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A bride in her own words describes her panty wetting

The strains of "Here Comes the Bride" wafted over the summer breeze as I firmly gripped the bouquet of carnations I held in my trembling hands. I was nervous. Even though I had attended numerous weddings in my time, this was the first time I was actually a participant.

The anxiety made noticeable effect on my bladder and I began to suspect that no matter how hard I tried, I was actually going to have an accident. This all started when I accepted the pleading invitation of my head cashier to be the maid of honour at her wedding last June. I don't usually agree to such things, but in her case I was willing to make an exception since not only was she a valued, long time employee, but she was also my best friend.
The blessed event was scheduled to be held at one of Tampa's many beautiful, public parks. Obviously, an ornate church wedding wasn't a viable option for a gal earning cashier's wages; not to mention, she was marrying a truck driver (equally as poor). Conversely, the one thing they were both rich in was relatives and friends; over a hundred people showed up.

The morning of June 27th dawned warm, sunny and humid and even though I have always adhered to the conviction that wedding ceremonies are no place to engage in pee fun, I, none the less, consumed my usual amounts of fluid throughout the day. I honestly did not anticipate a problem.
It was around noon when my friend Corey arrived at my apartment with both her wedding gown and the lovely peach dress that I was supposed to wear for the ceremony. She also had a bit of a surprise in the form of 2 bottles of champagne under her arm as well.
"What's this?" I asked, with almost startled amazement. After all, wasn't champagne supposed to be reserved for the reception afterward?
"Well," she replied with a mischievous expression, "I thought we could both use a little something to settle our jittery nerves, so I swiped these from the trunk of my Dad's car. He bought 5 cases of champagne yesterday to bring to the reception, so I'm sure he won't notice 2 little bottles missing."

Needless to say, the additional alcohol containing liquid was really beginning to take it's toll on my bladder when 3 o'clock rolled around. It was then that I donned my dress. Actually, to be precise, I donned a pair of white, cotton, bikini style panties; a pair of pantyhose; white sandals and THEN I put on the dress.
After we both adorned ourselves with the necessary make-up and accessories, we left my place and drove over to the park. Shortly afterwards, the ceremony got under way. Somewhere between the preacher's sermon on the "glory of love" and the exchanging of the rings, I began to notice that if somebody didn't pick up the pace, I could foresee a problem. My bladder was a bit on the full side. Yet I was still capable of maintaining my stoic composure. 2 hymns and a prayer later, I was beside myself. I stood next to my friend as she faced her groom and vowed before God and man that she would honour, love and cherish him. I knew that the ceremony was almost over; I knew that if I could only hold out a few more minutes, I would be okay.

I began shifting my weight from one leg to the other. By this time, the 114 people sitting on folding chairs behind us could sense that something wasn't right with that bride's maid up there. I was finally to the point of squeezing my thighs together as a last ditch attempt to stem the potential flood that was aching to burst from my weakening bladder. I knew in my heart that salvation from peeing in my panties and pantyhose was not going to happen. But I at least thought that I'd be able to control myself enough so that I could slip off behind a tree and not desecrate Corey's special day and I probably could have made it if the lovely couple hadn't decided to recite self-authored poetry to each other!
I felt the first squirt of pee escape my pussy when it was announced that the groom "may now kiss the bride." Thank God, I thought. At least all eyes should have been on Corey and her new husband as the crotch of my panties sustained a direct hit. Sadly, I didn't feel anymore relieved from the pressure than before.

"I would like to present to all in this gathering, Mr. and Mrs. Todd McIan!" the good Reverend announced.
Clutching my bouquet as tightly as I was squeezing my thighs together, I turned to face the congregation with the rest of the wedding party. The twisting motion was just one movement too many as far as my bladder was concerned. It was then and there, in front of 114 people (plus my best friend and her new husband), that the torrent of warm pee gushed forth from my pussy and flooded my undergarments. The volume and velocity of pee was akin to a raging river gouging its way through a canyon, permeating the fabric of my panties and hose and continuing unabated down both legs in its race to the ground. All eyes focused upon me with shock and disbelief as the rivulets of pee ran down the insides of both my legs.
The pantyhose I was wearing seemed to act as a conduit, causing my pee to saturate my panties all the way up to the waistband in both the front as well as the back. To make matters worse, I couldn't seem to stop peeing myself. I finally made a feeble attempt to minimize the damage at about the halfway point. I did this by leaning forward slightly and spreading my legs apart. Unfortunately, the only thing that that accomplished was to alter my pee from a disorganized spray to a steady, centred stream. It seemed as though an eternity had passed before I finally finished and yes, the silence was deafening. I glanced down at the massive puddle on the ground between my legs. From my perspective it resembled a small pond and I was the spring from whence it came. I looked up to a sea of faces with drop-jawed, stunned expressions! When I turned to face Corey, I burst into uncontrollable tears. I had never suffered such abject humiliation in my entire life, all I wanted to do was slither under a rock and die. I was so distraught with my predicament that I didn't notice her new husband's faint smile as he stared at me over Corey's shoulder. Of course, neither did Corey. It was Todd's best-man who finally escorted me home so I could clean up and change. I quickly stripped off my wet things and got into my usual attire of black pants and pullover shirt with a clean and dry pair of panties underneath. I returned in a little over an hour to find the reception party well under way.

