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A Free Piss Drinking Story from John Martin.

The Freezing Cold Bathroom.
By John Martin

Madeleine lived with two other women in a top floor flat. It was a good place to live, but it had one major drawback. The bathroom was down a flight of stairs, outside the door of the flat itself. In the winter it became very, very cold. She'd lost count of the number of times they'd had problems with frozen pipes in January or February. This year, it looked like another cold winter was on its way. She was really getting sick and tired of waking up at two or three in the morning, desperate for a pee, knowing she'd have to go down there into the freezing cold. Once she'd even peed into an old pan right there in the bedroom, to save the cold journey downstairs. Seemed like a good idea at the time - but oh, the smell!
What she needed was something better; something she could pee into without even getting out of bed, but without the hassle of the smell afterwards... As she lay in bed, contemplating the problem, she looked at her lover, John, fast asleep by now. "It's alright for men", she thought, "they don't have to freeze their butt off on a cold toilet seat". Just then, an intriguing idea came into Madeleine's head. A smile flashed across her pretty, delicate features as she thought more about it. She looked at John's mouth, slightly open, as he lay there asleep, dead to the world. "Hmm", she thought, "he'd have to be trained - gradually at first. Nothing too shocking to start with. But why not? Quite a challenge!". As she lay there, thinking how best to start the idea, she gently fingered the outer lips of her pussy as she slowly drifted off to sleep....

A couple of nights later, John and Madeleine came back from the bar, giggling and laughing as they climbed the stairs up to Madeleine's flat. They'd both had too much to drink! Now was the time to strike, she thought. "I need to go to the bathroom", she said. "Okay", said John, "Give me the keys and I'll open the flat up..". But Madeleine had a different idea. "No, John, I want you to come with me" she said, as she gently took him by the hand, led him into the bathroom, and locked the door behind them. She was quite desperate now, and had her skirt and panties off in no time. John wasn't sure what was going on; he stared at her crotch in a mixture of awe and bewilderment. "Hurry up, John, come here", she said, armed stretched out towards him. He stepped closer; close enough for Madeleine to grab him by the wrist. She quickly sat down, just in time, because the torrent had already started! "Well", she thought "this is it". She opened her legs slightly and pushed John's hand clumsily downwards. She pressed her thighs together to stop him taking his hand away. She hadn't stopped peeing and his hand got a severe drenching. She gazed at him with curiosity. He still hadn't said a word, as he stared down at his now dripping hand wondering if that really had happened. She leant over and kissed him gently on the lips. "What was that like?" she asked. "Er, well....warm....". She took his hand out from between her legs and pushed it in his face. He backed away. "And a bit smelly", he said. "But you liked it, didn't you?", she said, watching the growing bulge in his trousers. John nodded quickly. "Good", she said, "there's plenty more where that came from".

His education had begun. Within a fortnight, it was almost over! After wetting his hand, the next stage was to get his whole arm down there, so that his hand was in the water of the toilet. No problem. Then she dried herself, not with toilet tissue, but with John's other hand. Again, he passed with flying colours. He was beginning to get used to the idea of being peed on! The next test might be more difficult, but what the heck? She'd come this far, why not try it? This time both of John's arms had to go down there while she relieved herself on them. "Now I can't dry myself on your hand, can I?", she said, not wanting an answer. "So I want you to hold still while I find something else to wipe myself on". She knew exactly what to use; she didn't have to look far. Standing up she gently took hold of John's head and tipped it back slightly. "Now don't move!", she said as she pushed her wet pussy into his face and wiped herself dry on him. "Good boy", she said, bending over to kiss him on the top of his head. Well she wasn't going to kiss him on his lips; she knew exactly where they'd been! "Come on, wash your hands. Don't you know you must always wash your hands after I've been to the toilet?". They both smiled at each other.

Only two more hurdles and then he'd be ready for the ultimate test.

"I've got the hot water on, would you like to have a bath?", Madeleine asked, knowing she'd insist on it if he said no. Luckily, John readily agreed. It wasn't long before the hot "water" was ready, in both senses, thanks to three cups of coffee. She followed him down to the bathroom, much to his puzzlement. "I need to have a pee", she explained. "Oh, and I suppose you'll want me to 'give you a hand', as usual", he said, smiling. "Not quite, hurry up and get undressed!" she said, hopping slightly as the pressure began to build. "Now, John, into the bath!" "B-b-but it's freezing!", he protested. "Never mind that, I'll soon warm you up" she said. By now she could hold on no longer. He was now obediently lying down, face up, in the bath, shivering slightly. She was naked from the waist down and was now standing over him, legs open wide. "I think you need a good shower before you can have your bath", she said, unable to hold on any longer. At first a gentle trickle escaped and dropped onto his belly. He gasped with a mixture of surprise and pleasure. It was a lot hotter than he expected, almost burning. He looked down at his cock, now stiffening for some reason, and at his belly which was about to get drenched again. But nothing happened. He looked up at Madeleine just in time to see a shaft of pee hit him squarely in the face. He closed his eyes, which were stinging now. But she didn't - she couldn't - stop. Her torrent of abuse carried on at full strength into his face, then moved down over his chest, belly, legs and then back to his face. It seemed to go on for ages; he was now thoroughly soaked with the golden, evil-smelling stuff. He still had his eyes closed, everything now quiet.

