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Girls Coach Pee Party. Frank drinks the girls' piss through a funnel

By John Martin

I'm Karen, one of a growing band of girls who like to let off steam every week by playing rugby. It's getting quite popular here in England, and I'm quite good, even if I say so myself. We'd just had a tough match against the Accrington Women's Rugby XV, but we won 21-13 in the end, not bad eh? You see, when we decide we want something really bad, we usually win. Just like the other week, in fact. Oh, we lost the match itself, I mean the journey back!

For the 'away' matches we always travel with a local coach company and they always give us the same driver, Frank. Well, he's a bit of a pervert and we're sure he sometimes sabotages the coach toilet just so he can keep us hanging on. And then when we all eventually have to pile off the coach for a slash in a lay-by, he tries to have a sly look at our bare bums. Filthy beast! Well, we'd all decided we'd had enough of this, so Rose decided to teach him a bit of a lesson.

She'd packed everything she needed in a special bag and we all waited patiently until we'd been travelling about an hour. Frank was being obnoxious as usual, saying 'we all must have bladders the size of a rugby ball judging by the amount we'd had to drink'. And yes, we do like our beer, we were all more than a bit tiddly! Mind you, it wouldn't be long before that comment would come back to haunt him.

Rose winked across at Helen to tell her that everything was ready, so Helen stood up and started her routine. "Oh Frank, will you pull into the lay-by just up here, I'm really busting. I must have a slash". As usual, he played his games. "Sorry luv, I have to keep going for another half an hour for the tacho. You can hang on till then I'm sure." He had an evil grin on his stupid face. But not for long though. Helen carried on with her well-rehearsed script. "No, you don't understand; you must stop now or I'll end up peeing all over the coach seat. It'll take hours to dry." Frank was quickly persuaded. "For Christ's sake don't do that, my boss will kill me. Just hang on a few more seconds. I can pull up here". And within a minute he was pulling into a quiet lay-by - no-one else around - and the coach came to a halt. Perfect!

We all knew exactly what to do, we'd been over it dozens of times. Becky had drawn the short straw, so she launched into her script as soon as the coach had stopped. "You know Frank, you really are a very handsome man. I've always fancied you. In fact, I have this fantasy about being fucked on a coach in front of all my mates". Sally started to giggle, but someone dug her in the ribs. Frank had to believe it all. He blushed and started stammering something-or-other. Becky was superb and started taking his tie off pressing her gorgeous 38DD tits into his face, he could hardly breathe. "Aw c'mon Frankie, you know you want to, and I'm so horny, I just can't wait to feel your thick hot prick inside me. Let's do it now, right here!"

For once Frank couldn't utter a word. I'm sure he really thought that Becky really was going to fuck him, right there and then, the poor sod. We all joined in, and before long we had him stripped down to his underwear. Then Rose zipped open her special bag and brought out everything we needed for the next part.

Firstly, the handcuffs, which snapped viciously over his wrists and onto the coach seat. "What the fu-!", but she soon had a ball-gag in his mouth and fastened the strap tightly round the back of his head. We'd take it out soon, but not until we were ready: we were in charge now. Next came the neck-collar which Helen soon chained to the seat-back, then the ankle manacles, and finally the leather strap around his waist. There! He was strapped into the seat and couldn't move a muscle. He was completely at our mercy, although we weren't really in the mood for mercy. We had other plans for our Frankie.

Rose took charge, as usual. "Ready girls?", and with that she took out the final two items from the bag to squeals of delight from 17 very horny girls. The first item looked like a strange sort of face-mask, which she dangled teasingly in front of his face. "Know what this is, Frank? Well, you're going to get very familiar with it in the next couple of hours or so. You'll come to love it AND loathe it. If you co-operate, it'll help you to breathe. If not, it'll stop you breathing. It's up to you". The poor sod still didn't know what he was in for.

It only took Rose a few seconds to get it securely in place, with all the straps securely fastened. It was like a diver's mask, but larger and covering his whole face, mouth nose and eyes. There was a vent at the top of the mask and a tube pressing against his lips, which came out at the back. But Rose was a perfectionist, and wanted to make sure the whole thing was watertight. "I've got just the thing!", she said, thrusting her right hand into her panties, to more appreciative shrieks. Soon her middle finger was dripping wet and she held it up high in the air "Christ, this is making my cunt fucking wet!". She pulled the bottom of Frank's mask away slightly and wiped her fanny juices all over the rubber seal. Then it was back in place and the strap tightened, pressing the rubber firmly into his face. "There! We can't have anything leaking out can we?!". Frank was slowly beginning to get the idea that this was just the start of his ordeal. Someone said, "Howay Rose, I'm bursting for a pee, and you promised I could be first." Frank was now looking petrified.

