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Free Peeing Ads for Male n' Female Pee Dating Lovers!
These are ARCHIVED Older Cascade Free Pee Lovers Dating Contacts.

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Looking for a Lady to pop my watersports cherry
Male, USA

Hello, 33 yr old guy here that is very interested in W/S but is having a very difficult time connecting with a likeminded person. I would like to find a woman who is also into this fetish and willing to meet once or regularly and introduce me to this world. I can travel if needed. e-mail Rob via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Milton Keynes male looking for female pee play (30-80yo)
Male, UK

Hi! I'm a fit, professional 64yo guy from Milton Keynes and I love women pissing on me and me drinking their pee. I can also piss on you if you want. Can travel up to 20 miles but cannot accommodate. I'm willing to be filmed or photographed. e-mail Dave via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Pee on Me
Male, USA

Looking for other males to pee all over me. e-mail David via Cascade Free Pee Contacts

Male, Australia

I am FRENCH and love pee in all form ... You can pee when you feel like it and vise versa .. your pleasure is mine ... wetting close, knickers, in private, in public ... it is all good .. whatever you fancy I will be happy to do it with you .. I will drink your piss as well ... just contact me at : .... Thank you. Wet love xxxxxxx Daniel .. e-mail Daniel via Cascade Free Pee Contacts

Male, USA

My name is John, I am 23 and I'm 6ft, 200 pounds and tall. I always wanted to try something new and I get off seeing a woman take a piss, or pissing in a guy's mouth. So I want to have a girl piss in my mouth. I live in Clatskanie OR. e-mail John via Cascade Free Pee Contacts

Male, USA

I'd like to meet someone in the USA or who's coming to the USA who loves squirting and pissing. e-mail Jose via Cascade Free Pee Contacts

Love Women's Pee (maybe more)
Male, USA / Florida

Older male (77) who really needs to meet a woman whose into pee sex/games, or would want to correspond with me about experiences. Have enjoyed for years, then wife passed, then my girl friend. My memory is excellent but I sure miss drinking golden offerings. Any ladies want to correspond and share experiences? e-mail R. Curt via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Male, SW England

65yr old male. I enjoy piss play, giving and receiving in the mouth and I swallow. Would like to play with female of similar interests. Can accommodate in South Devon. e-mail Roy via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Love To Be Pissed On
Male, UK

Pissaholic Bi male 57, looking for males and females in Sussex to fulfill my desire of being pissed on. Love pants wetting too and would love to watch and be watched doing it.Love all types of piss play and do it indoors and outdoors. e-mail Thomas via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Let Me Drink Your Pee
Male, UK

Bi guy 60 in north west Lancs looking for guys n' girls any age or size for pee fun give or take. Travel only. Cum on folks, I'm very thirsty - gimme a drink! Mail me! e-mail Ray via Cascade Free Pee Dating

I'm looking for a young pee partner
Male, UK

I'm Peter, ginger, 6'-5" tall. Aged: 18. I'm looking for a young and healthy male pee partner between 18 - 30. I need to meet someone who is willing to pee in my mouth when they really need to go pee, badly! I'll drink it all!! I'm in Birmingham and can travel to any West Midlands city. You can text me at: 07725978321 e-mail Peter via Cascade Free Pee Dating

I'm a Human-Urinal Servant/Slave in Los Angeles/South Bay
Male, USA

5'11"ft|30yo Native/Navajo From Torrance, CA 8.75 years professionally trained as a 24/7 full-time Human-Urinal. As your servant, you are guaranteed unlimited urinal services. Abuse of use is highly welcomed and expected by all means, such as, but not limited to 'overindulging in liquids solely to abuse me as your urinal'. Again, your abuse is limitless. Abusing me should be your #1 priority as my #1 is to serve you every time you need to pee. e-mail PissHolic via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Male, UK

Hello there. I am a 43 year old white male from Oxford in England U.K. I am Looking for a woman or a group of women who would piss in my mouth, as I would love to drink you. I Can accommodate and will travel, please get in touch. Thank you. e-mail Stuart via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Piss Play
Male, UK

