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COMING SOON - MY Peed Panties For Sale!!


All those incredible peeing sounds by Victoria on her YouTube channel!!
She is now clearing out all the dozens of panties she wore when peeing her huge bladderfulls!!


Every order will include 2 photos (one taken from the front and one from my rear view showing my wet bum!) of me (Victoria P. Queen) peeing in the panties you've chosen PLUS a pissy tissue wipe (sent with your shrink wrapped order) in a zip-lock bag!

Victoria's YouTube Channel - hear her incredible loud pissing styles!!

Victoria's e-mail address

Victoria - famous on the internet for her fantastic erotic peeing sounds, will be selling her piss soaked panties!!

Buy my peed panties, smell my savoury piss stained pantys
get an instant hard on and have the wank of your life!!

I'll be peeing in my sexy panties and I'll send you a tissue wipe. I'll have my knickers pulled right up into my crutch, so when they arrive at your nominated postal address inside the unmarked padded bag, all lovingly shrink wrapped and fragrantly feminine pee fresh, you'll open the packet and you'll instantly be smelling my fresh (still wet and fragrant from my piss) vagina!

I promise that I am totally reliable and I always fulfill my orders, your money is guaranteed by PayPal.
There'll be photos on here (cum mid September) of the colour or style of my sexy wet panties, the pictures will be there as a guide so you can see the panties which are available.
All of my undies are sexy colours and they're lovely feminine styles, you'll be able to buy now and they can be in the post a.s.a.p. so you can lie back within record time and breathe in my very special, sexy, exotic piss fragrance - simples!
But, if you want granny's bloomers - No!

Seriously, if you want women's cotton or satin peed panties, maybe my little sports socks from my sexy little feet? Maybe you'd like to cuddle up to my used, unwashed bra? I have all this underwear and more, I'll even do a special order so you can buy your fantasy. Don't look any further, I'm your girl!
My peed panty's scent has been described as 'musky' - I like that description, I'm normally a very clean woman, but I like selling my underwear soaked with my pee too and it's no good if there's no erotic smell!
In any case, whatever you buy and order from me, it/they will arrive completely air tight, shrink wrapped with my special sealing machine, prepared especially for no-one else but you, worn, thoroughly used and abused, soaked in pee and packed in a plain unmarked padded bag, all done by no-one else but me, Victoria x

I will always make sure there's a good smelly gusset for you to sniff, pick, lick, taste and study, you'll be able to see me wearing them in the photo which I'll send to your e-mail that you used to buy your order, you'll see my well worn, wet panties, or you'll see my feet in the socks you chose, or see my cute little tits in the bra you've ordered, or smell my pee where I've wet them for you and you'll be able to fantasize about me while you wrap my wet panties around youur cock and wank yourself off! Wow!!

The musky smell of my pee in panties will bring you off so quickly, you'll be hard & cumming so soon, your cum will be so intense, such a yummy cummy, so enjoyable, yoouur climax will be oh so fuccking amazing!
I'm so happy that I can do this for you xx

I also have a lot of nice bras, they've all got my body aroma on them, but I'll put it on for 24 hours so you can smell my sweaty, pert little tits. I also have some sports socks too, although my feet don't really smell, they still produce a slightly cheesey foot odour, my feet are pretty and painted and they're dainty and cute, so if you're a lover of women's feet, you won't be disappointed. x

PS: I also possess a lovely big bladder and I luurrvve holding my pee. I would luurrvve to pee my used panties for you with my lovely fresh pee, I will send you 2 photos of them being peed into, showing my pee stream falling into the panty gusset. They will be sealed and shrink wrapped, worn & ready for you to wrap around that lovely cock of yours for a knicker wank, wow it makes me horny thinking what you'll do with them and when you cum! - I'm sure you'll write to me and tell me, you always do.

MY PEEING WEBSITE If you'd like to see my peeing sounds descriptions and hear some free pee sound samples go to my peeing pages - for my free pee samples I have recorded a lot of different peeing styles and there's some for you to listen to for FREE in case you want to buy & download? - just sayin' x

My prices will vary according to your needs, but my lowest used panties price is £15 and my most expensive is £50 and that includes postage. Write to me x

How to Order:

1) Read the above please
2) Look at my wet panties pictures, if they're on the page, they are available, but please give me a first & second choice.
3) By the side of the picture will be a PayPal button, if you go through that and give me a reliable delivery address (it doesn't have to be your PayPal address).
4) Once you've paid, you'll get my confirmation in your mailbox, you will also get your PayPal receipt.
5) If you've ordered my wet pantys they will be dispatched poste haste (as soon as possible.

I truly hope you'll enjoy my other different body odour products, I further hope that you'll enjoy my sweet body fragrance and come back for more of me, I'd really like that because it means I'm doing it right xx