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I adore pissing, it really gets me going, the feeling of a full bladder is one of the most erotic things I can think of. I never wet my pants, I've never had to wet myself, my bladder just expands and the pain is unbearable sometimes, but that's when I like it most! Odd?
I'm always out to beat my personal record and I always pee for at least 30 seconds and that's when I really don't need to go, my normal pee is about a minute long and although it's a relief, it's not urgent - I have peed for over three minutes and some of my pee sounds include these monster pisses! I just love it when I let it go because I don't know how it will come out, a trickle, a gush, sudden spurts, or that lovely hissing sound my pussy makes when I give her a push, it's sort of purring to me, my happy purring pissing pussy!
I love stopping and starting my pee, making it come out in pulsing bursts, it's good for my pelvic floor, oh and I love pushing the power, making my piss froth up in the toilet bowl and seeing the thick forced jet leaving my body, it's a sort of angry piss I think, I grit my teeth and push out my lovely piss?
You'll think this is a bit odd about me: but, here I am pissing like crazy for you guys on recordings, but I really hate it when I know there's someone outside the toilet that can hear me peeing, so I try and pee silently by peeing onto the china, I don't know why I hate people hearing me pee live, but I do. Once it's recorded on my phone then it's OK, the world can listen to it, what a wierd woman!

I have two favourite bars where I live, I know a lot of people and so I socialise a lot, some of it is to do with work where I meet up with clients early in the evening, before the karaoke starts and clients always buy my drinks while we discuss our work plans, this is the part where I hold it in because basically I'm a shy person and I need the drink to build my confidence.
I'm sometimes sitting with a client and my bladder is absolutely bursting, the poor thing is throbbing and crying out to be emptied, but I mustn't break the seal, that's one of my rules. My first piss is always the best one - apart from when I'm drunk, that's when I pee the long ones because my bladder is so distended and I can't feel it, it's quite numb, I love it when that happens, it gets me so horny too!

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