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On this page you will see just a few of the many compliments that we receive as a reassurance for you if you are un-decided to buy.

These comments are from customers who have bought from our Cascade shop site:

... belated appreciation for your efforts to enable me to purchase the goods with such ease, payment was easy for me. I eventually got the download 'women pissing' done, took some effort but was well worth it. Great sounds, with the odd unavoidable cistern noise, so all in all it was money well spent. I have attached the one and only one of pure audio, got this several years ago, this set me on a search which ended with your site. M. R.

John in the USA recommends downloads 18 & 20. Here is a short review from him:
Download 20: This download is even louder than download 18 and you feel like you're six inches away! I thought my head was in the toilet along with my mind. There are a lot of loud powerful streams lasting over a minute. This one really got me off and it will take several days to recover!

. . . . the download ( JD 20) arrived today and I am now nearly done listening to it. A "job well done" to the lady who is so talented and responsible for its production. I did not believe that her dedication to the "art" was so detailed and full wonderful sounds that I am sure will remain one of the classics . . . . Ron - Massachusetts (e-mail address given)

. . . . I have downloaded my magazine today, thank you . . . . B & G Nottingham (e-mail address given)

. . . . download 13a is absolutely fantastic, it's so clear, like you say, I can play it in the car and at home - and I do. I am really pleased with it, I am ordering another tonight . . . Roy - Florida (e-mail address given)

. . . . I have met up with a lady through buying your special offer on the contacts pages, this would never had happened if I hadn't found Cascade, I am very grateful, it's fulfilled a lifetime ambition . . . . Greg - East Coast U.S. (e-mail address given)

. . . . I have found that the mags I have downloaded to be interesting, breath taking and juicy reading and the ladies photos are first rate . . .Mr B. P. of West Yorks

Cascade's shop sells golden showers pissing audio downloads, watersports stories, Retro Cascade wet sex magazines.
Cascade retro wet sex fun magazine, back issues, watersports pictures.

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