"Have you finished then?", he said. Madeleine said nothing. He opened his eyes to see her wet pussy only centimetres from his face. A solid stream hit him in the eyes a second time. "Nearly, but not quite" she said, enjoying every minute of it. She had never pissed on a man before, and she was getting quite turned on by it now. She grabbed his towel and stepped out of the bath, drying her feet and some parts of her legs which had been splashed. But all in all, she'd stayed remarkably dry. She put her panties and skirt back on. "Oh, John, you smell disgusting, like a ladies' toilet. I think you'd better have a bath." With that, she left the bathroom, went upstairs and lay on the bed. She then masturbated herself to one of the most powerful orgasms she'd ever had. This time she wasn't even thinking of Tom Cruise; but the expression on poor John's wet face as he desperately tried to avoid her stinking jet of pee. But when a lady needs the john....

"Tea or coffee, John?" Madeleine asked, a couple of nights later. Her flat-mates were away for the weekend, so she had the place to herself. "Oh, anything, I'm not really bothered - you choose", he called to her from the bedroom. Good, she thought, that's exactly what she was going to do. She gently pushed the kitchen door closed so he couldn't really hear what was going on. Pulling her panties and tights down just enough, she lifted her skirt and pushed his mug between her ample thighs. She wasn't desperate, so she was fairly confident she'd be able to stop after a while. Even so she was surprised so have filled it over two-thirds full; she thought it had only been a couple of squirts. Even John would notice that much. She tipped most of it out, leaving about a sixth. After all, it was fairly strong. She then topped it up with tea and milk, and then added sugar taking care to use a different teaspoon to stir her own drink. In the bedroom, she offered him the mug, as nonchalantly as possible. "There's your tea", she said, trying not to over-emphasise any particular word. "Oh, thanks...", he said, putting it down on the table. A few minutes later - it seemed like hours to Madeleine - he absent-mindedly picked up the mug, took a sip, and then put it back on the table. Madeleine was staring at him intently. He felt her eyes on him and looked up. She quickly looked down at the magazine on her lap and pretended to read. Another sip, this time a slightly querulous expression on his face, and then down went the mug. "Tea alright, is it?", she asked, as casually as she could. "Yeah, fine thanks, though...". He looked as if he was searching for the right word. By now she could hardly contain herself; it was turning her on so much, she was getting quite moist down there. "...though it could do with a bit more sugar." Damn, she thought. Right, next time I'm going to be more 'generous'.

The following night, it was almost a repeat performance. But this time she only tipped a little out - leaving over half the amber nectar in his mug. Mind you, it didn't look as strong tonight, so he deserves to have more. "Which is mine?", he said picking up the wrong mug. "Oh, not that one", said Madeleine, "...this one's got the sugar in it" she said, handing him the 'special' cup of tea. "Thanks" he said, taking a few big gulps. "Jeeze, I needed that, I'm really thirsty", he said, putting the mug down. "Although, it's not very hot". 'Men', thought Madeleine, 'they're always complaining about something. You go to the trouble of making them a nice drink, with added extras, and all they do is complain.' She smiled to herself! A few minutes later, he downed the lot and asked if there was any more left. "Oh yes, plenty more", she said, by now getting quite desperate for a pee. "Was it okay, then?" she asked? "Uh-huh?....oh, the tea? Yeah, it wasn't bad, this time I could taste the piss in it". HE HAD KNOWN ALL ALONG! They smiled at one another. She moved towards him, lifting her skirt and trying to pull her panties down. "More tea, vicar?", she said as she took his empty mug. He nodded vigorously and watched the spectacle as she quickly filled it up with her hot, golden wine. "Do you want any milk in that?", she asked. "Not, it's okay, I'll have it as it is. Anyway I don't think you've left any room for the milk". He looked her straight in the eyes and took a huge mouthful, wincing slightly. "Have you got any sugar, though?....."

My student has graduated with flying colours, she thought. He is finally ready for the ultimate test.

A couple of nights later it was exceptionally cold. Outside it was about five degrees below freezing and the old gas fire was having problems keeping the room tolerably warm. Madeleine and John were huddled around it, trying to keep each other warm. John poured the last of the Riesling into Madeleine's glass. "There you are, you may as well have that. I'll drink it later." They looked at each other with immediate understanding. At last he's ready, she thought, but next time he is not going to have it in a mug. He'll drink it "draught"; straight from the, er, "horses mouth".

