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Free Peeing Stories. Pee Desperation.
Women Desperate to Pee

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Free Peeing Stories
Panties Wetting Storys
Women Desperate to Pee

Index list of free pee stories below about Nicola Steele, she's the teacher with a very inconvenient small bladder - read her own free pee desperation stories of her troublesome bladder holding and pee desperation.

A Note from Nicola to her Small Bladder Appreciation Society

Nicola - A Short Life History Nicola finds her Weak Bladder

Pee Story 1 A Teacher's Night Out Pt1

Pee Story 2 A Teacher's Night Out Pt2

Pee Story 3 A Teacher's Night Out Pt 3

Pee Story 4 Meeting my Small Bladdered Equal

Pee Story 5 When you really, really have to wait ....

The Coach Outing A bursting bladder and no hope of the loo!

The Carnival Procession Nicola's a-Float

Even School Teachers need to Pee! Oh No! Not in Front of the Children!

Nicola's Wet Bits Nicola describes some of her Minor Wetting Incidents

You can buy & download the spoken versions of some of these Nicola peeing fetish stories HERE


Watersports - Out of the Closet & Into the Bedroom

A Wet Sighting in Somerset

A Schoolgirl Fantasy

Victoria's Bulging Bladder - it's so painful and swollen!

The Lady's Stuck Zipper

Who Dunnit? - A Pissing Stories 'Cluedo' Mystery

How is 'Watersports' for the Visually Impaired? - The un-seen truth

Cascade's Pissing Stories remind Ken of a peeing experience

My Friendly Neighbour by Bill Small

Pissing in the Past ~ Parts 1 & 2 ~ what was it like being desperate to a pee in the 18th and 19th centuries? (This is a very interesting, well researched, fact-based article)

Katie is Humiliated ~ her teacher won't let her be excused to the toilet!

6 Girls are subjected to Piss Sex Humiliation

Miss Johns the College Lecturer dominates Amanda, her pupil, making her wet her panties

A Bridesmaid can't hold her pee, she makes a big puddle of pee at the Church Altar!!

The Office New Year's Eve Pee Party

Piss Voyeur loves watching & listening to women pee

The sexy feeling of a full bladder for a woman, how erotic this feeling is is explained in detail

Pee Curious? Do you wonder about the pleasures of peeing? This is for the curious or a 'newbie'

Desperate Pissing ~ the grueling holding story of Griselda who eventually pees her pants

Selling door-to-door with a full bladder trying to make it to the end of the day

nicola steele, the girl with the small bladder storiesWatching Women Pee.
An interesting report on over 4000 video clips of hidden pee cams. HERE

victoria's free peeing story with her peeing soundsVictoria's Free Bulging Bladder Pee Story with real peeing!! HERE

The BEST Prices on CBD Products - Weekly Offers!! HERE


DEBRA'S FREE PISSING & PANTIES WETTING WET SEX STORIES (all based on true pee desperation)

John Martin's Tongue In Cheek Free Pissing Stories (all realistic pee fiction)

See what Omorashi pee fans say about the 90s decade with Retro Cascade Magazine!!

If you have any fact or fiction pee desperation stories that you'd like Cascade to put on their pages, please don't hesitate on submitting your story(s).
Maybe you're an erotic writer or a semi professional who'd like to see his/her pee sex stories on a well visited web page?
Then please submit your stories, we'd all love to appreciate your work - thank you!

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