The final item was a funnel, attached to a rubber tube about three feet long. Rose wiped more of her cunt juice around the end of the tube behind his head, and pushed the rubber tube and funnel firmly onto it. Everything was ready.

"Now Frank, I want you to listen very carefully. You're only breathing because I allow it. There's a hole at the top of this mask which would be very easy for a finger to block." She showed him her still glistening middle finger before jamming it in the hole at the top of the mask. It was only there for about 15 seconds, but to Frank it seemed a lifetime. She removed it and he gasped for breath. After a minute she carried on.

"You see? Now we're in charge, you must do everything I say. There is only one thing worse than suffocation and that's drowning. You can feel a tube pressing against your lips can't you? Well the other end is attached to this funnel. If you don't take it in your mouth, and we pour something into the funnel, your mask will fill up in no time and you'll drown. So you only really have one choice. Drink, or drown. Do you understand?" Frank understood only too well. I almost felt sorry for him.

"Okay Anne, you're on Funnel Duty to start with. Katie, I promised you could do it first. So let's start using our new toilet girls!" Frank could hardly believe what she'd said. Surely they didn't expect him to drink piss? And what's with this 'girls'? There were 17 of them on the coach, and they'd all been drinking. With horror, he suddenly realised what was going to happen to him and he nearly threw up.

Katie had her joggers and panties off in no time and was frantically hopping from leg to leg, pressing her fanny for all she was worth. She was desperate! Anne held the funnel about waist height - well below Frank's head - and Katie hovered over it. At first only a trickle escaped, but then her thick black hairy labia parted like the Red Sea and a powerful gush erupted from her cunt lips. The funnel could only hold about a pint and a half, and Katie nearly filled it to the brim before the gush subsided to a trickle and then stopped. "Jeez, I needed that!" she said before seeing about 16 pairs of eyes staring into her magnificent bushy cunt. "Well okay, so I need to shave!", and everyone burst into gales of laughter. Except Frank. His eyes were fixed intently on the translucent funnel which was now distinctly yellow. It was FULL of Katie's hot, salty piss; more than enough to drown a man. He knew he had to obey and desperately pulled the tube into his mouth pressing his lips over it. Maybe this was a nightmare and it would soon be over?

The laughter subsided and Anne now looked seriously into his terrified eyes, still holding the funnel carefully in her hands. She spoke softly, "Three weeks ago you tried to grope my bum, Frank, didn't you? I don't like that sort of thing Frank, I really don't like it. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, if you know what I mean....". With that she slowly raised the funnel higher, past his head and higher. The pressure built in Frank's mouth and the piss slowly started trickling down the tube on its inevitable journey down. He couldn't stop it, only delay it perhaps. Carefully, very carefully, Anne stood on a seat and secured it in place on the luggage rack, just as planned. It was solid as a rock now, and some four feet higher than Frank's head.

Frank couldn't cope with the pressure and felt a trickle escape between his lips. The thought of his mask filling up with her piss and drowning him was too much and he knew he had no choice. Pressing his lips down over the tube as hard as he could, he swallowed sending a large mouthful into his stomach. One down, goodness knows how many more to go. He couldn't keep his mouth small, some unseen force was pushing it open and filling it up with more piss. A thin spurt leaked out the corner of his mouth and formed a small pool at the bottom of his mask. The stench was overpowering, but he had more immediate worries. Again he swallowed, but the pressure was relentless and his mouth was full again in no time.

He hardly noticed all those pairs of eyes drilling into him, squealing and clapping as he reluctantly swallowed, mouthful by mouthful, his stomach slowly filling with Katie's fresh piss. It was all too much for Rose who had now found a quiet corner and - still gazing at Frank - was furiously frigging herself off. She'd fantasized about doing this to Frank and now it was just all too much. She soon climaxed and wave after wave of orgasmic joy ripped through her body, in exact synchronism with Frank's swallows.

Slowly but surely, the yellow triangle became smaller as the funnel emptied into Frank's belly. He soon realised that he had to develop a rhythmn and get it out of his mouth as quickly as possible. He was sweating furiously as his metabolism went into overdrive. Within two or three minutes the funnel was completely empty and Frank now had his mouth open, gasping for air. "Please, that's enough, no more, let me out. I promise I'll be good, I won't do it again. Please, PLEASE let me out of this damn thing."