34 yo fit guy looking for a pee partner. e-mail Paolo via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Looking for a like-minded girl in North Jersey/NYC....
Male, USA

Hello ladies, thank you for reading this ad. I am looking for girls who are into watersports, panty peeing. I am a down to earth, open-minded, sarcastic, funny and confident person. Just looking for the right girl. Talk to you soon. e-mail Louie via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Piss Fun
Male, England

I am 54 and enjoy many aspects of piss fun including wet clothes, drinking from source or from a glass, on food etc. Have other kinks too....ask me. e-mail Stephen via Cascade Free Pee Dating

New but keen Guy 59 seeks lady with secret pee fetish.
Male, UK

Hello ladies, I am a tall medium built guy of 58. I am of average looks and very clean/healthy. I live in Eastbourne and can sometimes accommodate. I am new to the peeing scene and I seek a woman from 20 to 55 who has a secret pee fetish and would like to enjoy this with me. Discretion assured at all times. e-mail John via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Mr Pee Lova
Male, UK

25 year old male from London (Mitcham Eastfileds) looking for a female/male to indulge me in watersports fun! If interested, email me: e-mail Ash via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Pee Fun
Male, UK

Looking for females aged 18-30 to hold in their pee for me until I tell them they can go via skype or at my house. My skype frankiefrancis96 e-mail Frankie via Cascade Free Pee Dating

A Bit of Water Fun
Male, UK

Looking for a mature lady to piss all over a 25 year old young stud. I like a dominant women. e-mail James via Cascade Free Pee Dating

New York City, New York, USA
Male, USA

I am a 55 year old man who lives in New York City, New York, USA and I would like to find a woman who is at least 18 years old, doesn't mind if I see her peeing, she'll also see me peeing and with whom to pee with. My e-mail address is e-mail via Cascade Free Pee Dating 

Pee in my mouth while giving you oral
Male, USA

I want to have anal, vaginal and oral sex with a woman who doesn't mind peeing in my mouth. My name is Aarin, I'm 37, single with no kids. I drive, I live alone and I'm looking for a regular partner for nights of pleasure. Call me on (609)254-6025 e-mail Aarin via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Looking for a female for pee fun
Male, UK

I love peeing, watching girls peeing and being watched peeing myself. Looking for a female pee friend to share pictures, videos and to have outdoor pee fun with. e-mail John via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Girl to Give Me Golden Showers
Male, Australia, Brisbane

Looking for a girl who likes watersports (pee play) to have some fun with. I really want to receive a golden shower or even just watch you pee. I'm an attractive and clean young guy. Please only respond if you are 18 to 30 with a slim to average figure. I'm willing to travel or host. If you have any questions please ask away :) e-mail Dan via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Looking for a pee fun lady
Male, UK

Hi ladies, I would really love to try watersports as I never did it before. I am looking for any age woman to be my guide so we can do it together :) I am young, good looking and can travel x Dani e-mail Dani via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Male, Serbia

cam2cam on Skype ??? I'm male, my Skype: NO MALES, only couples (bisexual or heterosexual) women, girls and tranny. e-mail Puslica via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Looking for a female piss partner
Male, UK

Hi, my name is Marek, I am 31 years old guy from UK/LONDON I'm looking for a female sex partner who is addicted to pissing in anyway and looking for sex and a pissing partner. e-mail Marek via Cascade Free Pee Dating

First Timer
Male, UK

Hi ladies, I am 66 and live in Sutton Coldfield in United Kingdom. I have just started getting used to having a fetish for pee. I would love someone to pee all over me and for me to reciprocate. I can travel but not accommodate at present. Please contact me on email at e-mail David via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Please use me as your urinal
Male, USA

I am in Orlando, Florida. I am 35. I am looking to be used as a urinal by either gender. PLEASE be drug/disease free. Only white please. I would lay on the floor to drink your hot piss. Guys, please be at least 7". I want to be face-sat, with your cock deep in my throat while using me. Gals, I prefer your cunt to be shaven and you be off your birth control pills for those that are on them. I would be happy to eat you, but when ready to piss, please seal your pussy to my mouth to avoid any mess. Regular usage is invited. e-mail Joe via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Bi Male Pissing
Male, UK

