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A Neighbourly Pee Drink ~ by Bill Small

I remember the day it started. I'd always liked Bella, the woman in the flat next door, but never really fancied her.

Not that she was bad looking for a forty-five year old, with her narrow shoulders, big thighs and curvy bum. We always chatted when we met in the mornings. We were good neighbours. One Saturday in July I bumped into her around lunchtime. She said it what such a nice day that she had decided on a walk and would I like to join her, as I knew the surrounding countryside better than she. I jumped at the chance and we were soon out exploring the footpaths. It was a hot day, so it was inevitable that after about four miles we would find ourselves in a pub.
I was surprised to see that she drank pints of lager. After four pints each I'd been to the loo twice, but she hadn't been once. When I asked if she wanted another she said yes, but she added that she would pay for it later as she would keep peeing.
Without thinking I replied, " What a lovely thought."
(I've always been turned on by the thought of women peeing).
She gave me a little smile, but said nothing.
After that last drink I suppose we were both a little tipsy, so we decided to call it a day. I asked if she wanted a taxi home, but she said no, preferring to walk across the fields. I went to the loo before leaving, but even then she didn't bother, so it came as no surprise to me when, after fifteen minutes walk across the fields, she declared that she was " Absolutely busting to pee."
Luckily there was a clump of trees ahead that afforded some cover. I said I'd wait while she relieved herself.
" What sort of gentleman are you?" she asked, " letting a woman go into a dark place on her own!"
When I offered to accompany her and stand guard she smiled and clasped my hand. With pulse racing I walked into the trees with her. She then stood before an oak tree and wrestled with her slacks. I stood by and wondered if I dare peek.
" I can't open this wretched button," she said, " and I'm bursting. Could you give me a hand?"
I didn't need asking twice and knelt before her, eager to help. To my surprise it came undone easily and I went to stand up, but she shuffled forward, trapping me between her and the tree.
" You might as well finish the job," she murmured.
I put both hands inside her slacks and ensuring I located her panties as well, gave a firm tug. I gasped when I saw the lovely pale flesh that confronted me. I had never seen a shaven fanny and now there was one six inches away from my nose.
To my amazement her legs parted slightly and she shuffled forward once more.
" You'll get wet if you stay there," she said.
" Promises, promises," I replied.
The next second a tiny jet of pee hit my cheek. " I thought you were bursting," I said.
" You're really asking for this," she said and with that, she let out another burst that hit my mouth, it made me drink and swallow.
" Open wide" she murmured and I complied. A scalding hot jet of pee hit the back of my throat, taking my breath away. I gulped and swallowed it, opening my mouth for air and another drink! Again it was filled with scalding pee. She clasped her hands between her legs and gasped. " I can't hold it any longer. Do you want it or not?"
I was about to utter "Yes Please!" when a dog appeared from nowhere, delighted to see us.
" Sandy!" - it was a woman's voice coming from only a few yards away!
" Get down!" hissed Bella. We both crouched, afraid of being seen. I didn't dare move. Then I heard Bella sighing as her lovely pee sprayed the ground. It seemed endless and the wretched dog standing there wagging its tail.
Eventually it moved away and was reunited with its owner.
" Oh, what a relief" sighed Bella, standing and pulling up her slacks. I felt angry and cheated, but then I remembered Bella had drunk five pints and we had at least four miles to go.
Two miles further on, I was just beginning to wonder if my luck was out when Bella, said, "You're not going to believe this, but I'm bursting to pee again. Is there anywhere I can go?"
Trying to conceal my delight I replied. " Half a mile further along there are some brambles. You should be able to squat behind them."
Once again I'm sure I caught a knowing glint in her eye, but all she said was, " Let's be quick then."
As the brambles approached I wondered if I dare hope for a repeat performance and another delicious drink of her pee. She said nothing so I asked if she needed a guard. "Depends," she replied.
"On what?"
"Whether or not you're thirsty, do you need a drink?"
My heart pounded as I assured her I was.
"No messing this time, though. I'm desperate and I won't be able to stop once I start."
I all too readily agreed and she took my hand and picked her spot behind the bushes.
"Lie down there," she commanded.
Eagerly I laid face up on the floor. There was no fiddling with buttons this time. Her shoes were kicked off, slacks and pants removed in seconds and she was squatting over me with her shaven fanny hovering over my mouth.
"Put your tongue out," she whispered.
Eagerly I slid it into her fanny and she shuffled slightly forward. "Now open your mouth."
I obeyed, feeling slightly nervous.
"Wider!" she insisted.
I opened it as wide as I could. Then, without warning, she sat on my head taking my breath away. I didn't like this position as I had been looking forward to watching her pee.
"Are you sure you're ready for this drink?" she asked. "I'd better warn you, there's no dog to save you this time!"
Now that she could pee whenever she wanted, she didn't seem in such a hurry to get on with it. There was no way I could answer with her fanny jammed over my open mouth, so I lay and waited for it. Eventually she whispered, "Right, Ill give you a little squirt first, to make sure I'm in the right place. But be warned, I might not be able to stop."
I felt a muscle relax and a jet of pee shot down my throat. "Alright?" she asked and then she let another jet go and that one filled my mouth to the brim. I gasped and had to drink and swallow it, nearly choking me. Then another stronger jet that didn't stop.
Mercifully I felt her fanny rise from my mouth and I managed to gasp in a little air after I swallowed her pee. Now I closed my mouth, sending pee spraying everywhere. I opened my eyes and saw the torrent of pee, almost equal to that of a bathroom tap. It hit my eyes and I had to close them.
"Oh, that's better," I heard her sigh, but still the pee hit my face. It was obviously seeping across the ground too, because I felt my shirt and my trousers getting wet. Eventually her pee stream slowed and stopped.
As I lay there gasping, a final little pee jet shot down my throat, my last drink of the day. Then she stood up.
"Wow," I said. " Look at the mess I'm in!"
" You did ask me to," she said indignantly.
"I know," I replied meekly.
We tidied ourselves and walked on home. Mercifully she didn't want to pee again!
I saw her the other day and she asked if I wanted another drink. Like a dope I said yes and she invited me for dinner tomorrow. Said she had a surprise for me.
Goodness knows what she meant by that. e-mail dinsdale38@yahoo.co.uk

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