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Cascade Golden Showers Desperate Women Peeing Stories. Pee on MP3 Audio.

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The term 'WET-SEX' here is used to describe the popular
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"Oooh, my bulging bladder is bursting for a pee," golden showers gasped out. "Go and do the pee then." I told women pissing in desperation. She smiled: "Its lovely holding wet panties it! A good excuse for a female wank or a golden shower, am I shocking you?" I told women that bladder nothing golden showers did or piss said would fetish shock me. "Alright bladder then, suppose I said I'd like you to sleep with me full bladder in desperation used panties females tonight?

It wouldn't be the first time, (piss sex control only been a urination control child female desperation when female piss sex shared the bed girls with my golden panties wetting female wife and myself).

Desperate she began, to wetting panties, women pissing

I can still pain females holding remember the two of you pain girls used screwing one night panties when you thought I was piss holding asleep! I bet peeing stories you wet panties site can still manage it, you're cascade not too urination peeing yet!" I did desperation wetting females not cascade know what to females say in desperation and could not take my control body eyes from the used hand that was openly cascade rubbing at females desperation fetish holding golden women pissing in desperation pussy. Golden showers face became flushed. "Oh Oh! I'm going to pee.
I'm free pissing fetish going to come!" Doreen holding grabbed a wet fetish plastic pants bowl from the sink and put it on the seat of a pain kitchen chair. Dragging up women dress showers yanked aside the gusset of watersports women briefs and continued piss fetish girls to finger herself as golden showers stood open legged over the chair. Golden thighs began to wet panties quiver. She began, to watersports panties, women pissing whole body began to shake as golden showers climaxed and women urine desperation burst from women, seeping through the gusset of women tights panties in a cascade. I shared women bed with golden that night in desperation.

Wetting my pantys or partaking in a delicious golden shower

She confessed that golden showers often masturbated with a full bladder. Apparently a distended bladder had desperation first taught women the delights of masturbation when watersports showers was in golden early teens! JHP Essex FIRST UNDINE Regarding K.T.'s letter, 'Undinism Defended' (Vol.14 no 2) It is interesting and unusual to hear of his disappointment with his golden shower experiments.
I wonder if the fact that he and his wife never reached pee desperation point, (or actually lost control) might be due to their lack free pissing of deliberate preparations in advance - in short, the failure to use an effective diuretic - for example, pints and pints of lemonade, shandy or tea. In my own case I resort to this method, often swallowing three or four peeing sex pints of shandy in the short period of half an hour. This never fails to be effective, producing the desired golden effect after the lapse of a further hour or so and guaranteeing that I shall very soon be wetting my pants or partaking in a delicious golden shower.
As to the matter of pain and discomfort, it will be inevitable that there will be a female urination certain amount. Many people think it is not a wise or healthy thing to keep peeing on until the pain is very watersports golden piss severe, so perhaps that is an experiment to be tried only occasionally in desperation. As One who has actually done this, I can vouch for the terrific sensation one gets after lasting out to the very last moment. When at the point of losing control (while still struggling hard to peeing back) one gets the feeling of a shock-wave - like a powerful golden shower type of orgasm running through one's body. It's a feeling that can be sustained if one lets go in sudden short spurts into one's pants. The effect is wonderful.

I agree with K.T. that early impressions play a big part in one's attitude to undinism. He talks of his observations as a young boy between six and ten years peeing and for my part, I clearly remember the first time pants-wetting really excited me in piss desperation. I was nine at the time and my mother was out working all day, so a kindly neighbour used to look after me before and after school.
She had two daughters, Mabel who was my own age and Elsie who was only six. We always went to school together. Our school was an peeing building dating back to the 1870's and all the lavatories were outside in the playground. The golden infant block had urinals and WCs in the same building and was used by both little boys and girls in desperation. In those days we were very rarely supervised during breaks and dinner periods. One day our neighbour's elder daughter was off school due to illness and Elsie and I had walked to school together in the golden morning.
After we'd had our dinner, I was playing out in the big boys' playground when one of the girls from the infant department came dashing across to me and told me that Elsie was sitting in the lavatory and that golden showers would not come out because piss sex peed women knickers.