Hi, 68 year old experienced bi male in the midlands looking for bi male into pissing fun (both ways). Can travel only. Willing to swap full details and pics. e-mail Albert via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Where are the Indian girls?
Male, Belgium

I'm a 38/M white with both a piss fetish and a desi fetish. I want to be used as a urinal by a desi girl or couple. e-mail ILoveDesiGirls via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Piss Loving Sub Male
Male, UK

Sub male age 65 into all forms of watersports including parties and filming, just loves to be pissed on. Berkshire/Hampshire area. e-mail Mark via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Need Female Pee Lover
Male, USA

I need a female who loves pee play to partner up with. It has been my life long obsession and it sometimes seems impossible to find females who share the same love. I'm tired of bringing it up to women who are not into it and end up losing a friendship, so let's see how this works. Mid 50's California guy with a pee fetish that just won't quit. Looking for female who shares the same fetish. I'm into feeling it, drinking it, sharing it and the more public it is, the better, I love it. e-mail Sky via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Looking for women that like to give golden showers.
Male, U.S.A. Quincy, IL

Just wanting to find someone that is into giving golden showers. Want to just start out slow with emails and go from there. My age is 29. e-mail John via Cascade Free Pee Dating

kiijubg fir a woman
Male, India

I am looking for a woman to enjoy piss play. e-mail Suresh via Cascade Free Pee Dating 

Women for pissing fun in London
Male, UK

Hi I am 31 years old male from London who looking for pissing partner for wet sexual games when you are a group of women who want to piss on me. Contact me - email e-mail Marcus via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Male, Torrance, CA - United States

Age: 30 - Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Navajo - Height: 5'11"
8yrs+ professional experienced full-time human urinal servant -- have served 3 full-time masters. Will service as your personal urinal without limits, abuse of usage {eg: overindulging in liquids just to abuse my servitude} is highly and deeply appreciated! Extra points if you create food with your pee!!! e-mail Santino via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Pee on Me!!
Male, UK

Hi ladies. I am a 45 year old, open minded bloke, looking to watch, drink and/or get pissed on by a like minded lady or ladies. I can reach most of the UK for some wet fun. Discrete, no strings, inside or out. e-mail Jake via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Genuine 46yo Belfast male
Male, UK

Hi,I'm a 46yo single male living in Belfast. I am hoping to find a woman who is into the same thing as myself i.e: peeing. I love to see a classy woman well dressed and watch her pee especially outdoors, I'd like a woman who will enjoy being licked while peeing and I'd also like to receive. I would like to find a long term partner who is into this, but if it's only a few meetings then that's ok. Thank you. Tel: 07743289150 e-mail Steven via Cascade Free Pee Dating 

Pee Fun
Male, UK

Hi. I am a good looking and easy going 36 year old male living in Bristol. Looking for watersports (female) play partner for some mutual fun to fulfil this fantasy. e-mail Bob via Cascade Free Pee Dating

 Genuine Lady Wanted for Watersports
Male, UK

Hi, I am a 47 yr old, fit and healthy male and live in the West Midlands. I am into having fun with indoor and outdoor watersports. Im looking for local ladies of any age, size etc who are fun, chilled and enjoy giving and receiving. No strings fun, let's find out what we like most together. I am very genuine and respectful, so please answer only if you are the same. Thanks for looking....cheers e-mail Steve via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Pee Play
Male, UK

Hi there, I'm a late 40s bi guy living in london that enjoys pee play with either m/f love peeing over people and being peeed on, pants, panties wetting, tasting warm piss and peeing into willing mouths. So m/f young/old get in touch. I can travel but can't accomodate. e-mail Tim via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Looking for female or male partners in Chicago area
Male, USA

Looking for females or males around my age for pee fun in the Chicago. I am in Naperville and a 51 year old professional male. e-mail Mark via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Woman/women for pissing and sex in London
Male, UK

