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A bit about Cascade eMagazine

In the 90s decade, Retro Cascade was one of a handful of Adult magazines which specialised in the urination fetish, concentrating mainly on knicker wetting or panties peeing, women bursting to pee accidents and ladies bladder holding. It had annual subscribers world wide. Bearing in mind that this was before the days of the internet, everything was done by post.
Advertising for Cascade knicker wetting magazine had to be in top shelf magazines or newspapers that had an Adult audience to comply with legislation.

It was a mono publication (an A4 sheet folded in half to make A5) and it was available by subscription only. Retro Cascade magazine had male & female readers and most of them contibuted to the magazine's the readership, it derived mostly by the input and suggestions from the subscribers. There was no smut, no mention of shit nor were there any 4 letter words, it was a pleasant to read quarterly pee mag.
The very first Retro Cascade was very crudely produced by the way it looked, but it had to start somewhere, we had never produced a fetish magazine before (or any magazine for that matter) it sort of landed in our lap, we were always open to critisism (or praise) from our readers (subscribers) and as the years went by, it became a lot smarter looking and certainly more legible!

Retro Cascade Knicker Wetting Magazine was an idea born out of the 80s and 90s Adult telephone lines (0898). We already had a recording studio where we recorded Adult cassette tapes for other phone companies and of course, Cascade's own block of 'watersports' telephone lines, considering there was nothing else, they did very well.

For anyone who was curious for information on the Retro Cascade publication, we advertised an ordinary landline number in top shelf magazines, when dialled, the person would hear a pre-recorded message for the interested parties to listen to a 3 minute recording all about Cascade and it's content, this was so they could get the PO Box address and the full Cascade Knicker Wetting mag. details, so it was up to the caller if they wanted to become a subscriber, it was so obvious that us peeing fetish folks needed a publication that was full of panties wetting and peeing stuff so that we could all read page after page in one publication.

You have to remember that this was late 80s early 90s and technology was slow in advancing, CDs weren't even commonplace yet and computers were a new thing, they were expensive and even if you bought one, you'd still have to learn how to work it and that was a nightmare in itself.

So the very first Cascade panties wetting magazine used the subscribers' original letters which were stuck to A4 pages, then photo-copied (oh yeh, we bought a photocopier too). Those hand written pages have since been re-formatted and neatly typed in all the magazines we have on here in our Cascade Mag Shop that are currently for sale thank goodness!

In a very short while we were using our house as an office and we were quite happy doing that, we operated with a PO Box number so our home address was never revealed. We were supplying a secret service which was 90% text, so we thought we weren't doing any harm, it wasn't on sale publically, people had to apply. We kept books and paid our taxes but, of course, thinking that we were legitimate was only our considered opinion, the Police thought differently.

There were so many setbacks trying to produce Casdade, mainly by the police, the prosecutions in the courts and the relavent authorities who classified the very tame Cascade as porn, well, maybe it would've been back in the Victorian era, but in the 90s? No, but Cascade was easy meat for the vultures to pounce on, to score points and make them look good.
The heavy fines and the humiliating court appearances caught up with us in the end, it was a shame because producing Cascade was a joy, but the risks that went along with it started to affect our marraige and we were both tired of living on a knife edge and our home being raided and nearly everything being taken away (confiscated), so we decided to cease publication of the Cascade Knicker Wetting Magazine after exactly 10 years.

But in that 90s decade we'd made a lot of like minded friends and aquaintances who are still in touch and they look in from time to time and mention the 'good old days' - days which were produced initially on an Amstrad 256 and a second-hand photocopier!

Looking back it was fun, we certainly didn't get rich, but we were letting ordinary pee loving people like-minded folks. Cascade was a 'polite' panties peeing magazine, it was written properly in Queen's English and it was well presented, without crudities. Cascade was also noted many times for being kind.

adult urination pee fetish stories women bladder holding

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Wet Compilation eMagazines (WCs)

Read a little bit of Retro Cascade Knicker Wetting eMagazine History!

The Cascade 'Wet Compilations' eMagazines came out of demand: readers of Cascade suggested that some of the older peeing magazines (which were out of print and really scarce), had early knicker wetting stories and ladies' watersports peeing letters & pictures. It turned out that our subscribers were talking of content taken from the now extinct wet sex magazines of the 70's & 80's: Search, Relate, Extra, Caprice, Fiesta, Quirk & Astra etc.
An appeal was sent out to our Cascade subscribers and an advert in 'Forum' magazine and together they bore fruit, so we set about compiling WC1 and WC2 - but still the packets of old mags just kept coming to PO Box 21, so we kept going too!
Unfortunately and very sadly, when we had our police raids, loads of irreplaceable content was 'confiscated' and never recovered, also new WCs that were ready to print went into the cops van as well, so some extracts aren't available and they never will be.
So, these Cascade Wet Compilation eMagazines that we have here are the last glimpses you're going to get of the wonderful world of watersports as it was, they enabled us to have a sneaky peek into the 50s, 60s and 70s kinky lavatory life in those decades, but of course, the sensual 70s came with it's odd Victorian sensory laws which still persist today, these were the guidelines of which Cascade was a victim of more than once.
Click the WC link in the box below, you'll go to the Cascade WCs page.

  rare content of peeing emags from the 50s to the 70s

  list of cascade panties wetting emagazines from the 90s 


Below is a story extract of one of the Cascade contributions included in one of our Retro Cascade emagazines called 'Panties Wetting Stories'. There's also a hyperlink at the end of the pantys wetting story if you wish to buy 'Panties Wetting Stories' in Cascade's 'Wet Compilations No1'

