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Night Clubbing - A New Way for Girls to Piss at a Night Club!

Free Pissing Stories By John Martin

The night was almost over. Mandy was having a great time at Macey's, the local nightclub, and didn't really want to go home. She came here most Friday nights because the music was just so good and she really did like to dance. The talent wasn't bad either. Not that she was really into boys at the moment. She'd just turned 19 and was beginning to wonder why she often preferred to spend more time with her girl friends, her best friend Karen in particular. Karen was gorgeous. They'd been best mates for 5 years now, but it was only quite recently that Mandy had noticed what a dazzling smile Karen had. And they way her cute butt moved as she walked across the dancefloor. And that perfect figure of hers. Wow!

Not that Mandy was lesbian, although with her short dark hair and solid muscular thighs, she had been mistaken several times for a butch. She did like to feel good; and three nights a week she'd be down at the gym working out. She was particularly into weights at the moment. And there was this particularly cute femme-looking gal who went down there on the same nights that Mandy did!

But no way was Mandy a lesbian. No. She could just see how beautiful some of her closest friends really were. And girls were just so much nicer than boys, too. Kinder, gentler, more reasonable - and without any of that irritating aggression that most men seem to have. Particularly when they're out in a group together; like on a Friday night at the local nightclub.

In fact, the only reason tonight hadn't been perfect was because of one persistent dick-head who'd been pestering her on the dancefloor all evening. Mandy quite enjoyed getting the attention sometimes. In spite of her solid figure, she had wonderful thick Sandra Bernhard lips, which were particularly appealing tonight (thanks to some very expensive lip gloss!), and 38D breasts. She also exuded sexuality. This was understandably the reason most boys (and some girls!) were interested in her. But tonight, this particular idiot was beginning to piss her off.

She'd tried all the usual put-downs (Mandy could be extremely witty when she put her mind to it), but tonight they just didn't seem to work. Maybe he couldn't hear her properly? The music was ear-splittingly loud where she was dancing, with Karen and their other friend Lisa. Or maybe he was too drunk? Or maybe he was just a jerk? Still, there he was, doing that special type of "dance" lads do when they can hardly stand up. One leg firmly anchored to the floor, arms waving around like some demented windmill, punctuated by spasms in the groin area. Presumably, dick-head thought he was dancing. And every now and then he would lunge forwards towards Mandy and try to grab her butt.

Maybe he was fascinated by how smooth it was, with no sign of a VPL (Visible Pantys Line). Hardly surprising because Mandy never wore panties when she went clubbing. It was far too hot for panties. And she had to admit, it was quite a turn-on for her too. It did mean she had to be slightly careful on the dancefloor and when sitting down. But it was worth it, being cool and free. She always wore crotchless tights as well. Very handy in the Ladies'!

Then he tried to grope her right breast and she was very close to decking him! With her powerful arm muscles she'd have no difficulty taking his lights out. It was Karen who grabbed Mandy's firm arm, shaking her head, mouthing "No", which stopped her. Otherwise the sexist bastard would be unconscious by now.

"Come on", shouted Karen, "Let's get a drink and leave him to it". So off they went towards the bar leaving dick-head to it. He was so drunk that it took him a minute or so to realise they had even gone. Eventually, seeing no other cute birds around, he turned and started to 'walk' back towards his mates. They had all witnessed his antics with even more amusement than Mandy, Karen and Lisa had. "Robbo hasn't scored, Robbo hasn't scored!". They were jeering at dick-head (Robbo) and making obscene arm gestures to highlight his predicament. Robbo wasn't too bothered, there were plenty of other birds out there. Anyway, he wasn't feeling too good now. Things were going decidedly hazy; and he just wanted to sit down and have another beer. He was too drunk to realise that his present condition and the 7 pints of beer he'd already had, were not entirely unrelated. He managed to find a low bar stool, and plonked himself down. He definitely didn't feel 100 per cent, and figured the curry he'd had earlier must have been dodgy. Meanwhile his mates had noticed a couple of stunning birds on the other side of the dancefloor; Robbo hadn't even seen them go across there.

Karen and Lisa were at the bar by now; they'd been served just in time because it was now closed (it was 2am on the nose). Mandy had gone straight to the Ladies' and was back within a minute. "Cor, that was quick Mand", said Karen. "The bar's closed now, but we managed to get you another Martini and lemonade". Mandy was looking preoccupied, bringing her solid thighs together and doing a very unusual sort of dance. Not quite in rhythm with the music, though. "Damn, I'm bursting for a pee and there's a queue a mile long. If I don't go soon, I'll end up wetting myself". "Tell you what", said Lisa, "Let's drink up and get out of here. There's a bit of waste ground at the back of the club; we can have a pee there 'cos I need one too. And then, can we please get a taxi home?". Lisa had not really enjoyed the evening. Not surprising, because as Mandy became more inebriated, she'd started coming onto to Karen in a very obvious and (to Lisa) embarrassing way. They all nodded and Mandy picked up the drink and downed it in one. All that dancing HAD made her thirsty! She was getting quite tiddly herself now.

