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A Pee Sighting in Somerset.

This was seen by me and is entirely true:

I was driving back from home to the University of York on Wednesday 3rd April 1996, alone and a little depressed - I had been burgled whilst away. Anyway, it was a glorious sunny day, the first good day of Spring, so I was wearing sunglasses and had the radio on and the window open.

Unfortunately, all those distractions nearly made me miss the girl I saw on an overhead bridge on the M5 in Somerset, near the Sedgemoor Services (for anyone in the UK travelling round there). She was wearing bottle green jeans and a green (probably denim) jacket, which was open to reveal a snow-white body top, which was a little tight and overemphasised her breasts.

Anyway, she was fidgeting wildly and I'm sure deliberately standing there to show the drivers on the first day of Spring how much fun could be had NOT being in a car.

If only I'd seen her in advance, I could have slowed down and watched for longer.

I felt sure, as I thought about it afterwards, that she was going to wait there until she'd wet herself - it certainly would need to be a short trip home for her otherwise!

Are green jeans good for peeing in anyone? I don't own any personally, so I need to know if I should watch out for women wearing green in future...

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