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Free Pee Drinking Story. Jenny Urgently Needs a Piss

By John Martin

The young man was now staring at her completely shaved vulva, his mouth completely open

"Within the hour? Oh good, I'll expect you at - let's see - about 10am then? OK, thank you". With that, Jenny put the phone down and smiled. Everything was ready and all she had to do now was to wait. She had tried this before, about 14 years ago, but it had backfired terribly on her. She shuddered at the memory. But this time it would work. For a start, everything was better prepared.

She glanced across the room at her handiwork: an ordinary looking TV set which wouldn't turn on, for some reason. "Oh Christ!" she said, under her breath, and rushed across the room to pick up the screwdriver she'd carelessly left on her plant table, next to the Venus Flytrap. That was a close one! It's often the simplest things that can put a spanner in the works. Or in this case, a screwdriver suspiciously near the works.

At 10:20am she heard a van pull up outside. She glanced out of the bedroom window; 'Morgans'. She took a deep breath and looked at herself in the mirror. "This is it girl. Payback time soon." She opened her bath robe and looked at her neat, freshly shaved pudenda. Not a trace of her blonde pubic hair remained. At 38 years old, she still looked pretty good, she thought, although her once famously pert 36D breasts were now beginning to sag. Just a little. She wrapped the robe around her and tied the waistband.

The door bell rang, so she left the bedroom and made her way downstairs. "Mrs Wilson? Sony 21-inch not working?" Jenny bit her lip. She hated being called Mrs Wilson: it made her feel fifty years old. "Ye-yes, that's right, come in. I'm afraid I was in the shower". The TV repairman stepped in and Jenny closed the door. He was in his late twenties, rather skinny and not particularly tall. But he had a moustache! Jenny loved a moustache on a man. Not for how it looked, but for what it could do for a girl. He also had a rather cute bum. He coughed, politely.

Jenny looked up. "Oh, yes sorry, um, I was miles away. This way please." She led him through to the living room and gestured across to the TV. "It was fine yesterday, but when I tried it this morning, I couldn't get a picture at all". Jenny felt she was blushing slightly, so glanced away. "Er, can I get you a coffee or something?". The young man had nearly removed the back of the set and without looking up said "Oh, no thanks, this shouldn't take long". Damn, she thought. This was not a good start.

She disappeared into the kitchen and began to pick up the tray. Then she stopped and put it down again. She loosened her bath robe a little and made sure a very substantial part of her ample cleavage was showing. She opened it a little more, just to be sure. She returned to the living room and moved across to the coffee table with the tray. "Well I hope you don't mind if I have a coffee then". She bent down and glanced sideways into the wall mirror where she could clearly see the young man's profile. He was just about to say something, then stopped. He was obviously staring straight down the front of her robe, enjoying the view. Things were improving!

She looked back at the tray and arranged things a little, taking particular care to make sure she was 'accidentally' wobbling her breasts. "Are you sure I can't get you a coffee?" she said, looking up suddenly. The young man quickly glanced back at his meter and pretended to be deep in thought. "Er, oh, no, it's okay thanks". She had nearly caught him that time! But 'nearly' was not good enough.

Jenny poured herself another coffee and made herself as comfortable as she could in the circumstances in the armchair. She'd been drinking coffee all morning and she was now desperate for a pee. But she just had to hold on a little longer. The young man pushed the probe into the back of the set and the meter made a beeping noise. "That's funny", he said under his breath. By now Jenny had carefully moved her robe aside and was sitting with her legs carefully parted. Sharon Stone eat your heart out! She glanced up but was disappointed to see him still gazing intently at the meter. "Something wrong?", she said, hoping to attract his attention. Without looking up, he absent-mindedly replied.

"Yeah, well it's a bit puzzling. I was convinced it would be your switched-mode PSU board, but I can't get a thing out of it. Yet the transformer seems okay and the primary fuse is fine too. I just don't understand it." Then he realised he was blinding her with science and looked up. "Oh, sorry love, don't mind me. I was just th- ". Jenny had almost caught him looking at her beautifully shaved pussy. "Er, um, thinking aloud...." Damn: another near miss.

Jenny was getting impatient now. Partly because he was slowly slipping out of her carefully laid man-trap. But mainly because he'd completely missed the obvious. Admittedly Jenny had an upper second class honours degree in Electronic Engineering, but even a TV repairman should have spotted this simple fault. He would need a little help, in both areas. She slowly opened her legs a little more, desperately fighting the urge to release her piss.