Madeleine didn't know how long she'd been lying there awake, but she knew she'd have to do something. Either get up, hoping not to wake John, and go down to the arctic wastes of the bathroom. Or.... She looked at his mouth. 'Can I really expect him to do it? Is it fair? Is he ready for it yet?' She thought of someone pissing into her mouth. Yeuch. No, I can't. She decided to go down to the bathroom like a proper lady should.

Slowly and carefully she edged out of bed, putting her foot down onto the carpet searching for her slippers. The moonlight was providing enough light for her to see - well, almost enough! "Ow!!!" she cried out, having found the safety pin she'd lost a couple of days earlier. "Uh, huh...is that you, Madeleine? Are you okay". Damn, she thought. "Yeah, I just trod on the safety pin I lost. Don't worry, I'm okay". She was really getting quite desperate now, probably due to the cold. She swung her legs back into the bed, and snuggled up to John. She stared again at his mouth. Okay, she thought, this is it. "John, you know when you drank that mug or 'tea' the other night? The one I prepared personally for you?". John smiled at the thought. "Well, how would you like to find out what it tastes like draught?" John stared back at her, eyes wide open, wondering if he had heard her correctly. "Er, yeah, okay Madeleine, whenever you like, I'm game for it....". How about now, she thought.

She had to be quick, or she'd end up wetting the bed. She put the bedside light on and told John to lie on his back in the middle of the bed. "I hope you're thirsty, I'm not sure I'll be able to stop!". "Wh- wh-what...NOW??", he said, still slightly sleepy. She tilted his head back and pressed her vulva against his face, moving it down trying to find the right position. "Ready?", she asked. "Uuurgghh", he said, unable to speak properly because his mouth was full (how rude). "Okay, here we go" she said, as she started to pee, slowly at first. His mouth filled up quickly. "UURRGGHHH!!!!", he said squeezing her buttocks to ask her to stop. She did. "Okay swallow - and hurry!". He swallowed - not easy lying on his back. "Open wide", she commanded, this time not being able to stop a violent spurt erupting in his mouth and hitting the back of his throat. "UUrrghhh". "Well swallow it then!". He swallowed. "Open wide". Another squirt, which stopped. "Swallow"..."Open wide".

And so it continued. By now they were almost into a rhythmn, and it wasn't long before she had completed emptied her bladder into his mouth. She felt a lot better now. But better still, his training was now complete. She patted him on his belly, the site of her new-found toilet. It was warm, unlike the iciness of the toilet seat downstairs. She didn't even have to flush; but best of all, no smell. She lifted her pussy above his face, then drew it downwards over his face, slowly and deliberately wiping herself dry on his nose and mouth. By now she was getting cold, so she unstraddled him, and lay back down in the bed. Only a couple of minutes earlier, John had been fast asleep. He still wasn't sure whether he had dreamt it all, but the smell on his breath and the feeling of a full stomach persuaded him that he probably hadn't! "It's so much better to use the local john, don't you think?, she said, turning the light off. "Oh and John; don't wake me up when you go down to the bathroom soon, will you?"

Shivering slightly, she turned over ready for sleep. She thought how utterly convenient her new local john was, always on hand to service her. And he was much warmer than the cold bathroom downstairs - and after all, it was only November......
                                                                             * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a long Winter and Madeleine was pleased that she never needed to get out of bed in the freezing cold, however much she'd had to drink the previous night. But she was getting bored with John. In late March the weather suddenly turned much warmer, and one morning, about 3:30 am she woke up. There was no need to delay any further: she had to get it over with, the sooner the better. The relationship was going nowhere and so she had decided to dump him.

Decisively she put the bedside lamp on and woke John. "Wh-what time is it? Are you okay?", he said sleepily. "Listen John, there's something I need to say, something I need to do. And the sooner I get it over with, the better for us both". John looked at the alarm clock, and nodded. He understood completely - or did he? He moved towards the centre of the bed, and lay on his back, mouth open. Madeleine gazed at his open, expectant mouth and realised that he didn't have a clue what she meant. She was just about to say 'no' when she suddenly felt a familiar pressure building. Seeing his mouth agape had reminded her that she DID need to use the bathroom quite badly.

Oh, what the hell. She decided to avail herself of the facilities on offer. She took up the now familiar squatting position over his mouth, adjusted her position and then pressed down firmly. Within seconds his mouth was filling up noisily with her pee. She'd tell him tomorrow. She stopped briefly to allow him just enough time to swallow and then continued pissing into his mouth.

"Tomorrow, yes that's it", she thought. After all, she didn't want to be cruel.         - The End -

Copyright 1997 by John Martin. All Rights Reserved

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