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Over the last four months I've been watching videos of women public peeing & hidden toilet pee cams.

While watching these spectacular videos I thought that, at the end I would jot down a sort of survey, telling the visitors to the Cascade site just how women pee, their peeing styles, length of pee, size of stream, bladder capacities, etc. So, without any further adoo, here are my findings:

Women Outdoor Peeing:

This is usually done in twos or threes, a small percentage pee alone, if a female does pee on her own, she will be close to doing it, she'll be absolutely desperate for sure.
A woman doesn't seem to mind too much when she's joined by another woman to pee, (even a stranger) although they don't chat, they acknowledge each other, but all the time they'll be looking around to see if there are any blokes approaching. One consistent thing though, ALL women watch their pee streams and when taking an emergency pee outside, they're forever turning their head from side to side to be aware of predators!

Pee Over a Toilet:

I'd say 99% of women hover over the bowl, some nearly sitting and some only just bent over for a really high pee which is really horny to watch! I think if her bladder's overfull, it would hurt to bend over fully, so it's a clue as to the duration of her pee even before it's started! Most position themselves a few inches above the toilet bowl. A small percentage actually climb on to the toilet rim and squat over the bowl which is a bit risky? When hovering, all women watch where their pee stream is going and they adjust the angle and pressure accordingly. I don't think they purposely pee on the toilet floor, it is a genuine accident and they immediately stop, re-position and re-start – but they don't clean up – ever!

Peeing Angles:

These vary so much and so does the thicknesses of the streams. When a woman's squatting down, her pee stream can go anything from going slightly backwards, straight down, or going slightly forward. A few that I saw, the pee stream went shooting right out past her feet! View

Jet Size:

This is quite a fascinating comparison. Women that have a small bladder capacity and pee for only a few seconds seem to have a thin, uninteresting weak stream, this takes ages to start, maybe because there's not much pressure behind it? (I classify a small bladder by the length of her pee, I'd say under ten seconds is a small bladder). I'd say 65% of women pee for ten seconds or less which is very surprising and from my point of view, very disappointing.
Out of the 4000 pee clips I've seen, only a small percentage of women pee for a minute or more, so it's a fairly small percentage of women who have large, trained bladders.

Pee Dancing:

I've seen so many women shifting from foot to foot or jigging around either while trying to get their pants down and get peeing, or waiting their turn - only to find that her actual pee lasted for only a few seconds! A good trick to disguise or to hide her desperation is to hum or sing a song and then pretend to dance to it. The small bladdered woman has a lack of good bladder control, these are the ones that pee their pants. On the other hand, a woman who is used to holding, with a good bladder, (although she's bursting to pee), still acts comparatively calm and composed and she doesn't dance or jig at all, but her stance is slightly forward with bum out.

Interesting Fact:

 I've gathered, by the events in the toilet cubicles in Asia that the eastern European women hate anyone hearing them pee and they go to great lengths to disguise the sound of their pee. Most, if not all, put toilet paper over the water in the bowl and pee on the side of the china. Others flush the toilet before starting their pee and pee very quickly, thus managing to disguise their personal peeing sounds in case there's anyone listening.

Pee Squats:

 When viewing close-ups of a woman's fanny doing a pee squat, I've noticed that it's crucial that the lady peeer gets her position right. When squatting it seems the closer their legs are together at the top, the neater the pee stream. But with the woman's feet spread, her legs open and her bum cheeks stretched, it pulls the fanny lips apart and tensions her anus which leads to a really messy pee! Looking from underneath, her pee stream comes out in two jets (sometimes more) and the slower of the two drips off of the labia and dribbles slowly and messily all over her arse cheeks and then drips down off them in multiple drops and drips, while the main pee stream (the faster jet), although more direct, is the complete opposite to a neat spiral, it sprays an erratic uncontrollable fan of pee which would be impossible to aim, it's probably being forced out because of panic and/or convenience of situation or speed. View


 99% of women are virtually useless at aiming! They can't seem to pee forwards accurately, they can only do 'fast' or 'slow' and most of them try to do it fast because, when they're peeing in public they want to get their pants back up. But doing it fast and not paying proper attention only leads to them (unknowingly) peeing on their shoes and jeans / trousers. I said before that all women watch their pee streams, but when they're 'group' peeing, they're talking and laughing so they're not watching their pee properly, they know they're peeing and it's coming out and they further assume that it's NOT going on their clothes!

Pee Stream Angle:

This differs greatly from woman to woman, when viewing 4000 peeing scenes one can't help but notice the difference in the angle the pee comes out. But mainly, looking at the overall percentage, when squatting it goes forwards and when hovering or slightly bent forward (say over a toilet bowl) it goes straight down. There are exceptions of course, one such exception was a woman who, when comfortably squatted for an outdoor pee, let go and immediately a thick silver stream came shooting forward at speed and pooled up in front of her, about a foot past her feet! It was nearly as good as a bloke's pee! She didn't seem surprised, so I can only assume that she does that all the time, I found it extremely sexy! View

Wiping Afterwards:

Normally common practice, but most outdoor peeers don't have the luxury of toilet paper, so most shake dry but shaking their arse, a few have shaken like a wet dog! Some use their hand to take most of the drips off, some don't bother at all, just pull up their pants and hope for the best!


 Women are less fussy as to where they 'go' depending on how badly they need to 'go'. A really urgent, full bladder, instant start pee will be done with the least cover, her being seen or discovered left purely to chance, the only thing on her mind is relief. The woman who's just going for the sake of it will walk around for ages finding a suitable spot. The women who pee in pairs or threes will take it in turns while the others keep watch, each peeing in the same spot / area.

Natural or Shaved:

 Looking at so many fannys in these pee clips, the majority have some pubic hair, about 50% have a 'full on' bush, I'd say a further 30% are trimmed into a funny shape; Mohicans or just have a little moustache. The odd 20% have shaved their pubic hair off, around their labia too which looks a bit peculiar from underneath when you're watching the pee because you couldn't be entirely sure if it was a mature woman you were watching or a pre-pubescent.


Pants are another interesting theme, most women wear a modern G type string that unfortunately gets stuck in-between the woman's bum cheeks when they're being pulled down, so they need an extra yank to free them up. I'd say 60% have these type of pants. The conventional knickers are still used, I'd say 30% and certainly used when they are menstruating. The odd 10% either wear none at all or wear sort of shorts.
Praise to all though, most wear panty liners and even they look nice and clean, so no bronze anywhere, just fanny juice and that's OK.

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