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This lesbian article may be of interest to you male readers, but it is primarily aimed at any females who would like to try something different and exciting, that's not a gimmick ...

Wet sex is an activity many of you are involved in, but I have been denied because I have a disability ......

..... I am a 33-year-old blind man living in Warwickshire and I have always thought I was perverted just because I love the sensation of wetting myself, how it feels afterwards and reading about women who get off on doing the same. This article will hopefully enable me to share my experiences with those of you who are sufficiently interested in getting to know me and respect the difficulties I have experienced in trying to gain access to erotic and wet sex material.

Imagine how humiliating it feels to walk into a newsagent and ask them to read out the titles of the adult top shelf magazines they stock and then, as if that is not bad enough, to describe the content in them. Most local associations for the blind run reading schemes, through which someone will come and visit you in your home - but would you ask a complete stranger to read stories about wet fun, lesbian sex, role play, or cross-dressing?

The 0898 chat lines are so prefabricated as to be about as erotic as the annual report of a multinational company The live one-to-one chat lines cost the earth and it is not possible to get to know someone in five minutes, even if you could afford to call half a dozen times a day or night!

I can now access The Internet using software that reads the contents of the screen through the sound card and speakers of my computer, but finding what I am looking for is not as straight forward as it is when you can see the web page containing the results of your search. I have to listen through all the text I do not want as the screen reading software scrolls the web page up the screen, while reading the content out loud. I imagine the most erotic content is contained in picture galleries and video footage, but this is inaccessible because I cannot see it and finding that really sexy wet fun story is easy, but it is rather a turn off to hear it read by a synthetic female voice.

I have tried accessing message boards, but it takes a long time listening to the titles of the 200-300 messages to find the one that really turns me on.
I don't know how you females feel about what is on offer, but us men seem to be doing most of the demanding and not enough supplying - perhaps that just goes with the territory of the wet sex scene!

What Am I Looking For? - I would like to use E-mail to swap my thoughts about my own wet sex experiences and fantasies with any females who would like to try something different, fun and with more than the odd one off orgasm.
I have an extremely vivid imagination fired by vibrant visual memories from the time when I could see a little and an intuitive understanding of the power of touch, developed over years of using my hands to explore my world as a blind person. I understand the need we all have for time and space to express our emotions in whatever way makes us feel good about ourselves.
Finally, I have the patience to use the power of my words to bring you to orgasm when no one else is there to satisfy your desire.

What do I want in return? - I would like to get to know you, so if you like the sound of what I have written above and are interested or addicted to wet sex, lesbian sex, role play and/or cross-dressing, E-mail me at peeperplus@hotmail.com - I have omitted my name until I know how genuine any replies are - thanks.

PS: I am not into bondage or domination in any way, as I am an open, gentle and touchy-feely person who just wants to share stuff and turn each other on sometimes.

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