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A hot panties peeing story from Retro Cascade Knicker Wetting Magazine.

After the phone sex I had with Amanda (Miss Johns, my college lecturer) we had both promised to refrain from any sexual indulgence until our next arranged meeting the following afternoon. We would be feeling very horny and we had also undertaken to resist relieving our bladders from lunchtime onwards. I was more than happy to agree, "But don't forget!" I had reminded her when I phoned, "you take us for PE last session and you don't want me to wet myself during that, do you?"
"No," she said, "it would be nicer if we are both having to hold on, be a good girl 'till then, bye!" The 'phone went dead, leaving me tingling with anticipation and my hand still in my wet panties. It was as much as I could do to keep my promise even then, in fact, I automatically began to rub myself and would probably been unable to resist a final climax, but my quim was raw from all the attention it had received on the 'phone sex earlier.

Here's my paantie pee story: The following morning I awoke finding that I had wet the bed! No doubt, dreaming of what had happened the previous day. As a child I was still wetting the bed at 10 years old and although with specialist help, it became less frequent. But I have lapses, so I use a waterproof cover beneath the sheets. Occasionally I wear incontinence pants, like I had that night, but I probably pee'd quite a lot, so I woke in an absolute pool of pee. On the way to college, as I walked, each step caused the fabric of my tight panties to slide over my aroused clit. I longed to go in the college toilets and bring myself off, but I refrained. By the lunchtime break my panties were so sticky with my excitement of what was to come, that when I went to the loo and lowered them to pee, my clitty was poking out! and when I pee'd, I managed a small orgasm. That was my last allowed pee until my date with Amanda and by three o'clock, I wanted to pee badly and by 4 and I was dribbling into my gym pants. I wondered how Amanda was managing and maybe she too had started to wet herself? I was late entering the gym and Miss Johns was sat on the vaulting horse, her legs folded under her so I couldn't see how she had faired. She was directing a group of girls in an aerobics routine, however, she must have been aware that if I did vigorous exercises, I would most certainly pee myself. She told me to do rope and mat work on my own. This was to prove very tempting, as climbing with the rope between my legs stopped me peeing, but had every nerve screaming as I totted on the brink of orgasm.

You can come down now, I want to inspect your panties.

While Amanda was directing the rest of the group, my thighs were burning from the friction of the rope and I was now at the top with my arms wrapped around the tie beam. She kept looking up at me and must have been able to see my red locked thighs straining together to avoid peeing and from my vantage point, I could see she was sitting on her foot with the heel pressed tight against her vagina, rocking slowly to and fro, desperate for a pee. Finally, as she dismissed the group, she walked over and stood beneath the rope and shouted up, "You can come down now, I want to inspect your panties." I released my hold on the tie beam and started to slide down the rope and with that, my bladder relaxed and the pee spurted uncontrollably from my aching fanny. It went through my panties as if they weren't there! Some was going down the rope and some sprayed through the air and fell on Amanda's face and shoulders. As I touched the ground, I reached for her, but she pushed me roughly away. I was so sorry and stuttered, "I ddidn't mmean to do it, iiit was an accident, III couldn't help it!"
Amanda was clearly not having any of that and retorted, "You bloody little baby!" I started to cry as I stood there with both hands holding my self between the legs, together with my school gym knickers soaked. Amanda was also wet with my pee, she looked so angry I was afraid everything was ruined. I must have looked pathetic as Amanda said to me more gently this time, "Lift that skirt and lean over the vaulting horse." I did as I was asked and watched as Amanda went to the storage cupboard and returned with a thin cane. "Now let's have a look at you." I felt her hand between my legs having a feel of my pants. "Is that ALL the pee? Or have you come as well? C'mon, tell me!" she demanded. I stuttered, "Well Iii'm only, iiit's just . . . "

Amanda shrieked and immediately pee'd through her panties

"Oh stop dithering and let me see for myself." And with that, Amanda hooked her thumbs in the waist of my panties and pulled them down to my knees. I could feel her hot breath near my bottom as she inspected the crutch of my panties. "There is a bit of a cum stain in there, but I don't think you can have cum properly, so you'll still be randy when I get you home. However, as you have pee'd on me, albeit from a great height, I think a few strokes of the cane will make you think twice before you break your promises again!"

Later, on the way home I had my hand holding Amanda's fanny over her panties while she drove, I knew what I was going to do. As Amanda stopped the car in her drive and turned off the ignition, I took hold of some of her pubic hair and with one swift jerk, I pulled as hard as I could and came away with quite a bunch of hairs. Amanda shrieked and immediately pee'd through her panties, it was a long thick stream, it saturated her skirt and the seat and as she complained to me, I launched my assault of, "You dirty little bitch! It's YOU that's behaving like a little girl and now you need to be treated like one!" It was now Amanda's turn to start to blubber as she rubbed herself. I shouted, "If losing a little pubic hair distresses you that much, let's have you upstairs and I'll soon have that problem solved, let's have you hairless!" I marched her into her house and straight into her bedroom where I removed her sopping wet skirt and panties, she was clearly excited and more so when I tied her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. Then, from the bathroom I brought some shaving cream, together with a razor and bowl of hot water. After finishing trimming her bush with the scissors, I bathed her sad looking fanny with the hot water and the shaving foam as she strained against the straps to bring her legs together and try to rub harder against my hand. "Please don't tease me anymore, you're going to make me wee!" I gently drew the cold blade over her labia and then, when I had finished, I squatted over her foamy mess and rinsed off thoroughly with my at least half of my bladder contents, saving the rest for later. I then slid forward so that my thighs were on either side of Amanda's face, her nose rubbed on my clitoris and her tongue darted to and fro and the sensations of ecstasy swept over me, I panted, "I am going to make you drink the rest of my wee, can you drink it all?" In answer, she increased her rubbing and as the waves of my climax hit me, I began to pee into her mouth. She did manage to swallow quite a lot, but much of it soaked her face and hair. After I'd finished my peey task, I went and cleaned myself up a bit and went back and untied the bedraggled and bald beavered Amanda and cheerfully said on my way out, "Thanks for a great time baldy! I'll see you at college tomorrow!"

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