Hi, I am a 31 year old man from London. I have dreamt a lot about women/woman pissing on me or into my mouth and some sex games. You can contact me on my email address don't be afraid. e-mail Marek via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Desperation Lovers in Los Angeles?
Male, USA
I am looking for a woman who'll hold her pee and enjoy getting really desperate, then finally piss in front of me. I am 23, based in Los Angeles, California. e-mail Sareya via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Watersports Fun
Male, UK

Hi, 56yo looking for m/f for watersport fun, couples even better. New to this, I tried it recently and loved it. Want to find out more. Help educate me and get in touch. Weston area but can travel. e-mail Mike via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Love Pee Fun with M or F
Male, UK

Looking for males or females for pee fun in Blackpool/ Preston UK. David e-mail David via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Female Wanted
Male, USA

I'm 28 and living in Missouri. Female wanted for me to drink over and over and over again. e-mail Jeff via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Please can I drink your Piss?
Male, UK

Very oral English gentleman would love to hear from any pretty women who would be interested in peeing into my open mouth so that I can drink and swallow it all down. I adore the taste of a woman's piss. I would especially love to hear from any pretty girl who might like to come and share my house in Central London so that I can drink EVERY drop of fresh piss that you produce and worship your wet pussy day and night. I would also love to host some watersports parties at my home if any girls would be interested? e-mail John via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Male Piss Drinker
Male, USA

57 yrs., man from USA loves to drink lady's black is first use me. Let's talk. I'm in Seattle. e-mail 'T' via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Wet Fun In Oxfordshire
Male, UK

Hi, 56yo male looking for any women in the Oxford area who enjoy W/S as much as me. Come and have some NSA daytime fun with a relaxed calm natured firefighter. All limits explored/respected. e-mail 'S' via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Piss and Spunk for me
FTM, Midlands, UK

Changed sex from female but no ops so have tits and c*nt. Love piss from a man and his spunk, the older he is the better. Live alone in the Midlands. Full body hair OK but no beard, shave that, try something different. Love men in knickers and bras. Show me your cock, I will proudly show my c*nt. E e-mail Edward via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Pee Lover
Male, USA

I am a man from Brooklyn, NY and I'm a real golden shower fan. Find me and pee on me as much as you want! e-mail Alex via Cascade Free Pee Dating

In need of a pee woman
Male, UK

Been a fan of watching women pee, but now I need to experience being peed on for real. e-mail Frank via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Looking for female pee partner
Male, USA

I'm a clean, professional, 55 year old black male who craves pee from a small petite woman. I would love to have a play partner who is into this. I love to feel it on my body and drink it. No humiliation involved, just a love and worship for pee from skinny women, any race, any age over 18 with no race or age hang ups herself. e-mail Li via Cascade Free Pee Dating 

 Watersports and more
Male, England

I want a girl for all forms of sex, except pain and especially for peeing on me. 70 but I'm young at heart e-mail Bob via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Real pee fun with a naughty girl in Brighton!
Female, England

Hiya, I'm a naughty 23yr old English girl in Brighton UK... if you want to join me for some wet fun please get in touch! Half an hr (60) or 1hr (110). You come and visit me in central Brighton and I'll keep nice and busy drinking loads of water 'til I'm ready to burst ;) I'm available on Mondays and Fridays ... you can also enjoy a massage / happy ending or roleplay etc if you like that... I have lots of cute sexy costumes - like my cute little school uniform and white knickers or sexy lingerie or tights/stockings...just ask! (Please don't contact me unless you're serious about having some real pee play and you've have taken note of the fact that this is a paid service.) Can't wait to get wet and get you guys all wet and hot as well! E-mail me, I look forward to meeting and fulfilling your fantasies! Luv, Vixi x e-mail Vixi via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Seeks females and couples for watersports fun n' games
Male, UK

Hi! I'm looking for females and couples who would like to participate in watersports both ways, open to all sugestions, the dirtier the better. e-mail Bob via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Male, Australia

I want someone who will pee on me and give me a drink! e-mail Steven via Cascade Free Pee Dating 