You know, I think he honestly thought that we were going to stop with just one bladderful. But after all, the loo wasn't working on the coach and we had to use something, didn't we? We are a ladies' rugby team so we can't go around baring our bums in public, can we?

Rose was next, and although she hadn't been drinking too much, she didnt want to miss her turn. She carefully unclipped the funnel and brought it down just below his neck, in front of him. "I love Soy sauce on Chinese food, don't you Frank?" She pulled her panties to one side, positioned the funnel, and started to pee, only inches from his immobile face. "Trouble is, it does make my pee turn yellow, really strong and salty". Sure enough, it looked vile, almost orange in fact. She was just finishing off when a thick creamy, almost transparent goo dropped from her labia and into the funnel. "Ooops, sorry, you won't mind drinking a bit of my fanny juice as well? Maybe it'll turn you into a woman and you'll be more considerate in future!"

With that she finished, and angrily raise the funnel up to the luggage rack and clipped it in place. Frank only just managed to pull the tube into his mouth in time. In seconds Rose's hot stinking foul piss hit his tongue. The taste was unbearable. The only way to stop it was to swallow. And again, and again. Rose was staring straight into his face, her own breath misting his mask. She was loving every minute of it, seeing him struggle to swallow her pee. She deliberately had extra Soy sauce on her food for Frank's benefit. She had the cruellest fanny on the coach!

Within a minute Frank had gulped it all down, and was now gasping for air as the foul aftertaste hit him. "Please, give me water, beer, anything, the taste is unbearable. Please help me!" It was Sandra's turn next, and she'd been drinking most of the evening, she's a real piss-head after a match. Rose spoke, "Sandra, have you got any cold beer for Frank?", winking mischievously.

Sandra sauntered over with her bottle, took the funnel from Rose, and looked straight at Frank. "Well Rose, it's not really cold". She took a swig from the bottle and savoured it, teasingly. She angled it a little over the funnel, but not enough to start pouring. "In fact, it's a bit on the warm side. And you know how I care so much for the environment, girls. I always prefer recycled stuff if I can. That's the best way isn't it Frank, recycled beer? Don't you think?" And with that she pulled her sexy peach lace panties to one side and filled the funnel with over a pint of her 'recycled beer'. She can be a really cruel bitch when she puts her mind to it!

Frank's belly was visibly distended and he was bursting for a pee himself now. The pain was agonising. But he knew he had to put that out of his mind, take that damn piss tube in his mouth again, and suffer more humiliation from these bitches. And he was right. Sandra waited until he had the tube in his mouth - she didn't want to drown the bastard, this is much more fun - and lifted the funnel up into position. Compared to Rose's, this was almost pleasant to drink. It was watery and sweet, almost like nectar compared with Rose's. But there was just so much and Frank was struggling to stop it seeping out into the mask. He swallowed for his life as Sandra mockingly took more swigs of her beer, inches from his face. It took him nearly ten minutes to empty the funnel this time. His stomach felt like it would explode. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the funnel was empty, and Sandra's warm sweet pee mixed with Rose's foul orange bitter piss and Katie's yellow strong salty piss in his distended stomach. He opened his mouth, gasped for air and relaxed.

Just then his eyes snapped open. No! But he couldn't help it. To hoots of derisive laughter from his female captors, a yellow stain appeared on the front of his Y-fronts and grew larger. The poor bugger was pissing himself, and the seat soon became sodden. But at least the aching in his bladder was easing now, but the humiliation was almost too much for him. I'm sure I saw a little tear escape the corner of his eye!

Well after that we decided to give him a breather for half an hour. No- one else was desperate for a pee and Katie does have a full HGV licence. So we took off his mask for half an hour or so and drove off. It was nice to know that we'd got the 'loo' working again, even if it did seem to have a bit of a leak! Still, it wasn't our problem. It would be up to Frank to explain to his boss how the seat got so wet.

Within a couple of hours we arrived back. Of course, we had to stop a few times on the way. Well, it's so awkward going to the loo when the coach is moving. And as any man knows, women always seem to go to the loo together.

We never saw Frank again. Katie heard from a friend that he'd put in for an immediate transfer and was now working at the other end of the country. But apparently he's now a very considerate coach driver. And the loo on his coach is said to be the best in their fleet: always working, clean and it even has fresh flowers. Roses, invariably.
Can't think why, can you? - The End -

Copyright 1997 by John Martin. All Rights Reserved

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