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Received your downloads and they are incredible!! My favorite is undoubtedly #19, especially those recordings made in what sex sounds like a pub bathroom. All that beer drinking makes for some really high pressure peeing. Anyone like me who is turned on by the incredible sound of a high pressure, high volume pee hissing thru a lady's labia will love this as there is one after another of these! I also like the fact that the whole experience is captured, including the clopping of high heels on the tile floor as the peeer approaches the cubicle and then adjusts position as the panties come down for one of the many instant high pressure starts featured here. For hissing labia fans like me, however, the most incredible example I've ever heard is on download 13a near the beginning of one of the sides. The lady in question comes into the bathroom talking with her friend about how the cold makes her want to go more.
She sounds like she's in her 50's maybe, like someone's sweet grandmother! But, after she makes the remark about the cold we hear her panties come down, a little sigh and then the loudest most incredibly high pressure hissing pee I've ever heard and it's an instant start, instant stop!!
This is the supreme example of hissing labia! It took me back to the start of my pee fetish when I was 15 and my girlfriend's mother used to pee like that. She was about 45 at the time, she used to pee so loud you could hear her all over the house and she used to pee what seemed like gallons every hour or so and the supreme turn on, she didn't wipe. She would stand and pull her panties to one side, pee like a carthorse then just let them go. I know this because she also used to leave the bathroom door cracked, she never shut it completely and I saw her once.
The more I think about it the more I think I missed a great opportunity for a really good education. Every time she'd go to the bathroom, which was upstairs I'd sneak after her and listen. I thought I was being cute but I think she knew and wanted to turn me on.
Oh well missed that one. I'll be checking back frequently for new downloads, keep those pub bathroom recordings coming, they're the best!!

You guys are the bomb!! - Ken, a very happy US customer!! E-mail Ken

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