Pee Slave
Male, UK
 24 year old male from Manchester looking for a female to indulge me in watersports fun, have never tried but really want to! If interested, add my Skype: e-mail Mike via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Looking for Mr Pee Right
Female, Wales, UK

Hi, I'm a young at heart and young looking 49 woman who is looking for a pee partner. Im not fussy on age or looks so long as you like to pee on me and for me to pee on you before, during or after sex. I can travel but not accommodate. Get back to me soon x e-mail Netty via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Wetting. Discovered Piss Fetish
Male, UK

Hi I'm john 61. Just discovered pissing is a big turn on. Just for a start would love to have someone piss over my body (but not face) for a start. I have a fetish for wetting myself. Would love to contact by phone or/and whatsapp to swap pics and videos. Never experienced water sports with someone. Would love to try. I live West Yorkshire e-mail John via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Female Pee Drinker
Male, Canada

Looking for women that will let me drink their pee e-mail Mike via Cascade Free Pee Dating

31 yr old male looking to fulfill golden shower fantasy
Male, USA-North Texas

Hi there, I'm David. Like the subject heading says, I'm looking to fulfill my golden shower/piss drinking fantasy. I've experienced it only once before and it was amazing. Looking to receive and give. I'm in the north Texas area but I might be willing to travel a short distance. Please respond with a pic and I'll respond with mine! e-mail David via Cascade Free Pee Dating 

Looking for Freaky Partners

Hi, if you are a girl, who likes be watched or is willing to play with golden showers, contact me! I'm 40 and I love to lick, to drink and be active. Couples are ok, but only if the man like to drink... e-mail Lo via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Pissing in Nashville & Knoxville, TN
Male, USA

I love watersports with a nice looking, fairly well fit lady or couple ages 20 to 60. I love anal also, but I'm told there is nothing like a piss orgy (even just a 2 or 3 person orgy)! e-mail Rob via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Golden Shower Mistress Wanted
Male, USA

I'm married, not looking for a relationship, just need to fullfill this pee fantasy with one woman who likes giving and receiving pee. e-mail Randy via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Loooking for a Woman
Male, USA

Classy guy looking for a woman to pee on in Los Angeles. Must be discreet. Send contact info and picture e-mail John via Cascade Free Pee Dating 

Submissive Seeking a Pee Partner
Male, UK

I am a 58 year old male submissive in Liverpool and have just found out the pleasure of peeing myself and drinking my own pee. I would now love to have someone pee on me and for me to drink their pee or, humiliate myself by peeing myself in-front of them. e-mail Martyn via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Mersey Male Seeks Female Piss Partner
Male, UK

I'm an attached but kinky, submissive 45 y/o male, seeking no fees, unhurried, piss fun with a female of any age who wants to use me as her toilet. I'm willing to return the favour if that's your fetish too. Would love to hear from couples too, but no single males. e-mail Ken via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Looking for Pee Girl in Milwaukee, WI USA
Male, USA

Looking for a slim / slender pee girl in the Southeastern Wisconsin area or around Milwaukee, WI if possible (USA). I am 32, attached, but need to find a girl that enjoys getting wet and peeing on a guy, or into his mouth and having him enjoy it. I don't require anything further than the piss play, but I'm open to it if you want more. I am only looking for 'no strings' fun and not willing to do 'pay for play' at all. Email me, if this is up, I'll be looking to play - Mike e-mail Mike via Cascade Free Pee Dating 

Male, USA
MARK is my name, I live in Beaumont, Texas. I'm 55 years old and I've slurped, guzzled, drank, female gold off and on for 35 years, I love it and want more! I am looking for that woman that can give me more than I can drink, or serve me a stream too strong to swallow. I know you are out there, please use my mouth for your toilet - I DARE YOU TO TRY!! I am very experienced and will suck you dry! e-mail Mark via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Looking for Women who Want to Pee in my Mouth
Male, UK
I am a young looking 50 year old male living in Berkshire. I am looking for ladies who would love to pee in my mouth. Please get in touch. e-mail Alistair via Cascade Free Pee Dating

