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Office - Pee for Promotion & Drinking By John Martin

Kate Watkins was an impressive woman. She was exactly six feet tall, had long flowing black hair, and piercing green eyes. Not the most attractive of women, but certainly striking: people noticed when she walked into a room. She was also ruthlessly ambitious. She'd been head of the Claims Section of Crest Insurance for nearly two years now and was ready to move on. Which is why several weeks ago she'd applied for the Area Supervisor's job. It had never been held by a woman before, which is probably why she didn't take the application seriously. No-one was more surprised than her to get the official confirmation. "Dear Ms Watkins, It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you that....". She had read it over and over again, just to be sure. There was no doubt! No-one was happier than Kate to be moving on. With one possible exception.

Louis Oliver never really got on with her. He should have taken an INSTANT dislike to her, to save time. Not that he wasn't impressed by her. In her late twenties, she obviously knew her stuff and was keen to progress. Lou had been working at the same desk now for 8 years now. He was good at his job too, but somehow he was not the kind of man to get noticed. Rakishly thin, 34 years old, and only 5 feet 5 inches tall, he didn't really like to stand up to his boss, Kate. It looked faintly ridiculous anyway, towering over him as she did.

He was glad she was going. She had over three weeks of vacation to take, which meant this was her last day! But he was also aware that he had to try to be pleasant to her just a little while longer. And then the Head of Claims job was his! After all, there was no other sensible contender, surely? Well, apart from Becky Glass from Underwriting, perhaps, but she'd only been there two years. Okay she was good too, for her age, and also quite easy-going; the sort of person he could work with. But she wasn't ready for promotion yet, and anyway, she was only a woman. No, the job had to be his.

"Lou? Can you step into my office for a moment? Before I leave, we need to sort a few things out". "Okay, Kate, I'm on my way." This was it, he thought. He straightened his tie, brushed what little hair he had left into place and strode confidently towards her door; HIS door soon!

"Close the door, Lou, and take a seat. Now, we've not exactly seen eye to eye in the time I've been here. In fact, to be honest, there were times I wished you were dead! But you're a good worker and so you deserve to know where you stand." Lou nodded, his heart racing now with anticipation. "As you know", she went on, "the Board would like me to recommend my successor and as far as I can see, there are only two obvious choices." She played with the the teaspoon on the saucer in front of her, glancing idly at the cup which still had her bright red lipstick on it. Lou shifted nervously in his seat; she certainly knew how to drag things out! "So I have decided to recommend that you have the job." For the first time in his life, Lou felt like kissing her. His heart was pounding now.

"But there is one condition", she went on. "One thing you must do for me to be sure of getting the job? Do you understand?". He nodded enthusiastically. "No problem, I'll have the Carter account sorted out by the end of today", he said. As she suspected, he didn't have a clue. But how could he guess what was in her mind?

"It is very simple, but you must do everything I ask without question - or you can kiss goodbye to the job. Is that clear?" He nodded again, but was growing impatient now. And slightly puzzled. Kate stood up, walked across to the door, and slid the bolt across. She returned to her desk and flicked a switch on the phone to turn the ringer off. Then she picked up the teacup.

"Right, well listen very carefully. In a moment I am going to urinate into this cup and I want you to drink every drop. Do that and the job is yours".

Lou blinked. He had thought she had said... Obviously not, no, she couldn't have done. "Did you hear me, Lou?" Kate glared down at him, straight into his eyes. "I said, that if you really want the job you must drink my pee. Do you understand me?

Lou knew what she had said, but still couldn't take it in. The cold calculating bitch had set him up! She knew he had to have the job; his wife was expecting their second child soon and he couldn't afford to stay where he was. He stared at the cup and then looked up to Kate, her face now shining with power and control. And perhaps a hint of desperation; those four cups of tea were beginning to press for an exit!

He nodded. He had no choice. But surely she wouldn't go through with it? It was some sort of Management obedience test. Probably picked it up on one of those courses. She laughed and smiled at him. He tried to laugh as well, but could only raise a slight grin. "Good", she said, pulling something out of the drawer. "This is a blindfold; I want you to put it on."

Oh my god, he thought, she IS going through with this after all. She tossed it into his lap, "And hurry up!". Quickly he picked it up and put it on. Suddenly, Kate brought her fist rapidly towards his face, stopping within millimetres of his nose. He didn't move. It was remarkably effective. "Good, now take off your tie." He obeyed; what did he have to lose apart from a job? Meanwhile he could hear shuffling sex sounds from in front of him. Within seconds Kate had her tights and panties off. She looked at him, helpless and pressed against the top of her pubic bone to try to hold things in a while longer. She looked at the blindfold and decided not to take any chances. She intended to humiliate the bastard, but wanted to make sure he didn't see any of it. "Now hold still". She used her tights to secure the blindfold in place. That was better.

