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Pee control! Six submissive girls pee their panties, they're invited by a pee loving couple to an exercise in filling their bladders and control their peeing.

They were invited by the twisted, self-elected judges, a couple called Ian and Amanda.

They are both heavily into peeing and wetting and will get their kicks by putting the girls through enforced panties wetting while restrained.
There are three parts to this story:

Part 1
Before they interview all the pee girls for their bladder excercises, the hosts, Ian and Amanda provide a lot of food and plenty of drinks of all kinds. All of the 6 pee girls were feeling anxious, but they made the most of it and tended to stay with long soft drinks rather than shorts and as the 'alcopops' contained a strong diuretic, it suited Ian and Amanda's purposes precisely. They asked the girls to sit on chairs placed about two feet apart in a side-by-side set up. Then they were told that this was an afternoon of bladder exercise that required the ultimate in 'personal pee' control. At first the girls were unaware of just what they had to control, but as the diuretic began to work, they soon found out. The examiners, Ian and Amanda, calmly sat in front of them, watching and waiting for the inevitable. Judy was the biggest girl out of the six and she would be the first to lose control. She'd been greedy and she'd drunk more than all the rest, probably because the food and drink had been free. It was she, who, when the terms of the tests where made known, had asked if she could go to the toilet before the Piss Tournament started. When refused, she had been most disconcerted, her face had gone white and she'd started nibbling her bottom lip. Then she was told firmly that under any circumstances, the answer would always be no! Now, one hour later, still sitting third in the row of six girls, she wriggled about, her short yellow mini skirt offering little protection. She'd been quite happy at first to give tantalising flashes of her panties, however as a damp patch formed round her crutch, she was now desperate to conceal them. The examiners could see her chunky thighs strained together. She made as if to rise, but Amanda indicated that if she were to do so, it would mean she'd be breaking the rules for all the girls. As Judy sat down, they could see the crotch of her panties were wet and the tops of her stockings were stained. Suddenly she cried out, "Oh! No!" and tried to put one hand under her ample bottom to prevent her from peeing herself, but she couldn't reach, her skirt was too tight. Then she openly pushed her hand up the front of her skirt, pushing it up so far that the hem was round her waist. It didn't do any good and poor Judy finished up sitting with her panties on full view, her hand gripping her desperate fanny and hot gushy pee spurting through her panties and fingers. Her face went red and she blinked back tears of humiliation, but alas, she could not stop, so the pee soaked down her legs, ran over the seat and onto the floor. The other girls seemed amused, but there was some uneasiness about all of them. Judy made to rise and leave, thinking she'd failed. But Amanda beckoned her over to the desk at the front and Ian spoke to her quietly. "Now, OK Judith, you were the girl who lost control first. Most of the other girls will follow your example soon. However, you can catch up in the next test if you wish to continue." She nodded her acceptance asking if she could go to the toilet and clean up. Ian explained: "No. You see, the next test will determine how long you can resist wanking off." She tossed her head; "I would never do that, particularly not in front of everyone. Ian lowered his voice still further, "Wouldn't you now? So what if I tell you that, in one of the drinks you drank was an amphetamine, which, when you pee, makes your fanny itch so much you will presently be powerless to resist scratching and when you do (and you will), the feeling will be so severe, few people would be able to resist masturbating to a climax. As she sat down again she murmured, "I don't believe it." Then as if to prove her wrong, Wendy the girl next to her, started to squirm about. Wendy was wearing dark slacks, which had concealed the fact that she must have wet herself a little, either before Judy or immediately after, but had managed to stop before she got into full flow, for as we found out later, her panties and the buttocks area of her slacks had been soaked. The irritant must have got to her quite rapidly, for she was plainly trying to rub herself on the seat. Amanda advised her to sit still which she tried for a few minutes, but the itch must have been driving her mad. With a cry, her right hand flew to her cunt to rub at it; she began to rub her self through her panties. Amanda moved quickly and put two screens round her so that she was only scrutinised by them. Amanda offered Wendy a long black vibrator, but Wendy shook her head.

