able to lick me. There probably is, but until then, I'm the Bladder Queen.

Rebecca L. E.
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