She grabbed his tie and tossed it to the floor. "Now, hold this cup out in front of you. A little higher. That's it. NOW DON'T MOVE!". He heard her move towards him, with a faint rustling sound as she hoisted up her skirt. He was unable to see the way her jet-black pubic hair parted, revealing two thick outer lips, now swollen with excitement (and desperation!). She carefully positioned herself and biting her lip with concentration she started to pee. It wasn't as easy as she thought it'd be. A couple of drops dribbled down the side of the cup and onto his trousers. Damn! She grabbed the cup and pressed it further underneath, just in time. Within seconds the cup was nearly full and she couldn't stop! With one last desperate effort, the stream stopped; the cup was almost overflowing. Carefully, gradually, she took the cup from between her thighs and slowly brought it closer to Lou's face.

"Now, hold very still, and get ready to drink your way into a job." She knew exactly what to say to get the greedy bastard's obedience. She brought it up to his lips. The smell hit him in the face. "STAY STILL!", she ordered as she pressed the rim against his lips, tipping slightly. "Now drink my pee!". Of course, he had no choice. Mouthful by mouthful, he obediently emptied the cup. It was warm, smelly and a little salty. And surprisingly tasteless; like trying to taste your own tongue. It was only afterwards, when he noticed a smell on his breath, and a strange, lingering aftertaste. But at least it was over now. Or so he thought.

Kate had barely started, and grabbed the empty cup from him as soon as he'd finished. She was still bursting; this was going to take some time! She looked at the cup, and decisively put it on the desk. A better idea occurred to her. "Stand up!". "Good, now step forward - stop - and kneel down." He had no choice. Kate picked up the tie and ordered him to put his hands behind his back. Immediately she wrapped them round his thin wrists and tied the knot which would constrain him. He let out a whimper; it was too tight. But she didn't care, this was no game and she had other 'pressures' to contend with.

"Now, tip your head back and open your mouth WIDE". She was still desperate, and no sooner had he complied than she was pressing her generous vulva onto his face, adjusting herself into position. A loud torrent hit him squarely in the back of the throat as he moaned with shock, pain, humiliation. And he couldn't see a thing! Kate glanced down at his face, almost engulfed by her thick black bush. Her pubic triangle was unusually large, almost swallowing up his face. He didn't suit his temporary black beard. The torrent stopped and she barked her next command. "Swallow it!" With some difficulty - his mouth was full - he swallowed the vile stinking piss. In a way, it was a relief to get it out of his mouth. But there was plenty more where that came from.

"Open wide!". Another noisy spurt quickly filled his open mouth. "And that's for cocking up the Roper job three months back, you idiot. SWALLOW!" He had no choice. "Open". Another torrent of abuse. "And that's for being a man, now swallow my piss AGAIN!". Kate was beginning to get carried away with the situation. She was enjoying the feeling of power, domination. All her frustrations were being wreaked on Lou, who was feeling utterly lost, helpless, humiliated. Fortunately the blindfold hid a small tear which escaped from the corner of his eye.

Before long she had completely emptied her bladder into his mouth; draught was much better than the teacup! Only one more mouthful and she'd be done with him. "And now, you really are my loo, Lou!". She laughed and tossed her head back. "And remember there's nothing you can do about this. Anyway, no-one would believe you, even if you wanted it to become general knowledge, which I doubt. Letting a woman pee into your mouth. 'Really, Lou, that's just unbelievable'", she said mockingly.

She reached down into his trouser pocket and took out his handkerchief. She then thoroughly dried herself with it and carelessly dropped it into his lap. Lou was thoroughly dejected. She picked up the phone and made a call. "Yes...he's ready for you..,yes, straight away. And don't forget the special knock." She hung up.

She opened the desk drawer and removed a packet of new tights. She picked up her panties off the floor and started to make herself respectable. Lou was wondering what was happening. "C-C-can I go now?", he asked, in an effort to break the silence. "I didn't say I'd finished with you yet. You do WANT the job don't you?" Slowly, with resignation, Lou nodded.

In a moment a strange noise was heard from the door. "Tap.....tap-tap-tap.....tap-tap". Kate, now fully dressed, walked across and opened the door. Lou heard someone come in, and the door was closed and bolted. A young woman in her mid-twenties was standing next to Kate; she stood up on her tip-toes and kissed Kate tenderly on the cheek. They smiled at each other, but the young woman did not speak. Then Lou heard two sets of footsteps cross the room. Kate said, "He's all yours now, but he's quite full. I did need to pee really badly. I started using the cup but found his mouth better." The young woman nodded; she'd pee into his mouth too.

