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Retro Cascade Watersports Magazine's Wet Piss Stories (Part 4 of 4)

She drops her leg off my shoulder and presses my hand back to the outside of her pussy . . .

. . . I hold it there, it's as snug as a chastity belt.
After a minute she breathes, I breathe. We look at each other, only slightly embarrassed. I smile, she smiles and we relax. She begins to say something, her mouth opening into a word. Her eyes go wide in surprise. She pees through my hand. Wow, I thought her pussy was hot before!
I've never told anyone about my curiosity of peeing. But here was my neighbour, Shelli, peeing through my fingers. The hot acidic pee smell leaches through my cupped hand. I cup my hand tighter and pee sprays out the sides and bottom. The force of her pee parts my fingers, spraying drops onto my face. The taste is not much different than sweat, but there is a heady element to it like rising bread yeast. I gulp breaths of air. Her bladder must be large and full. There must be a gallon of pee in there. I want to remove my hand from her pussy to let her pee into the toilet, but I don't dare.
Transfixed with the sight of her peeing and the feeling of hot water on my hand, I freeze. Most of the pee is on her legs, my hands, arm, and the floor. Some of her pee finds its way into the toilet by dripping down my arm.
Slowly, she trickles to a stop, tickling my palm with the last of her pee.
Errant raindrops slide down my arm and drip a lonely faucet drip sound into the cloudy water. I wait a few minutes and remove my hand. I stare at her flooded pussy and give it a light kiss. Time to back up and let her out.
"Wow," she says and kisses me. Her hand reaches down and grabs my cock.
We speak words, but are fused by our experience. Her fingers stroke my over stimulated cock. She kisses harder, tonguing my mouth and face.
She doesn't give me much time to react as she dominates my mouth with a blizzard of kisses and licks. Her hand pulling wet, hard, and fast on my pulsing penis. She leans into me and I lie back, feeling the floor puddle near my ankles. She straddles my head, placing her knees beside my ears.
Her pussy is just out of tongue reach. A drop of wetness spirals out of her pussy thicket and lands on my cheek.
She begins to lick my penis. Her tongue is trying to make my penis as wet as her pussy. She lubes and lubes. Her mouth clamps over my head and tongue flicks the head. I shudder, causing her to shudder and shed more drops.
Some hit my lips. I lick them off.
Shelli works her way down my shaft to my balls.
She pinches them with her lips and it is both pleasure and pain -- like the rush of relief when you finally pull a splinter out. She crams both of my compressed balls in her mouth. I gasp. She leans forward, removing her crotch from near my face.
I try to lean up to lick her and she shifts her weight down to my pelvis.
She is stroking my cock with her lips only, masturbating the shaft. At the bottom, her tongue slips out and carpets the base of my cock.
"I'm going to come," I gasp. "Oh god...that's amazing... "
She moves her mouth all the way down my cock. It is an amazing feeling -- being engulfed completely. I come in six distinctive, hip wrenching squirts.
She plants her wet crotch on my face. I feel the full weight of her waterlogged pussy covering me. I burrow my tongue into her, figuratively wishing I could insert it all the way inside her and lick her G-spot. She shudders and comes some more. Then I can't breathe. If centuries had passed, I would not have known it. Time spent in bliss is time out of measured time. It is a pity to return to life after such sweet nothingness and everythingness. My shoulder is cold and sticky dry from the sexual, and other releases. Oddly, the bathroom still looks very clean.
I re-clean everything, looking for stray pube fallout. I find none.
Maybe they are just invisible to me. I scour the bathroom a second time and furiously shower my body. Drying, I leave the steamy bathroom to the music of Lena's heels in the hall. I have no time to worry or think or panic as the door opens. She steps in, grinning at my stiff-cock nakedness.
Dropping her overlarge cloth shopping bags, she approaches me and kisses my turgid cock.
"You're clean," she says, licking her lips. "Good. Get dressed, we leave for dinner in an hour."
I walk to the bags to put her purchases away.
"Don't peek in the bags," she calls from bathroom. "They're going with us."
I turn from them and grin a Cheshire grin. ~ End ~

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