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Christmas Piss. A Bed Wetting Story, a lovely surprise pee!

By John Martin

Last Christmas Eve I had an unusual Christmas present from Jenny, my lover and wife, which money just can't buy.

I was in bed by 10:45pm knowing that we'd have a long drive on Christmas morning over to Jenny's parents'. I was having a look at the road atlas when Jenny came in from the bathroom. She slipped into bed beside me and snuggled up, but then looked a little narked. She tutted audibly, so I put the atlas to one side. "Oh, sorry love", I said, "But I thought I'd better get the turnings sorted out. I usually miss Junction 17 and I don't want to be on the road any longer than need be tomorrow." Jenny looked surprised. "Oh that? No, no, carry on. You're right, it needs doing." But she was still in 'martyr mode', for some reason. "Well if it's not that, what IS wrong?", I persisted.

"Well if you must know, it's these damn pyjamas of yours", she said, tugging at the sleeve. "I do wish you'd get rid of them, they're old and smelly and they look awful". I looked down at them. Admittedly I must have had them over 5 years and yes, I suppose they were a little ragged. But dammit, they were the most comfortable pair I ever had and anyway, the only other two pairs I had were in the wash.

I was on the point of explaining all this when Jenny rolled on top of me and started kissing my neck. The road atlas fell to the floor with a 'thunk', but I wasn't too concerned. My mind was on other things! Just then, she sat up, still sitting on my belly and gazing down at me. "Anyway, I don't know why you need to wear pyjamas, it's not very sexy you know. Can't you take them off, just for tonight?" She gave one of those ridiculous pouts which women of experience are so good at doing. But I was almost immune to them by now and I was having none of it!

You see, you can call me old-fashioned, but I like wincyette cotton around my backside. Comfort comes first with me. "But look love, they're so warm especially in these cold winter nights", I continued, though somehow I felt I was losing the argument. She was looking a little distant, as if concentrating on something else. But I knew I was right. They were warm. Very warm. Unusually warm in fact!

Just then I realised what she was doing. A faint hissing sound from between her legs confirmed the truth. She was peeing on me - or more accurately, on my pyjama pants. The warm sensation grew around my groin and I could feel her stream of piss gently playing on my cock, like a school bully pushing around a kid three years her junior.

Suddenly she stopped. She raised her arse and looked down at her handiwork. "It might be warm now", she said, "But you'll have to take them off soon or you'll freeze to death!". She was right, of course. There was no way I could wear them now; they were sopping wet. She hitched forward onto my chest and watched me struggling under the sheets to take my pyjama pants off. Not easy with 9 stone of woman sitting on you!

I looked up at her. "You're not really helping you know". She gazed down at my face, smiling cheekily. "And anyway", she said, "Who said I'd finished with you?". I looked down between her legs in time to see a solid jet of piss hit me straight between the eyes. I closed them, but it was too late: they were stinging like mad. She knelt forward slightly and I could feel her stream methodically wetting every square inch of my chest, through my pyjamas. Gradually her stream dropped to a trickle. Then a couple of final spurts and she was done with me.

She unstraddled me and sniffed my chest, recoiling instantly. "Oh love, you smell like a Ladies' toilet. You'd better take those pyjamas off now before they wet the bed!" I stepped out, padded off to the bathroom, stood in the bath and took them off. When I say I was standing erect, you'll know what I mean!

I dried myself off with an old towel, and shot back into bed, shivering. "I suppose I WILL have to sleep naked now, you clever bitch!". She giggled and snuggled up to me, kissing my cheek. Just then I felt something push into my side. I lifted the sheets to find a bright red, gift wrapped parcel. "I know it's not Christmas Day, but you can open it now. Go on!", she said. Dutifully, I did as she asked. It was a brand new pair of cotton wincyette pyjamas in my favourite colour!

I kissed her on the lips, "Aw thanks darling, they're great. Why do I feel like I've just fallen into a trap?". We both laughed. I put them onto the bedside table and Jenny looked puzzled. "Aren't you going to try them on?", she said. An evil grin washed over my face. "No, not just yet, I still have some business to attend to!". I turned the light off and rolled on top of her. The tables were turned now.

I whispered gently in her ear, "Happy Piss-mas, darling". And she soon realised why. 
- The End -
Copyright 1997 by John Martin. All Rights Reserved

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