"Yes, it's funny" she said, scratching her knee, "when I tried it this morning there seemed to be a funny crackling sound coming from the switch on the front. I don't know if that's anything to do with it." The young man was getting irritated now. Partly from his inability to spot the problem but mainly from the growing bulge which he felt in his trousers. "Well, I'll have a look at it lady", he said, disappearing into the back of the set, "but in seven years of fixing Sony's I've never once found a problem with the....". His voice seemed to trail off.

"Found something?", Jenny said as casually as she could. His head reappeared and he reached round to the front of the set and pushed the switch in. The TV set sprang into life, the sound blaring out. Jenny reached for the remote and pressed the MUTE button. The young man was now staring at her completely shaved vulva, his mouth completely open. Jenny looked up at his face: bingo! Now she could start closing the jaws of her Venus mantrap.

"OH MY GOD! HOW DARE YOU. You've been taking advantage of me. You FILTHY beast!!" Jenny leapt to her feet, in mock outrage. The young man didn't know what to do or say. She pulled her bathrobe around her tightly and continued the performance. "I have never been so humiliated in my life, you DIRTY pervert. I'm going to ring Morgans now and report you." She stomped across the room and picked up the handset of the phone and started to dial the number on the card. The colour had drained from the young man's face. He leapt out from behind the set and moved across to her. Jenny screamed. "AAHHH!! Keep away from me or I'll call the Police instead!" He stepped back, his eyes now bulging with panic and confusion. All he could think about was his job, his wife and what might happen to him if this ever got out. Although he wasn't quite sure what 'this' was.

He sank to his knees. "Oh please, lady, Mrs Wilson, don't do it. I beg you, please hang up. I'll do anything, anything!!" This is just what Jenny wanted to hear and glanced across at him. She put the phone down and the young man looked up at her. "Oh thank you, thank you. Please don't tell Morgans. My wife is expecting our first kid and I really need this job. I had a row with my boss yesterday and if this ever got back to him, I'm sure he'd fire me. Please!" This was turning out to be better than she could have hoped for.

She stepped across to him and patted him on the head. "Well, I suppose I could turn a blind eye, but you would have to do something for me in return. Something very special. And you did say you'd do anything, didn't you?" The young man nodded vigorously. "Anything, anything at all. You name it. If you've anything else that needs attending to, I'll do it now, free of course." Jenny opened her bathrobe completely and the young man stared at her now glistening cunt lips. He looked away immediately.

"Anything? Well there is something that I need to do urgently and I need your help". Jenny grabbed his hair and turned his head, forcing him to look straight into her pouting, quivering, desperate cunt. "I want you to drink my piss until I decide you've had enough. Is that understood?" The young man stared at her quivering vulva, glistening with moisture and anticipation and felt his stomach churn. He could hardly believe what he'd just heard. But Jenny remembered how she had been forced to drink a man's piss herself all those years ago, and it was now payback time. This guy from Morgans just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Of course, I could always call your boss". He knew he had no choice, and bowed his head. "Okay, I'll do it". Jenny grinned. Good! She rearranged the coffee table next to her favourite armchair, and hitched the bathrobe up around her waist. She placed a cushion on the chair and plonked herself down, and then opened her legs wide. She snapped her fingers imperiously at her new-found piss slave. "Well come on, assume the position. I'm bursting and you have an awful lot of drinking to do." The young man obediently knelt down between her open legs and moved his face closer. Jenny grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her wet cunt. His moustache pressed onto her clitoris and she felt a shiver go all the way up her spine. She was pretty horny, but didn't want to be fucked. There was only one service she wanted off him; slow, methodical swallowing of her piss until he'd drained every last drop from her quivering pussy.

She hooked a leg behind his head and pulled his face into her hot, wet pubic triangle. She glanced across to her table of plants, with the Venus Flytrap in the middle, her prized possession. After catching its prey, the plant's juices slowly start to dissolve the body of its victim. She glanced down between her legs, at her own victim. His face was now well and truly covered with her own secretions. Her own mount of Venus mantrap had worked exquisitely!

