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If you're worried about your personal details when using the Cascade Wet Sex shopping site - please don't be, any of your details that we hold on our P.C. are encrypted and later 'burned' and consequently un-available to anyone.

Everything is completely secure with our customers' best interest in mind. We are registered in the UK under the Data Protection Act (our reg. number is: X353350X) which automatically safeguards any data held in our files.
A condition of that act is that no data (or details - including e-mail addresses) be forwarded or sold to any third party. The breaching of that condition is an outright offence and is punishable by law. Cascade has been running an Adult Watersports web site since 1995 with hundreds & hundreds of different members and thousands & thousands of browsers and have never betrayed any confidences and we are not about to start.
Please be completely at ease when buying with Cascade, you have our complete discretion and our personal word on your respected privacy.
If there is any problem with your order, or you have a question, please contact us on our special by e-mail page: Contact Cascade and you'll receive a personal e-mail reply within 2 working days.
Yours Very Truly, with complete discretion and respect,
                                                                            Steve @ Cascade.