Part 2

the girl's pee soaking through her back, then round her bum

. . but, as Amanda switched it on she grabbed it back, then hooking her thumbs in the waist band of her slacks, she pushed them down to her knees, spread her legs and crammed the humming gadget up the leg of her panties and straight in to her juicy slot, frenziedly pushing it in and out, all the time aware that she was bursting to pee, but couldn't resist her approaching orgasm. Amanda encouraged, "Come on love, let it come, you can't hold on any longer. I want you to pee!" As the vibrator pleasured her, sliding up and down, becoming faster and driving her ever closer to orgasm and the release of her bladder control, her bottom lifted off the chair, her legs and body went rigid 'til only her shoulders and feet where touching the floor and the chair, then, as spasms of rapture seized her, she cried out and her pee jetted in to her panties as the waves of orgasm took over and she continued peeing, filling her panties, the girl's pee soaking through her back, then round her bum and as the convulsions became stronger, jetting down the sides of her panties and down her legs, dripping off the backs of her knees, so in the final spasms of rapture, every sinew in her body was made taut with pleasure. She slowly relaxed, falling back into a great puddle of her pee. She looked replete and satisfied as she slumped back in the chair, the vibrator protruding obscenely out of her raw sex. Then with her slacks round her ankles, she made as if to stand. Amanda helped her to her feet, pulled up her slacks and led her to the analysis room. Amanda stopped to hand vibrators to two other girls who had peeed themselves while this was going on and who where now in various stages of masturbation. Jill, who was sitting on the end, refused the vibrator, preferring to use her hand with one finger frigging up and down her slit in such an expert way, it showed she frequently indulged in the practice. She did it openly and was vocal, grunting obscenely, fuck, fuck, fuuuccckkkkkk! as she climaxed. Then Amanda led Judy and the two girls to join Wendy in the dispensary. Their panties and legs were awash with pee and love juice.

I don't care if people see that I've lost control, so fuck off!

The last two remaining girls both wore jeans and where by now holding themselves between the legs. Ian, Amanda's partner, wandered over to them, surprised that they had hung on for so long. Walking round the back of them he saw they had dribbled a little, but had managed to hide it by holding their hands in front of their crutches and trickling it out under their bottoms a bit at a time. He decided that it was time to stop them cheating, so walking behind their chairs and taking a pin, he jabbed it hard in each girl's bum, they both yelled out and the room was filled with the sound hissing pee hitting denim. Cherie, a dark brunette started to swear and made to leave, "I wouldn't do that if I were you!" Ian warned. Her response was flung back at him over her shoulder "Oh why not? I don't care if people see that I've peeed myself, so fuck off! Now that made Ian angry. He caught her by the shoulders; "Listen to me! You leave here now and in less that five minutes you will be forced to frig yourself, it could be anywhere, in the street, or on the bus, you will not be able to stop yourself and you won't be satisfied doing it through your jeans, so you will have to lower them and that constitutes indecent exposure, you'll finish up being arrested. Remember, the others where unable to resist. "She made as if to push him away. "I don't care, I can, I ca .... Oh!. . ." She must have felt a twinge between her legs. A frown covered her face and she was overwhelmed by doubt, she sat down slowly. Ian continued, "Now you two, I am going to teach you a lesson!" Amanda had anticipated the situation and had come in with padded handcuffs. These, when fitted on the wrists of each girl behind her back, make it impossible to reach round and frig, it would drive them mad! Ian helped Amanda to put cuffs on each girl's hands so they were secured behind their backs, then they went back to their 'judging' desk to sit and watch. It only took about five minutes. First Cherie started trying to secretively rub herself against the seat, the crutch of her wet jeans glistened as she peed uncontrollably, she tried to reach down behind her with her hands to stem the irresistible itch, but the cuffs prevented that. In desperation she stood and flung one leg astride the back of the chair in order to rub her flaming twat along the backrest. Meanwhile Linda, the remaining girl, was in much the same state, except that she was standing pulling the back of her jeans up tightly so she could get some relief by pulling the crotch to and fro over her quim piece, this was again difficult because of the cuffs. Soon both of them where pleading to be fucked or frigged.

