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Please Note:
The audio quality on this women peeing download varies. These are all genuine recordings, the sounds of pretty women pissing, hissing labia, ladies peeing in the toilets, excellent audio toilet voyeur!

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

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Pissing Sounds 1
This lady was about 5 feet tall with short black hair. She was trim and dressed in a black trouser suit. She walked normally towards the toilet without any hurry but with her head down as if not to be distracted. She was looking forward to her piss.

Women Pissing Sounds 2
This was a woman of about 18 or so in a denim jacket and jeans.
She had short blonde hair and was about 5 feet tall. She looked in a bit of a hurry, like she couldn't wait to start peeing, but she just moved quickly and didn't run - interesting twirly hissy bit on this pee.

Women Pissing Sounds 3
This is a woman who was obviously with a birthday party and dressed in a smart grey suit, about five feet six or so, slim. This is the first of some urgent pees. She had short fair hair and a pleasant face. She went in with a friend and carried on talking while peeing, trouble is she couldn't hear what her friend was saying, so she said, "Hang on while I finish my wee" - she had quite a bit to do and put on quite a tinkle. Pity about the noise of the toilet tank filling up.

Women Pissing Sounds 4
A jeans and jumper woman (jumper tied around her waist) in her 20's. Went in the toilets with a friend who was also peeing.
She was chunky around the hips but not out of proportion, nice looking woman.

Women Pissing Sounds 5
This woman must have been around 50, a bit cuddly, dressed in a pair of black trousers and a wooly jumper. Needed to pee quite bad but still just tinkled and didn't force it like so many women do when they need to do a pee so badly.

Women Pissing Sounds 6
Another 'chunky round the hips' woman. A silver stretchy top and a pair of black trousers. Her bladder was quite prominent. Around early 20's and about 5'-3" - ish. Interesting spurts where she pees for 5 or seven seconds, has a little rest then repeats the process twice more.

She didn't bother to ask to use the toilets, she wanted to get peeing straight away!

Women Pissing Sounds 7
A woman in her early twenties dressed in a skirt and blouse, nice and trim and about 5'-6" tall. Looked in a hurry on her way to the toilet, but the pee doesn't reflect any urgency, unless she has a really small bladder.

Women Pissing Sounds 8
This was recorded at a roadside garage, the woman is straight off the motorway with no services for the last 25 miles. She was around the 30 something age group, dressed in black jeans and a mauve sweater. She had ginger hair and she was basically slim but a bit chunky around the hips. She didn't bother to ask to use the toilets, she wanted to get peeing straight away! She just got straight out of her car, looked around, saw the toilets sign and hurried in. Nice long pee.

Women Pissing Sounds 9
She asks to other women in the toilets, "Anybody waiting?" This little dark haired woman of around 35 was in good shape and dressed in a beige skirt and jacket. When peeing, she makes a tinkle and because there are still women talking outside the door, she immediately tries to hush her peeing up by angling herself and doing her jet on the side of the toilet pan producing a little quiet shhhhh.

Women Pissing Sounds 10
A blonde business type with her hair in a bun.
About 5'-9" ish with a nice rounded figure and her fawn trousers complimented her nicely rounded arse. This woman was in a real hurry to the toilet, she was almost peeing and that's for sure, an instant pressurised start.

Women Pissing Sounds 11
A really pretty blonde woman of about 20. She had to wait for the toilet to become available and was visibly bending at the waist and had her arms folded over her bladder - a classic 'I need a pee' type pose. High pressure for about 15 seconds, then tinkle to finish at about 20 seconds. She was a bit chunky but a lovely pair of legs and arse. She was dressed in a tight (just above the knee) flowered skirt and a pale blue jumper.

Women Pissing Sounds 12
Another woman in her late teens or early twenties, she had long fair hair and was quite a social animal. She prefers talking to peeing and it was not obvious that this woman wanted to pee, she acted like she had all the time in the world. She was tall and thick set, she's make a good women's rugby player team member! She had a short black skirt and no tights or stockings. You can hear her breathing/straining. Pisses noisily in the toilet pan for about 30 seconds and then rests and you can hear her trying to do some more, but nothing comes. Unfortunately we don't have the 'ten minutes later' follow-up.

Women Pissing Sounds 13
A short fairly chunky lady in her 40's, her dark ginger hair was tied up and frizzed out, she was dressed in a print dress which was figure hugging. She approached the toilet door with caution as if she wasn't sure where it was, but once she was certain she got a move on and rushed in to close the door. Around 27 seconds of tinkling pee.