"Now open wide, my little toilet!" Slowly, reluctantly, he opened his mouth and tried desperately not to think about what she was about to make him do. Maybe it was just some sort of loyalty test? Maybe she was bluffing? Or perhaps she'd stop after a quick squirt and let him go?. Jenny adjusted herself a little until she could feel his open mouth over her pee-hole. Her legs tightened around his neck and she cupped her right breast: she was really going to enjoy this! Everything was ready, but she waited a few more seconds. She knew what was about to happen, and so did he, but she kept him waiting a little longer. The anticipation was almost more cruel than just doing it immediately.

But eventually she felt the pressure build and she could hang on no more. She was determined to make him drink every single drop, so control was of the utmost importance. She pursed her lips with concentration, closed her eyes and squeezed a little. A strange shooshing sound, amplified by his open mouth, confirmed that her aim was immaculate, so she carried on. Within a few seconds she could feel his mouth filling up with her hot, strong, salty piss. She had dreamed about doing this to a man for years! It felt so good. She stopped and realised his mouth was full. "Well? What are you waiting for? Swallow, you cretin! Or do you want to lose your job, huh?". He knew he had no choice so he closed his eyes, thought about his job, swallowed, and then again, until his mouth was empty. A strange bitter, salty after-taste hit him, and he tried to move away.

"Oh no you don't!", said Jenny as her strong muscular thighs squeezed together on his neck nearly choking him. "There's plenty more where that came from, now open your goddamn mouth before I strangle you with my legs". Once more he knew when he was beaten, so he opened wide and Jenny moved her cruel cunt over his mouth and fired straight into the back of his throat. His mouth was full in no time. "Swallow". He obeyed, more than anything to get rid of the taste. "Open!". Another powerful spurt erupted into his mouth, then stopped. "And swallow, you know the drill by now!". And so it went on for what seemed liked hours to the young man. She slowly, degradingly filled him up with her piss, over a pint and a half by the time she was finished. His stomach was full, his breath smelled like a sewer and he began to wonder what he had done to deserve this. His face was still firmly pressed into her neatly shaved vulva and he assumed that his ordeal was now over.

But she wasn't quite finished with him. She had found the whole experience so wonderfully erotic she was lost in orgasmic joy at the thought of what she'd just done to the piss-drinker between her legs. His head was firmly clamped down there, his nose pressing hard against her now wet clitoris. Her eyes were closed in concentration as she used his face to masturbate against. She was nearly there, yes, just a little more, yes...yes...YES!!! She screamed out at the top of her voice as every fibre of her being burned with joy, her body contorting in pleasure as a fierce orgasm ripped her apart. Her vagina bucked and twitched, squirting its salty girl-cum into his eyes. But she hardly noticed: she was lost in ecstasy. His nose had been much better than any battery-operated gadget she had!

This was mainly because her labia was completely covering his face: her cunt was suffocating him! As he struggled to pull away from it to breathe, her legs merely wrapped around him more firmly, his gasping mouth just serving to bring Jenny closer and closer to orgasm. His desperate efforts to avoid suffocation were arousing Jenny even more, bringing more of her juices into his face, drowning him.

As Jenny came down from her high, she gradually released her grip on him, as he panted furiously for air, trying to breathe once more. Her cruel cunt had nearly killed him! After that, he'd almost forgotten the humiliation of being filled up with her pee a few minutes earlier. Jenny regained her composure and gazed down between her legs at the coughing, spluttering excuse-for-a-man she found there. At last her desire of 14 years had been satisfied, and it had been worth waiting for.

She opened her legs, removed a paper tissue from her sleeve, and wiped herself dry. Then she pulled away, closed her gown and idly ran her fingers through her hair. "You can go now, I've done with you. And if you dare to even think about mentioning this to anyone, you can kiss goodbye to your job. Is that clearly understood?". The young man was still gasping for air, but nodded, his head bowed low. "Good. Well, what are you waiting for? Get out of my sight. Oh, and by the way, you're a crap TV repairman as well. I sabotaged the switch myself, you should have picked it up straight away, it was so obvious."

He gathered up his things and staggered out of the house. His humiliation was now complete. Not only had he been forced to drink the piss of a woman he didn't even know, then nearly suffocate under her cunt, but now she was telling him how to do his job.

Jenny felt satisfied. She watched him disappear down the path towards his van as she idly ran her fingers along the lips of her labia. An amazing structure. It could be kind and gentle like the petals of a flower. Or cruel and deadly, like the jaws of a Venus Flytrap, clamping shut if anything stimulated it, soaking its victim with its juices.

It was turning out to be an excellent day. - The End -
Copyright 1997 by John Martin. All Rights Reserved

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