Part 3
. . . when Ian and Amanda realised they could stand no more, Ian made Linda stand still, even though she was bursting to let go. He unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down together with her knickers, she had been wearing green ones and these were now slick with love juice. Ian told her to step out of them and put her high-heeled shoes back on. Amanda had taken care of Cherie in the same way. Next Ian took a strap on plastic prick with a dildo on the reverse side. He fingered Linda and inserted the dildo end up her sopping split, teasing her as she pleaded with him, "Please fuck me, frig me, make me cuummmm!" He stopped and strapped the device in place. Linda, who was titillated beyond reason, peed down her legs, leaving the girls face to face. Even if they had wanted to, it would have been difficult to hold them apart. Cherie thrust her cunt forward at Linda who, bending her knees, tried to insert the prick up her friend, but they where both too eager and it continually slipped. Amanda and Ian guided the girls by holding their bums so they were locked together. The plastic prick embedded itself in Cherie and the dildo in Linda. The only way they would get any relief now was for them to fuck one another. They lowered them to the floor with Linda on top. Cherie was begging for it and they could see Linda was trying and was so intent upon doing as Cherie asked. Ian could see that if he removed the cuffs, she would continue, apart from which he particularly wanted Linda to be in control of the act. Amanda and Ian removed the constraints. Once free, Linda grasped Cherie to her and fucked fiendishly, "I'll fuck you 'til I cum and 'til you pee your fucking self and when I've cum, I'm going to pull out." Cherie was arching her body upwards so as to push herself against Linda's pulsing pelvis. The sight of this had Ian's cock tenting out his trousers, he slipped his finger up Amanda's skirt and found her panties saturated, her legs opened to accommodate his fingers through her panties, which where soaked with excitement and as he discovered later, some leaked pee. (Amanda had done a token empathy trickle, well a bit more than that actually) A wet slippery gusset turned Amanda on so much that she could not resist gratifying her sexual desire. The exhibitionist side of Amanda was asserting itself and she was keen to show the girls what a pair of wet panties could inspire a man to do. Quickly Ian released his prick and leaning Amanda against the desk, eased his erection up her panty leg and into her love tunnel. Almost straightaway it clamped around his cock, then wave upon wave of repressed delight swept though them as she wrapped her legs round his waist, extracting the joy of their union to consummation. Suddenly Ian was aware of the two girls watching. Linda, having come had pulled out of Cherie, unbuckled the strap on prick, turned it around and was frigging herself with it. True to her word, she had taken Cherie to the edge and left her dementedly trying to rub herself to climax against the desk. Having withdrawn from Amanda, amazingly his prick was still erect, so turning Cherie around, Ian sat her on the desk, just touching her fanny lips with his cock. He told her, "Now, when I hear a suitable apology, I might just fuck you." Nothing could stop the flow of words that gushed from Cherie's mouth, "I'm really fucking sorry, I am a dirty, rude little girl who has peeed her fucking self, Pleassseee Pleassseeee!!! fuck me, you lovely man." Ian slid his length up Cherie's tight hole and by the third stroke, Cherie had started to come, she was grinding her mound against him and wrapping her legs round his waist, gasping "I'm commmiiinnggg oh, oh shiiiittt! I'm going to pee!"Her body continued to spasm as her climax shook her till her teeth rattled. Her cunt grasping his cock so tight that Ian came a second time! As he pulled his prick out Ian stepped back from the desk, then lifted Cherie off and turned her round so she was bent over the desk and Ian replaced the cuffs so that her hands where behind her. Amanda handed him a large black vibrator. Ian spread Cherie's legs and pulled her fanny lips apart and eased in the vibrator, sliding it to and fro, he could see her hole opening and contracting. "That's good, oh that is fuckiiinnnggg loverllllyyy!! I'm going to come again, but I'm going to pee some more, I can't help it, it's coming." Ian left the plastic toy stuck up her; the wretched girl could no longer control herself. She sat on the corner of the desk forcing the plastic cock up herself while opening and closing her legs. Wanking herself 'til her body went ridged and as the nerve tingling convulsion seized her, she started to pee, it went all over the desk and down her legs filling her shoes. Suddenly, Ian was surprised to hear a loud burst of applause and looking round, he saw the other girls had retuned from the rest room. All of them cleaned up and were looking very fetching in their new uniforms. All of them had proved capable of exercising excellent control, submitting only when the odds where truly stacked against them, but each of them showing their varying proclectivities which would be so useful in a business like ours. Cherie, not to be outdone, ran off to the rest room but I noticed our potential new girl still took the vibrator!

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