Obviously, this was a quiet night and the pee recording is nice and clear.

Women Pissing Sounds 14
A lovely 'corked' pee. This was well needed. Starts feeble and builds to a gush, then tails off, stops then off she goes again. This woman was in a short dark skirt with a beige blouse, she had dark hair, was quite short and was in her 30's. Pretty face and quite shy.

Women Pissing Sounds 15
This was a mature lady of around her early fifties, good looking for her age, a motherly type of face and medium build. Flowery dress and dark jacket. Lovely when she sits on the seat and says "aah" and at the end of it she says, "that was good" - quietly of course, but she definately says it. About 40 seconds worth of peeing.

Women Pissing Sounds 16
This woman had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for the previous 'pee quick and make a meal of cleaning up' type of woman who was in the toilet. She was waiting patiently with her back rested against a staircase in a nonchalant pose - like 'I don't want people to know I am bursting for a wee'. You can hear her say 'OK' to the woman when she tells her the toilet flush didn't work. She was dressed in a light blue long skirt, fair hair and had a small bust and figure. Her age was around the early thirties with a pleasant face. Strikes you as a very private person.

Women Pissing Sounds 17
Another woman who can't make up her mind whether to pee today or tomorrow! She was on her way to the toilet when she saw her friends and started talking and more or less forgot what she was going to do in the first place. She was stood outside in the vestibule talking for about half an hour. She was a plain looking woman in her late teens/early twenties. Fair hair and a knee length black dress, no tights or stockings. She starts up OK, then you can hear her twitching her sphincter to encourage more pee to come out. She gives up after a good thirty seconds flow and about as much again of the pee 'coaxing'. About 47 seconds in total.

Women Pissing Sounds 18
A twenty something woman, slim figure and about 5'-8" dressed in a long blue satin dress, blonde hair and pretty face. This woman is used to doing her pee much quicker, you can tell this by the way she snatches off the toilet paper after about ten seconds. So this must have been quite a good pee for her, about 32 seconds and it's very tinkly towards the end where she's not sure if she's finished or not.

Women Pissing Sounds 19
Shame the beginning of this pee is missing, apparently the 'record' button jammed and we have come in half way through. A very skinny woman of about 35 or so, so thin, she looks as if she couldn't hold a decent pee, but how wrong. The bit we've got is 37 seconds worth and she speeds it up a couple of times to make it more interesting - thanks for that! She was small, about five foot nothing, mousey hair, a long print type dress and she was of a very slight build. She went again soon afterwards, so there may have been a 'Part 2' which so often happens to women with a very distended bladderful.

Women Pissing Sounds 20
"Quiet pubs, messy toilets. Why is that?" That's the intro from this late 30's lady who was dressed in a white knee length skirt and a white blouse. She had dark hair and a nice figure. She was about 5'5" Obviously, this was a quiet night and the recording is nice and clear. This is a 15 second gush and a 15 second tinkle, resulting in a total 30 second gusher, tinkler.

Women Pissing Sounds 21
Nice recording, a rather hurried pee because the pub was closing. She was a blonde woman of about 20 with big hair which made her look tall. A nice figure with black jeans and a pink jumper, she knew where the toilets were. Pees for just over 20 seconds forced out.

Women Pissing Sounds 22
A chunky woman in her early twenties. Short brown hair and wearing a blue dress. She is talking to herself and just before she pees (obviously when she has just released her bladder muscles) she says, "I could've waited 'til I got home." Then proceeds to pee quite powerfully for about fifteen seconds. Nice hiss to this one.

Women Pissing Sounds 23
Another 'chunky' woman, she is in her late twenties/early thirties. She had fairly long brown hair and fairly tall. Dressed in a white top and grey jeans. She was in quite a hurry and was clearly in need of the toilets. When her bladder starts peeing she starts to force it out but gasps a little under her breath where it must have hurt a bit. She then pees normally but can't resist another go at forcing it before she finishes. About 15 seconds long.

Women Pissing Sounds 24
A dark haired woman, late 20's. Medium build with a nice figure. Not in a hurry, but on the other hand, no time to stop and talk. She was in the middle of a meal with friends and opted for a 'toilet break' so she must have been in some discomfort. She had denim jeans on with a pale peach wooly low cut top. It's obvious that she sits down on the loo seat because she knocks the microphone when sitting down and getting up. A nice 18 second pee with variation of bladder power.

