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I am married, but my wife is away on a course. You wear the short sleeved white cotton blouse and Navy Blue pleated skirt of your school uniform. Underneath wear a White bra and panties with White ankle socks and shoes. You come round to my house after school so I can teach you a lesson, but not the kind you think!

You tell me you think there is something wrong with you because you still wet yourself at 17, but you do it on purpose. I ask you what you mean, feeling my cock bulging in my pants. You say you love the feeling you get as your pee floods out of your fanny and soaks through your panties. I tell you that is one of my fantasies and you say that it won't be for long.

You get up and take your drink into my bedroom, pulling the quilt back off the double bed as you pass. You accidentally spill your drink down your blouse, making the material almost see through. You motion to me to sit on the bed and stand right in front of me. You run the tip of your tongue across your pink lips, as you tweak your left nipple through the white cotton of your blouse. At the same time you reach down and seductively play with the hem of your skirt, pulling it across the front of your thighs and back to your side again. Next you put your hand up your skirt and between your legs and I see it move up and down, as I guess you are fingering your clit through your panties. You take your hand out again and sniff the musty scent of your fanny, then you hold them out to me. I lean forward to sniff them too and you push me back, turning round again as you do so.

Now I can just see your left arm move as you are doing something I can't see and you lift up the back of your skirt, rolling the hem into the waist band so it cannot fall down again. Then you start to run your index finger up and down your crack, pushing it further in between your cheeks and stretching your panties tight. Now you slowly pull down the waist band of your panties so their crotch stretches between your now slightly parted thighs. You slide the middle finger of your right hand up your bum hole and start fucking yourself. Just when I think you're going to come, you pull it out and release the hem of your skirt from it's waist band, letting it fall back over your bum like a concealing curtain.
You reach round your front and ease your blouse over your right shoulder, gently tugging your arm free at the same time. You let your blouse swing from your left shoulder and seductively turn your right side to me for just a moment. I catch a quick glimpse of your virgin white breast nestling in the cup of your bra, merging into the other one as it disappears under your blouse.

You turn back round again and around, so I see your blouse as it falls off your shoulder on to the floor. You turn round to the front, taking a step nearer to me as your pert nipples start to poke through your bra. You slowly pull one strap off your shoulder, then the other, just enough to let the cups of your bra float beneath your small breasts. You ease first one arm out of the strap, then the other.
Then you take your left breast and lift it to your glistening tongue, as it plays on your moist lips. You lick your nipple with the tip of your tongue, rolling in-between your fingers as you moisten your lips again. You reach behind you with your right hand and tug the waist band of your skirt so the zip is at the front. You slowly pull the zipper down, revealing just a hint of your White panties behind. You almost pull the zip the whole way down, and then pull it back up to tease me as you see my hard on. You undo the zip, opening your skirt so I can see more of your school girl panties, but you slip your hand in. Somehow you manage to keep your skirt up as you rub your mound with your hand. You take a step towards me as you pull your hand out again. With your right leg forward and your left leg back, you stop your skirt from falling down round your ankles. I can just see the Black of your pubes through your White panties as your skirt moves round to your left when you take the step. You touch your fanny honey on my nose with your fingers, and push my hand away as I reach for the catch on the front of your bra.

You step back letting your bra fall to the floor and your pert young breasts spring free. I am confused as you put your blouse back on and walk over to the bed, reaching up the back of your skirt to adjust your panties as you do so. You stand right in front of me, lowering one of your nipples to my lips. I start to lick your breast, gently at first, growing quicker as I take your nipple in my mouth. I reach up to squeeze your other breast when you pull away and push me back. You point to my wife's wardrobe, I nod as I follow your gaze. You tell me to get undressed as you look through her outfits. You sigh as you turn round with my wife's mid calf length pleated White skirt in one hand, and a Red blouse in the other. Next you find her underwear drawer and pull out a Black bra with padded cups for uplift and support and a pair of matching silky Black French panties. You motion me to undress and hold out the panties for me to step into. You line up the seam at the back with my crack and pull up the front so my hard on stretches them tight. Next you hold out the bra, flattening it against my chest as I put my arms through the straps.

You turn me round and do it up at the back. Next you give me the blouse, which I put on like a shirt. It feels really tight, especially with the bra. Then you hold out the skirt for me to step into, and drop it on the bed again. You go back to my wife's underwear drawer again, and return with a silky White slip. You look slightly frustrated as you just give it me to put on. Then you hold out the skirt so I can step into it. You force the zip up over my throbbing bulge and turn the skirt round so it is at the back.
"I need to pee" you say and I respond that I will amuse myself while I wait. "That's not what I mean" you say, beckoning for me to move across and further down the bed. You climb on the bed and shuffle over to me on your knees. You sit astride me, slowly, gently rubbing your fanny on my now exposed cock. I reach for your breasts, but you moan, "no, pee first!" I point to the bathroom and you repeat, "No, pee first!"
You move off my cock, rubbing the crotch of your wet panties up my chest. My blouse and bra make this difficult, so you kneel up and lift your skirt over my face. I can see the crotch of your wet panties and think you are really wet. As though reading my thoughts, you moan, "Not as wet you'll be in a minute!"

Now I realise, as a damp patch starts to spread over the crotch of your panties. A second later and a trickle of warm pee splashes my face. Just then you lower yourself onto my chest, so your skirt spreads out around you. Your pee grows into a torrent, which spreads over my blouse and onto your skirt. I ask you if that is it, and you move up again, lowering your soaked panties onto my face. I take the gusset between my teeth and suck them into my mouth, squeezing every last drop of your pee out and letting it collect in my mouth. I hold my breath, swilling your pee round in my mouth, feeling the tingle of your salty honey pee and love juice. I bury my face in your crotch, sticking my nose right in your hole, so I can really smell the scent of your school girl fanny.
"Your turn" you say as I come up for air. We swap positions and you sit up leaning against the head board of the bed, and I kneel astride you. I lift up my skirt so you can get your head to my cock, and you pull it down again. "Piss first!" you moan and I understand what you mean. You push me down so my bum is on the bed, and lift the long slip and skirt over your head. We sit in this strange position for a second, me feeling my wet blouse clinging to my chest and the pungent odor of your pee floating up. I don't know if I want to pee or come, but I let my cock take control. An intense jet of pee builds in my panties and I manage to put my thumbs in the leg holes and lift the silk off my cock just in time, to feel it soak the slip and the skirt.

My wife's slip and skirt. I am torn away from any thoughts of my wife, by a tug from round my waist. You are rubbing the pee-soaked slip and skirt over your face. Most of the pee went on the slip and the skirt, but I could feel another torrent building and pulled the slip and skirt out of the way just in time. You are leaning towards my cock as the torrent soaks your blouse right on your tits. You fondle your tits through your wet blouse, pushing them up together, so the last spurts of pee collect in your cleavage and disappear like an underground river.
Before I realise what is happening, you push me back on the bed an spin round over my face, so you are on all fours above me. I try to pull your panties down, but your legs are spread over my face, so I just rip them off, sticking my tong straight in your hole. I suck out the last droplets of your pee and the taste becomes sweeter as your school girl come starts to flood out of your fanny. Your nibbling and licking my cock and take it deep into your mouth as I notice your taste change. I take my tong out of your hole and gently take your clit between my teeth, and suck harder and harder. Your head moves up and down on my head and you climax as I hit your G spot. We lie together like that for a couple of minutes, then turn round to lie in each other's arms, tired but turned on by the smell of pee and the feeling of our wet clothes and sheets.

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