As I meandered through the throngs of drunken revellers, I noticed that the more inebriated they became, the more forgetful of my earlier mishap they were. By the time midnight had rolled around, I was accepted amongst them as though nothing had happened.
"Thank God for the anesthetic effect of alcohol," I muttered to myself. I was startled out of my musings by a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find Corey with a rather pained expression on her face.
"What's up?" I queried. "You don't look the way a happy newlywed bride should."
"It's Todd," she replied, "I never knew he had a pee fetish until just a few minutes ago when he confessed that watching your accident during the ceremony turned him on. Now he says he wants ME to add peeing to our sex life."
"Oh, I see," I said thoughtfully. "And let me guess, you've never intentionally wet yourself before, right?"
"Exactly," she sighed.
"Well, don't get upset over it," I said. "You should be pleased that y'all are close enough that he is comfortable confiding his fantasies to you. Besides, it's a pretty common fetish. I've been doing it for years myself."
"You have?!" she gasped in wide eyed wonder.
"Yepper, you got that right girlfriend," I said rather proudly.
She turned and headed back toward the makeshift bar that was set up on a picnic table under the pavilion. She paused and then reached into one of the Styrofoam coolers and pulled out a large bottle of beer. After removing the cap, she cast a furtive glance in my direction and then raised the bottle's opening to her lips. I watched her as she tilted the bottle upward and took long, guzzling swallows. She then returned to her seat at the head table. The party wore on 'til after 2 in the morning. Having been up all day, I was rather glad to see it finally come to a close. I was tired and a little tipsy when I decided that before I jumped in my car, I would go and relieve myself and then head home. I quietly slipped away from the dwindling crowd and headed for a small wooded area about 30 yards from where the festivities were. There, in the darkness, I stood with my legs spread and hands on my hips and peed in my pants. I was squeezing the last few drops from my pussy when the sound of approaching footsteps startled me. I stood motionless, not really wanting to be discovered and have to explain what I was doing. As I peered through the darkness over my shoulder, I noticed 2 figures standing and facing each other. I stealthily moved a little closer and took up a position behind a tree. It was Corey and Todd! I couldn't make out what they were murmuring to each other, but I definitely suspected what their reason for being out here was and sure enough, when I saw them passionately embrace each other, my suspicions were confirmed. They continued to grope each other for a few minutes until Corey stepped back about 2 paces. She bent over and picked up the hem of her gown and straightened back up. I then watched her bunch the material up around her waist, leaving her panties and stockings exposed. Todd had unzipped his trousers and removed a rather thick and erect cock and begun stroking it.
"Ready, babe?" she asked, looking directly at him.
He nodded. Corey then parted her thighs and began peeing in her panties while her husband watched. Even from where I was standing, I could hear the lovely sounds of her pee hissing through her panties and splashing on the ground between her feet. As she peed, her beloved life-mate masturbated furiously. It didn't take long for Corey to drain her bladder into her panties. When she was reduced to squeezing droplets, Todd reached over and ran his finger along the crotch of her soaked underwear. Within seconds, the tip of his cock spewed cum like an erupting volcano. He dropped to his knees clutching his spurting pole and milked his seed the remainder of the way out.
Corey reached down and placed one of her fingers into her slit through the pee soaked fabric of her panties and began manipulating her clit. The warm wetness must have been pretty exciting for her because she too came within seconds as well. They both then collapsed onto the ground and lovingly cuddled in each other's arms they way you'd expect newlyweds to. It was beautiful and as much as I hated to leave this sensual sight, I knew that I had to. I had to be at work in a mere 6 hours and I really needed to get at least SOME sleep or I wouldn't be able to function.
But as I left, I revelled in the notion that chances were pretty good that Corey's was one marriage that would probably last a lifetime. THE END

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