Women Pissing Sounds 25
A bit of a miserable pee this one, but it was included in this download because of the interesting way it's done. Right from the start the woman is twitching her sphincter to encourage the emptying. You can hear the pee coming out of her bladder in little waves.
The woman was a late teens in jeans. Short, about 5'-00" with blonde hair.

Women Pissing Sounds 26
A jolly little teenager, about 18 or so. Jeans clad with shirt hanging out. She is another one who knocks the mic. when she is sitting down and when she is wriggling around wiping herself. A nice, happy, trickly 23 second pee.

Women Pissing Sounds 27
This short pee is included in the download because of the urgency of it. The woman was in her forties, short and medium build with a dark skirt and matching top. She walked towards the Ladies toilets like she had all the time in the world, but once she got in she hurried, you can tell this by the several quick attempts to secure the toilet cubicle door. Then it's a mad rush for the panties and an instant start (short) pee.

She was dining with some others and found it hard to excuse herself.

Women Pissing Sounds 28
Another half a recording where our man with the mic. couldn't get it to record at the start. Apparently we join our mid twenties blonde (a good looker with nice figure) mid way in her long bladder pee. The flow is consistent with no gushes or trickles, just a steady 'beer-y' pee with a few sphincter twitches at the end to squeeze out the drops.

Women Pissing Sounds 29
If you count the trickles and false stops on this one, it amounts to a 30 second pee. It's a right tease as she stops and starts again. She was a early twenties woman with tight jeans and sweater. She had dark hair and a dark complexion. She was about 5'-8"

Women Desperate to Piss 30
Jeans seem to be the in thing on this download just lately! Another teenager, about 19 ish, slim build in faded denim and a shirt-y type top. A refreshing 30 second wee which flows nicely and beautifully done from (we suspect) a hovering position.

Women Desperate to Piss 31
A small dumpy woman with short curly hair aged about 25 was trapped in the corner of a dining table and couldn't get out without disturbing everyone. Hence this 20 second bladder gusher. We estimate there was between three quarters to a pint expelled during this pee, so she must have wanted to go a long time and was waiting for folks to finish their eats - how polite! This is faded out at the first pull of the bog roll as she cleans up forever.

Women Desperate to Piss 32
Although short, this hoverer sounded more like a horse's pee, especially the end bit (you'll hear what we mean). It was done by a 20's woman who was on lager. She was in jeans - (no!) and a loose dark jumper. Her hair was dark and she was quite tall, about 5'-9" ish. You can almost hear how lovely and silver her pee must have been.

Women Desperate to Piss 33
A big cuddly blonde with big tits in a dark blue knee length skirt and a pink hairy jumper. Aged around twenty-ish. She was dining with some others and found it hard to excuse herself. She noticed that there was someone in the toilet who knew her, but she didn't hang around to talk, just did a nervous giggle and went straight into the cubicle to empty her full bladder. Not a monster pee, but an instant start and fairly high power.

Women Desperate to Piss 34
This may well be your favourite. A beautiful 50 second hoverer with a lovely "aahh" as she starts her big pee. She was around mid twenties with short (straight) dark reddish hair in grey slacks and a red top. She was slim and on her way to the toilet was looking anxious and biting her bottom lip. Although this was at least a pint and a quarter in volume, you can't help getting the feeling that she might have held a lot more.

Women Desperate to Piss 35
A lovely looking 30 something with leather trousers and long dark hair. Nice face and about 5'-3" or so. We think this is hovered also - a nice sparkly, splashy pee.
Women Ladies Peeing 36
This 30 year old is French. She is blonde with her hair trailing over her face, lovely make up, slim, black short skirt and dark red top. Looked in a bit of a hurry and when you hear this, you'll understand why. It's a really noisy gusher, thick delivery, hovered and a sharp cut off. Estimated there is over a pint delivered in about 15 seconds which is twice the normal bladder flow rate, so look at your stream next time and imagine her flow which would be twice as thick and twice as fast. There's another one of hers later.

The pee is over a minute of hissing, it's a lot of pee

Women Piss Recording 37
"It's only me Sue" says this mature lady to her equally as mature friend who is busy (silently) peeing next door. So she thinks she will return Sue's silence and pee on the side of the pan by cocking her arse to one side and it turns out a bit shaky & shushy. The peeing 'silence' is broken up by a mobile phone's bleeping (yes, these mobiles, they get everywhere don't they!) which strikes up a small conversation.