They gazed idly at the dancefloor wondering where Windmill Man had gone to. Lisa spotted him on the bar stool, on his own, and pointed at him, giggling. He looked very pissed, thought Mandy. But she was still bursting for a piss and the other two girls had hardly started their drinks. She looked back at dick-head. Then her generous, red lips parted into a broad, evil grin. A wonderful idea occurred to her. "Come on girls", said Mandy, "Drink up and get ready to go. I just have to take care of some unfinished business. Stay there, I won't be long".

She fixed dick-head in her gaze and strode purposefully over to him. This was going to be easy, she thought. "Hi. Do you know you've got gorgeous eyes, big boy? Mind if I sit on you knee?" Robbo looked up and try to focus his eyes on her. It looked like the bird from the dancefloor. Mandy didn't wait for a reply, she couldn't. She hitched up her skirt very high, straddled him, and sat on his lap, facing him. Robbo's brain was desperately trying to make sense of what was going on. He tried to speak, "Hi, I'm Rob-bb urrh..." but by now Mandy had pressed her bright red lips over his mouth and was kissing him! She was pressing hard and Robbo couldn't speak even if he wanted to. This was great! Not that there was any great passion from Mandy. She could smell beer, curry and halitosis; it was not pleasant for her, but better to be safe in case he did try to speak. Not that anyone would have heard; the final slow tune was playing now, very loud.

Robbo had scored at last! (or so he thought) and with a gorgeous bird too. She was right there on his lap, all soft and warm. Very warm in fact. Suddenly she stopped snogging him, and whispered in his ear "Don't you ever forget this!". Then she carefully lifted herself up, pulling her skirt back down into place, turned and left him. He couldn't believe his luck!

Mandy hurried across the floor to Karen and Lisa. "Come on, I've done now. Let's go". As they headed for the exit, they noticed that there was hardly any queue outside the Ladies'. "Come on, Mandy", said Lisa, "Let's join the queue now, we'll be in there in no time. And you must be bursting".

"No", snapped Mandy "I'm okay. Let's just get out of here, we'll go the waste ground for you if you like". Lisa was puzzled. Mandy grabbed her by the hand and virtually dragged them both out of the club.

Robbo was feeling great! If only he knew her name or her phone number. The warm feeling he had was beginning to turn a bit, well, cold. In fact, in his trousers to be exact. He looked down and tried to focus his eyes on his groin. It was absolutely soaking wet. Funny, he didn't remember peeing his pants. He'd only staggered off to the toilet 15 minutes earlier. And he was Robbo; it was well-known that he could hold his beer.

"Urrgghh, Robbo, what the hell have you done? Look lads, Robbo's peed himself". He looked up. His mates were standing around, pointing at his crotch and laughing hysterically, as were the two young blondes with them. "We're all going back to Macca's place, but you're not coming mate. Not in that state. You'd better see if they can clean you up a bit!"

With that they laughed and left him. "Robbo's peed himself, Robbo's peed himself!!" He was staring down at his trousers. He just couldn't remember. But he must have done; the evidence was pretty plain to see and smell. Steam was now beginning to rise from his crotch. By now a small crowd had formed and they were staring and giggling at him. He had to get out of there. He leaned forward and pushed up. His head was beginning to swim now; 2 seconds later he was out cold, lying on the floor in a pool of "his" piss.

On the back seat of a taxi half a mile away by now, Mandy, Karen and Lisa were well on their way home. She'd told them what she'd done to him and they were all laughing hysterically. "The jerk didn't even know what was going on, the sad bastard. He's probably in there now trying to figure it all out!" But he did deserve it. Mandy did not like ANYONE touching her breasts; well apart from Karen and maybe the girl from the gym. They were all feeling incredibly turned on by Mandy's revelation, especially Karen. "Okay", she whispered to them, so the cab driver in the front wouldn't hear. "Last one to reach a climax makes the coffee, okay?" They all nodded in agreement. What a great idea, all three of them jerking off together in a cab!

But Mandy had a head start. She'd had her hand under her skirt for several minutes now, ever since they'd got in the cab. She was already half-way 'home'.                     - The End -

Copyright 1997 by John Martin. All Rights Reserved

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