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Welcome to Retro Cascade Magazine, one of the many wet panties & women peeing sites on the 'net, we are one of the few 'free' wet panties sex sites that are left for your Adult entertainment.
Cascade has 90s retro panties wetting magazines, wet pantys stories and sounds of women peeing with free samples, free pee fetish contacts and various panties wetting sex articles, most are FREE!:


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The Retro Cascade Golden Showers & Panties Wetting magazines, here are the Back issues of Cascade Magazines @ 3.00 GBP from all of the 90s up to our last issue in 2001.

Our Women Peeing Audio Women Peeing Sounds Downloads @ 3.00 GBP there are many desperate females on our audio women peeing sounds downloads we have on offer and the sounds are quite exceptional!

FREE> Late Night Pee Sightings stories is a voyeur report that used to be sent to us regularly by our piss cam man on the late night streets of America.

Special Peeing Offer @ 6.00 GBP stacked with bladder bulging, panties wetting, power pissing watersports goodies - value for money!

FREE> Watersports for Women W4W, it's run by women for women who enjoy full bladders, panties wetting and kinky pissing. Cascade invites females to write in with their pee fun ideas and peeing experiences, fellas are allowed to have a free look!

~ Free Fun Peeing Competitions!! ~

Piss Olympics Ladies submit their bladder holding tips and pee gushing capabilities - submit yours!!

Male Pee Stats
including distance pissing between men and women.

Pee Holding Competition! The ' Minute Club' is up and in full flow!


Here is a list of British, European & US Pissing Films in DVD Format With a FREE Preview!
PLUS there are over 30 other Adult Categories of films INSTANTLY AVAILABLE for you to browse.

Panties Wetting Stories and Women Peeing Audio Downloads   @ 3.00 GBP by PayPal / CC
There are endless wet panties stories and women peeing sounds to choose from.

FREE> Free Wet Pee Sex Stories written for Cascade Magazine by John Martin and he's one of the best. Drop in and see his list of panty wetting and desperate peeing storys, together with a short synopsis.

FREE> Free Peeing Wet Panties Stories is the Nicola Steele section, she is a school teacher who can't hold her pee because of her incredibly small bladder.

Extinct 70s & 80s Panties Wetting & Peeing Magazines @ 3.00 GBP - from wet panties days gone by and we've put them in a Cascade publication of their own with all the best bits, come and have a look.

FREE> Cascade Contacts Pee Mates Contacts Section , it's free to look and free to submit!

Free Retro 90s Cascade Magazine Catalogues they can be downloaded in .pdf and browsed at your leisure.

Finally, a question that must have been thought of by many and that is: 'How can I get my girlfriend interested in Adult watersports?' Well, we don't have the direct answer here, but we do have the next best thing to show her that watersports is fun and not dirty, it's the Cascade Watersports Cartoons book, it's called: I Nearly Wet Myself Laughing . Download now @ 3.00 GBP Leave it lying around, you could even show it to your Mum! Hey, it's not porno, it's just full of jokes and cartoons pee style.

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