Ladies Peeing 38
This is admittedly a bad recording towards the end, but we'd rather put it on for the good parts. It's a woman of about 40 with short blonde hair and she'd been drinking pints. She was dressed in a beige pair of trousers and a dark jumper. Small tits and fair size thighs, a bit of an athlete perhaps? She was a Yorkshire lass. The pee is over a minute of hissing, it's a lot of pee and it's all forced out. She makes a lot of other noises too with wriggling around and snatching off the paper even though she hasn't finished. There's only a bit of a tinkle. There's two parts to it, the first half of her pee is not a bad recording, you can hear the hiss distinctively and the amount of bladder pressure she's exerting, then she has a break to get her breath back for about ten seconds or so, then she's off again with part two, but then the recording goes really bad, something is interfering with the microphone and her wriggling around doesn't help either. To help you listen in as much as you can, her pee is not completely done until you hear her get off the seat, there are still a few 'mini hisses' towards the end. You hear her humming at the end, so it must have been a satisfying pee! There is no way that we can clean this recording up with our knowledge, but if there is someone who can, please let us know as we will keep our man's original.

Ladies Peeing 39
The French woman from Pee 36 is back again, but this time in another cubicle. We've left this recording on because even though she's nowhere near the microphone, by the noise it shows what tremendous bladder power this woman has, it's definitely a fire hose job and another pint plus pee in a very quick delivery and it seems to cut off so cleanly, it could almost be done with a knife. Excellent pelvic floor muscles!

Ladies Peeing 40
A small example of hissing labia. Don't know who the pee-er was, but it's a ten second forced pee, coming through her pee flaps, making that wonderful sexy female sound that no-one can re-create.

Ladies Peeing 41
A short pee, but what a stunner! A model look-a-like with a trim figure and aged late teens. Clingy red skirt and matching jacket and white blouse. Dark shoulder length hair with immaculate makeup. Pity about the bladder size! The recording is faded out before the flush because she knocked the microphone.

Ladies Peeing 42
Pretty sure this lady has no panties on under her skirt! You listen carefully and there is no extra rustling and the pee comes out as soon as her dress is lifted up, so we must be right! This woman is in her early thirties with mousey hair and a chubby appearance. She was with a group of friends who had been laughing so much she had to make a dash for the toilets.

Ladies Peeing 43
A woman in her 40's who was dressed quite smart but, although attractive, was a bit bulky. She stood about 5'-9" and had brown hair. A very pleasant looking person and you would expect a lot more pee from a person built as sturdy as this. A 30 second hisser with a "ah" at the end.

Women Peeing 44
A late 40's woman here, not a huge quantity, but included for those of you who like the ooh's and aah's because we don't get many of them and it shows that the pee is being enjoyed and was sheer bladder relief for her - so don't laugh!

Women Peeing 45
This was a pee done by a late teens woman who was with a group of elders and probably was embarrassed about finding an excuse for the loo. She was sitting bent forward for about twenty minutes and looking very uncomfortable. She was a slim woman with dark hair and looked to be on the shy side. She had black trousers on with a white top. She sits down and starts to trickle, snaps off some paper, then really goes for it and piles on the bladder pressure giving us 20 seconds of power peeing - go for it woman!

Women Peeing EXTRA:
Just as a matter of interest, you can hear another person move in to the cubicle next door during a silent part of our late teens woman finishing off, you can hear a powerful hissing start of a really long pee by a woman of about 50 who was caught by a (probably) long lost friend or something when she was walking to the loo and you could see her bladder was absolutely bursting and she was standing as if she was right on the verge of peeing herself. So near yet so far away! We can only hear about ten seconds of it, the rest of it is obscured by our late teens woman and by the tank filling up, but she was in there for about five minutes, so she must have been peeing for an eternity and it would have been a timeless classic for us! We have recorded it with the levels right up on Pee 46 just in case you want to hear the only bit there is.

Women Peeing 47
Amazing Alli! This is a wet escort friend who you may have heard about? She drops in to see us when she is on her way home from wherever and this time she needed our loo desperately as her bladder was well loaded with water she'd drunk. This is about a pint and a half of hot silver wee. As a description, she is 29, tall and slim with short black hair and she adores peeing! Sample

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Thank you for looking through these descriptions of women peeing. We hope you found them interesting. We hope you like the different styles of women peeing, the gushing, tinkling, the forcing and the hiss of the labia. It's the hissing that men find so irresistible when a woman is peeing, the noise being made by her pee being forced through her urethra at high speed, it often turns out to be a super gusher!

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