Pee Partner and Lover
Bi Male, USA
OK, I'm a disabled 28 year old virgin, never dated, never had any sexual fun, unless you count me acting like a woman's daddy while they either act like a baby, a diaper lover, or a potty training toddler who never gets potty trained, or a woman that wants to act in role play [same with men]. Well, I'm now not able to do this stuff without a person to help me because of me being disabled, but I want to do all of that again - but now I'm fat - and both sexes would want a non-disabled fat person, so I'm looking just for fun, but my disability makes nearly everyone hate me because of me being almost wheelchair bound with bad muscle spasm and potty accidents (sometimes), being bipolar and being a little slow. Other disabled people tell me I'm gonna die a virgin! e-mail David via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts

Pissing is my business - and business is GOOD!
Female, US
28 year old female desperately searching for a mouth to piss in! There is nothing that is hotter to me than to squat and squirt, watching and listening... e-mail Jame via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts

Urine Drinking in Public
Female, USA
My name is Sandi and I am 29yr old Bi-female. New into peeing games. Have a desperate love of drinking another girl's urine outside in public with people watching. Have only done it with one girl so far. Would love to talk/chat/share stories/fantasies with any other females turned on/interested in peeing in other girl's mouths and watching her drinking your urine, or females that love drinking other girl's urine...especially in public. If you have ever done this, or you find it a serious turn on, please feel free to contact me with your thoughts/stories/fantasies about this subject. e-mail Sandi via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts

Looking for a pee partner who is as freaky as me
Female, Nigeria
I'm a very beautiful 30 year old black woman from Nigeria, who can be described as a lady on the street and a freak in the bedroom. I thought I was alone on this whole loving pee thing, until I saw this site, (very excited) I love to pee when I'm being eaten out and during sex. I have a fat clit and long lips and I go crazy when it's being sucked that I pee, especially when I'm cumming. I also love to pee in my man's mouth too - right before I kiss him to taste my pee, I find it very sexy and it's a huge turn on for me, but where I come from most people frown at it 'cos they think it's disgusting, so it's good to see people with like mind on here . . . . I'm looking for a guy (I'm monogamous) who is just as freaky as I am when it comes to pee and great sex! Race isn't an issue as I think white guys are really sexy and give good head x I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind being in a long distance relationship 'cos I live in Nigeria, at least until we work something out! He has to be clean and healthy, with a huge sexual appetite for great e-mail address is... you can also add me on yahoo messenger, since it will be easier to chat that way..thanks and have a horny day. Vicky e-mail Vicky via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts

Outdoor Pee Play
Female, UK
Attractive female, 25, west Midlands seeking males, females and couples for outdoor pee play, desperation peeing and golden showers. e-mail Helena via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts

Male, London
Hi, Nigel, bisexual. 60, 5ft-10in,17st. TOOL 8" 6"-DIA, SHAVEN ::: Keen bi, naturist, bi, swinger and I have SEX GROUP : LONDON BISEXUAL LEWISHAM GROUP : ::: into taking photos and videos with my tablet, at natur, swi, bi, sex club's, group's. I do profiles, in/outdoor sex, anal and oral sex. Rimming, mixed group sex, 1 on 1 and I go to RIO'S NATURIST AND SWINGER HEALTH SPA, where you can enjoy a spa and have f---ing good time with bi or str girls, guys, (1 on 1) and couples and groups ???... e-mail Nigel via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts


London TV/CD looking for men to allow me to drink from them. x x
Male, UK
Hiya, my name's Janni and I'm a 45yo slim tv/cd sissy. 5ft 7ins tall, 8st9Lbs, brown hair and blue eyes. I'm very submissive in the right hands so I love strong dominant men, especially large chubby guys. Love drinking from my men and receiving piss enemas. If you can accommodate overnight, or longer if you decide, please get back to me. x x Janni x x e-mail Janni via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts

Submissive Male
As a slave I'll do anything. I love having my mouth used as a toilet. 812-564-3721 Location: Sullivan, Indiana e-mail Gary via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts

Mature Female in SW England Needs Toilet Fun
Mature lady 65 requires single males and couples who are SOUTH of Bristol UK for ongoing relief sessions. Have hubby who is also into pee fun, so couples should apply also. Single males must accommodate. (Dated 19th Oct '14) e-mail Mrs Jones via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts

Hi there, easy going married bi guy wanting discreet peeing fun with a like minded person. Need to pee and be peeed upon! All females welcome and guys (if you're into peeing) as well. I'm in the Harrow/Watford NW London areas. I can't accommodate, but I'm willing to travel. I hope to hear from someone soon. e-mail Tim via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts

Bi-Guy Seeking Bi-Guy
Hi, I'm Nigel-bi, 59 and 5ft-10in, 17st, cock 8\" 6\"-dia, shaven ::: keen bi, naturist, bi, swinger, bi, scene and I have sex group : LONDON BISEXUAL LEWISHAM GROUP : I'm into in/outdoor sex, anal, oral, rimming and on Sundays I go to Rio's Naturist & Swinger Health Spa. I'm seeking a Bi-guy 26/35, with a slim body, cock 8\" 6\" to 15\" 8\" - shaven, naturist, swinger, into bi scene. e-mail Nigel via Cascade Pee Dating Contacts

 Pee Buddy
Hello, I'm a 31 year old female looking to have some fun with females or males. Location: Canada. Message Kim via Cascade Pee Dates Contacts

Looking for a Pee Buddy
Hi I'm 45 female and I'd love to chat and meet a pee buddy, love to see and feel men pee. If wanted, I'll pee for you - Location: Northern Ireland. Message Carola via Cascade Pee Dates Contacts

Couple for Couple in Northeast US
We would like to meet a couple in the Northeast USA for pee play only. Giving and receiving. (Cascade: There were no ages stated for this advert) Message E & S via Cascade Pee Dates Contacts

Pee with Me!
Stand over me....make me wait for it. That hot stream in my mouth, on my pierced nipples and in my pussy. Man, woman, couple or group. (Edit: Area/Country unknown) Contact AnnieB via Cascade Contacts

Piss Queen
21 year old girl who's addicted to getting pissed on :) looking for a guy (or guys) interested in us getting together and enjoying the pleasure of watersports :) Contact Piss Queen via Cascade Contacts

I Need To Piss On You!
I'm a 43 year old attractive woman - I live in central Pennsylvania - and I am bursting to sit on some hot man or woman's face and have them drink every last drop of my pee and then lick my clit until I cum for 3 minutes straight! I'm not holding back my desires anymore. I'll then drink whatever you have and suck and lick you dry! I'm here! Where are all the freaks?
Get in touch with Crystal! Contact Crystal via Cascade

Pissing Fun
We are couple seeking discrete 40+ males for regular w.s fun - singles or all male groups sought to piss on female - genuine ad - contact us for info. Bristol - UK. Contact Pee Lovers Kev or Hannah via Cascade Contacts

Drink Me
34 year old F seeking M around same age who would like to receive my precious golden liquid in to his mouth. Would also like to receive. Dorset area, can travel but not accomodate. Send Cherry8 a polite reply by e-mail.

We are a couple in Cardiff looking for clean m / f couples for mutual peeing, licking and sucking fun. Love to taste and swallow. Please email Veronica.

Couple Seeks Males for Watersports Fun
Couple 40's seek 2-3 clean guys for regular watersports fun on willing busty bbw female - regular meets envisaged for right persons - genuine advert - based south west UK. Please email Kevin

Watersports in the Canaries
Single mature 'pee knowledgeable' male offers help & guidance to females who are either new to (or curious to find out about) the pee scene, or women who would like some discreet peeing fun and conversation on a no-strings arrangement here, on the sunshine island of Tenerife. Your own private accommodation in my apartment (which is 2 minutes from the beach) and your daytimes would be free to explore this paradise. Complete discretion given, anonymity respected. This is an honest & genuine offer. Contact by email

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