"Lou", said Kate, "I've decided you're not quite ready for the job yet. But if you do the same for this lady - we'll call her Miss X - the job is yours. Is that clear?" Lou was beginning to realise just how clever Kate was. He bowed his head in shame. "Well?" snapped Kate. He nodded slowly. "Good". By now, "Miss X" had her tights and panties off and was staring at her victim intently. She had never done this before and was feeling really moist just at the thought of it. But she knew she had to be completely silent. She glanced over at Kate.

"Lou, head back! And mouth open. Wider! That's better. Now, hold still while we remind you who's in charge round here." Kate beckoned to the young woman to step forward. Together they manoevred Miss X into position. A smaller, almost shaved vulva pressed into his nose and covered his mouth. "Down a bit", said Kate; Miss X obliged. "Try that".

Her labia opened just in time for a brief spurt of pee to hit Lou in the back of the throat. She was bang on target. She looked across at Kate, querously. "Oh for God's sake, fill him up or we'll be here all day!". The young woman nodded and gave a longer pee. His mouth was full within three seconds. This time it was REALLY salty and horrible. There was no way he could swallow this. "Well?" Kate shouted to him, "What are you waiting for? swallow!". Lou knew he couldn't, and incredibly, shook his head.

Kate wandered round behind him and looked at his hands, still firmly tied behind him, fingers resting on the floor. She placed her shoe over his fingers and gradually rocked forward. Lou gave out a gurgle of agony. "I said swallow, my little piss-bucket". This time he dutifully obeyed and Kate released the pressure from his fingers. "Now let's have no more nonsense, and let's see what a fast little toilet you can be", said Kate. She nodded over to Miss X, and the shaft of salty, disgusting liquid hit him in the throat again. He swallowed the vile stuff. She peed again. He swallowed. Within a minute she had completely relieved herself (she wasn't bursting, fortunately for him). She glanced around for a tissue; she was wet for two reasons! "Oh, just use his hair, it's only a man!". The young woman pulled his head forward and wiped herself several times on Lou's head. This was the final humiliation for him, he just wanted to vaporise into thin air.

The young woman quickly replaced her tights and panties, straightened her skirt and left the room, again without saying a word. Kate noticed the light flashing on her phone. She switched the ringer on and answered it. "Kate Watkins. Lou?....Yes, he's here....okay I'll send him out soon, I've just about done with him." She replaced the receiver and looked at him with just a hint of pity. "Yes, no-one would believe this would they, my little loo?", she whispered gently as she removed her tights and the blindfold from his head and put them into her bag. Then she untied the knot binding his wrists. They were white and marked. "I think you'd better go the Gents, I suspect you'll need the loo, Lou!". What a cruel woman; but she was right.

Lou went to the door, opened it slightly, and seeing no-one in the corridor he dashed across to the toilet. He went in and forced himself to vomit.

Meanwhile, back in the office, Kate was on the phone to the Chairman of the Board. "Yes, I've just had a most, er, productive meeting with the candidates and I'm now in no doubt who should get the job."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Three weeks later, some sense of normality had returned to the office. Lou had decided to keep it all very secret (he still wasn't QUITE sure whether it had all been a bad dream). Kate Watkins had now left, and good riddance to her. But he still felt angry and was wondering how he could get back at her. Just then his daydreaming was interrupted sharply by the phone. "Lou Oliver?....oh right away...tea....no sugar....fine." He slammed the phone down at his desk, the same desk he'd been at for over 8 years now, and went to make the tea.

Tapping at the door with the tray, the voice from within told him to enter. "Tea, no sugar, Miss Glass".

"Thanks Lou", she said, motioning for him to put the tray down, "but please, call me Becky". He crossed the room and leaned forward to put the tray down. He caught a whiff of her perfume; it was strangely familiar. Where had he come across it before?

Becky spoke. "Listen, I know you think you should have had the job, and to be honest, I think you're right. After all, I'm only 25. But who knows how the Board is going to vote? I'm sure we'll not let this get in the way of our professional relationship." Lou thought about that bitch Kate Watkins; all that humiliation for nothing, the lying toe-tag. And he still didn't know who Miss X was. But perhaps there was no point dwelling upon it; he knew there was nothing he could do.

"Mmm", said Becky, "You make good tea." Lou forced a smile at his new boss, turned and left the room, closing the door. Becky watched him leave with interest; how could he not show any bitterness? She absent-mindedly fingered her crotch, sipping her tea, the first of many cups of tea he would make for her. And it was only fair that he started off properly, by making her tea, like a dutiful employee should.

After all, she had already produced a warm drink for him. About three weeks earlier in fact. - The End - Copyright 1997 by John Martin. All Rights Reserved

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