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Free Women Peeing Stories to read on line or download - John Martin

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The Author, John Martin
can be contacted at:

A bit about the Author

John Martin is a part time writer of Adult stories, his favourite theme is 'Adult Watersports' - which is a polite description of the alternative title, 'Women Pissing Stories'
Although he is quite happy in his native country, he often takes holidays in other parts of the world and whether he goes alone or with his partner or family, he is always watching the way people behave when they need a pee, particularly the women: the way they stand, their facial expressions and the way they're dressed as in, is it an easy access, could it be a quick pee or is there a lot of de-robing? Also, their general appearance gives a lot away on if they'd dare to take a sneaky public pee?
All of these factors are a basis for John's wetting stories, he gets ideas from the person's deperation and moulds an authentic and realistic story about this particular person, he gives her a name and the job he thinks she's suited to and if she's outgoing or shy, or easily embarrassed, also her bladder size and holding capabilities. John will then write an outline of the wetting or bursting story on a scrap peice of paper for later reference.

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