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I adore pissing, it really gets me going, the feeling of a full bladder is one of the most erotic things I can think of. I never wet my pants, I've never had to wet myself, I think I'd be wasting it. I love my bladder, it just expands and the pain is unbearable sometimes, but that's when I like it most! Odd?
I'm always out to beat my personal record and I always pee for at least 30 seconds (and that's when I really don't need to go), indeed, my normal pee is about a minute long and although it's a relief, it's not really urgent - urgency to me is when I pee for over three minutes, some of my pee sounds that I record on my smartphone include these monster pisses! I just love it when I let it go because I don't know how it will come out, a trickle, a gush, sudden spurts, or that lovely hissing sound my pussy makes when I give her a push, it's a sort of purring sound, my happy purring pissing pussy!

I love stopping and starting the flow of my pee, making it come out in pulsing bursts, then pinching it tight, it's good for my pelvic floor, hence my big bladder and how I hold so much, oh and I love pushing the power, the sound of power and to watch my piss froth up in the toilet bowl and seeing the thick forced spiraling jet leaving my body, it's a sort of angry piss I think, I grit my teeth and push out my lovely piss, I think my face goes a bit red with straing!
You'll think this fact is a bit odd about me: but, here I am pissing like crazy for you guys on recordings, but I really hate it when I know there's someone is lingering outside the toilet, someone that can hear me peeing, when I think that's happening I try and pee silently by peeing slowly onto the toilet bowl so I hardly make a sound, I don't know why I hate people hearing me pee live, but I do. Once it's recorded on my smartphone then apparently it's OK, the world can listen to it, what a wierd woman!

I have two favourite bars where I live, I'm a social butterfly and I know a lot of people and so I socialise a lot.
Admittedly, some of it is to do with work where I meet up with clients early in the evening, before the karaoke starts and clients always buy my drinks for me while we discuss our work plans, this is the part where I hold it in because basically I'm a shy person and I need the drink to build my confidence.
I'm sometimes sitting with a client and my bladder is absolutely bursting, the poor thing is screaming, it's actually throbbing and crying out to be emptied, but I keep telling myself that I mustn't break the seal, that's one of my golden rules, so my first piss is always the best one - apart from when I'm drunk, that's when I'm distracted and I pee the long ones because my bladder is so hard and distended I honestly can't feel it, it's quite numb, I love it when that happens, it gets me so horny when I play the recording back and I hear that faltering intermittent sound of my pee!

If you'd like to see what peeing sounds I have on offer, (it's all my own work) please click on the links below, you'll find the complete listing of my pee sound files and their cost, plus you have free clips from all the downloads so you can hear the quality. My thanks to Cascade, Victoria x

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