You can read some of the Cascade eMagazine history by the original subscribers' comments here on  Omarashi

Below is an extract from Joanne's Stories (from WC 1) 


The girl, Joanne, thinks to herself, also as usual, "why didn't I go pee when I dropped X off?" and as usual, she doesn't have a good answer. But the girl really has to pee badly. She's wearing a skirt (blue?), pretty short and white cotton panties with a lace panel on the front. The ten minute drive seems to take longer since Joanne has to go so badly and seemingly so suddenly. By the time she gets to the parking structure bursting to pee, although she hasn't (yet) dribbled at all. But Joanne's desperate to pee. But once out of the car she can't really control herself any longer. Joanne has to walk down the stairs, across a yard, up a ramp, through a longish hallway before she gets to even the first bathroom. The walk takes perhaps 2 minutes, but standing up is harder to control herself than sitting. On the stairs Joanne feels the first sign of loosing control and she stops and contracts the bladder muscles, but as always in doing this she releases a small spurt of pee. This happens also at the foot of the stairs. As Joanne walks she's really afraid and won't be able to control herself and have a massive wetting accident, but manages to avoid it. While walking she's only able to control herself by contracting the bladder muscles, but each time Joanne releases a little more warm pee into her panties. By the time she reaches the building she's walking more slowly and trying to push her legs together to keep from wetting the pretty panties completely, but this slows things down.


by now my pretty panties are totally saturated with warm pee


Each time Joanne tries to hold back what feels like a dangerous flood, she slows down even more. Once inside the building and contracts her muscles - and this time feels the hot pee begin to run down the insides of her thighs. It feels warm, but Joanne's panicking that she will leave a trail of wetness for all to see. She doesn't but is still afraid of totally losing control and having a major wetting accident in the hallway before getting to the toilet. Finally after two more spurts through her panties Joanne makes it to the toilet, but by now the pretty panties are totally saturated with warm pee and the insides of her legs are wet almost to the knees. Dashing to the toilet stall and pulling the wet panties down, Joanne sits down and finally releases the pent up bladder full of pee. Her panties are just above her knees, their crotch spread out and still almost dripping. Joanne looks at them, the yellow pee discolouring the lovely pretty cotton panties. She rubs at them with toilet paper, absorbing some of the pee, but leaving them still soaking. 
Joanne says she thinks of me and how turned on I would be if I was watching. She pulls up the soggy wet panties, feeling their now cold wetness, thinking about how this happens so much. 
"Why can't I learn to go and pee even when it's not urgent?" Joanne asks herself. She feels the wet panties against her walking down the hallway, thinking of how she once spoke at a meeting with soaking panties on. 
Joanne had double checked her skirt to make sure it wasn't wet. By the time she gets home the panties have dried, but it's clear form the large yellow stain that Joanne had had a wetting accident.


she can feel the insides of the jeans getting wetter and wetter

  [Note: At her house a few times in the bathroom I did indeed see that many stained panties had been peed in.]  

Having finished shopping at Wall Mart with her son X, they are wheeling out their things. Getting close to the car Joanne realizes, as usual, she has to pee urgently. All of a sudden she can't wait much longer and as Joanne begins to put the things in the back of the car she feels the first little spurt soak into the white cotton panties, she tries to keep her legs tightly closed, holding on, trying to stay in control, but quickly feels another warm spurt. 
Joanne's thinking what to do, deciding she can't leave X alone in the car and hasn't yet unloaded the bags. Another uncontrollable dribble begins to soak her blue jeans. She has on a long, oversized sweater which goes right down, covering her wetness, but feels desperate. X is standing next to Joanne who says, "X, hurry, I've got to put these bags in the car, I'm peeing in my pants. Oh, I can't control it..." as another spurt this time soaks the insides of the lovely thighs and still hasn't finished loading the car and is by now, having one spurt almost run as it were, into the next but still controlling it enough and not really peeing a steady stream, but she can feel the insides of the jeans getting wetter and wetter. 
Joanne wonders if she's peeing right on the ground. 
"Oh, X, I'm so embarrassed..." she said while glancing furtively around to see if other people might be looking and feeling herself turning red with embarrassment. 
"Mom, can't you stop? I can't see anything wet, are you still wetting?" asks X, all the while looking at his mother's covered crotch and legs. 
Joanne is still wetting herself bit by bit as she finishes putting in the bags and slams the door. 
"X, come with me, we have to go back to the store so I can use the bathroom. Quick, oh no, I still can't hold it in..." 
As one final, but very large spurt soaks her jeans again, Joanne feels the warm pee soaking slowly up the lower part of her ass and slowly creep down to soak the jean's legs. While the sweater covers the wet jeans, she doesn't dare look or feel exactly how wet she is and doesn't know that no one can see the wet pants. 
Holding X's hand, they walk quickly, now barely in control, to the store. Joanne's in such a hurry, thinking that any moment she'll begin peeing again, or worse, totally flooding the jeans with everybody watching. The guard was at the door checking membership cards. 
"I was just in, remember me?" 
The guard looks blank. "I have to get one more thing and I really have to use the toilet desperately. I was only just in a few minutes ago." 
The guard smiles and lets them go in. Joanne is sure everybody can see the big wet pee patch and feels more and more flushed. 
Joanne gets to the bathroom leaving X just outside and runs in just as another large spurt escapes. 
She pulls the wet jeans and soaking, dripping white cotton ...... 

Excerpt from Panties Wetting Stories (Cascade WC1) by Aquavite  

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