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The Cascade on line pissing fetish shop caters for all watersports wet sex needs from the consumer. You can buy fetish pissing wet sex pee stories, women peeing sounds and the Retro Cascade pantiehose wetting e-magazines in .pdf. Links to public pissing videos, wet sex dvds and women pissing download to your mobile phone.

There are also some watersports wet sex pantyhose wetting fetish knickers stories on the home page. You'll have a good laugh at the pissing fetish style of the Watersports Piss Fun Cartoons e-Mag in .pdf in our special piss fetish e-magazines section.

Cascade's Adult wettting fetish shop

If you prefer watersports piss sex stories then we have a huge selection of piss sex stories for you read in female and male voices. For lovers of wetsex piss we can't stress the importance of Cascade's Adult wettting fetish shop, there are dozens of women pissing bargains to be had. Wetbabes are always a hot hit, finding your pissing partner. A wet date is in a big demand. If you're looking for a pissing partner for piss, urination wet sex games and watersports sex fetish fun, it can be hard, that is why Cascade e-magazines run an adult watersports CONTACT page, try the FREE peeing contacts section in their wet sex free pee lovers board.

panties wetting fetish peeing accidents stories

We have a section where you can buy wet or used pantiehose from Jessica if you have a used panties fetish, these come to you piss wet or fresh smelling of fanny juice and females pee with a pissing picture. If you buy some of our embarrassing peeing and pantyhose panties wetting fetish peeing accidents stories you can get them at half price in the bargain basement. We love looking after the adult watersports fetish person who likes the pissing sex fetish, we can't supply videos and dvds, but you will find a link where you can get these hard to find public pissing fetish ones. Toilet humour is always popular, seeing the hot water making golden piss streams from beautiful peeing females bending over and peeing. What we call watersports downloads include stories about golden showers and peeing, that is a big favourite amongst adults, running a close second is the public peeing stories and pictures.

download sound files to your iphone or mobile

You can get all of the Cascade wet fetish adult e-magazines, the retro back issues and all orders get free pissing pictures by email. This is complete and utter adult wet erotica, see women sitting there crosslegged and bursting to piss, how good is that? Cross legged girls and women always produce an adult interest, wondering if they need to piss or if they just felt comfortable like it. While you are in our adult shop, look out for the special offers to download, like I said before, some are at half price and the new mobile phone service to download sound files to your iphone or mobile! You can rely on the discreet download delivery if you order pissed pantiehose or wet knickers, all of Jessica's peed pantiehose and soiled pantys go into a sealed polythene bag and then into a padded bag for extra safety, you will get them very quickly. Try ordering some used pantyhose from our model Jessica, she will pose in the peed pantiehose so you can see her in action with her urination, proving once again that adult watersports is the ultimate in the wet erotica fetish.

Cascade sell wet sex downloads for the wetting fetish

Yes, but what about the embarrassing pantyhose peeing panties wetting accidents that we keep going on about? The beautiful warm pee, the erotic golden showers I hear you say. Well, if you enjoy pissing and wet piss sex, all you have to do is go to our main page and look at the dozens of watersports items for the piss voyeur and the ordinary watersports submissive. We would recommend you start off with the women peeing stories first, then you can progress to the toilet cams piss fetish audio sounds, they are a real turn on. You have definately come to the right place. We sell wet sex downloads for the wetting fetish fan, there's a e-book of peeing cartoons featuring wetsex funnies. Wetbabes are here with their delicious females piss, displaying their various acts of urination, or you can just browse through the pages of watersports pissing fetish stories that you can now download to your mobile phone. You can buy wet pantiehose and read about embarrassing pantyhose peeing accidents, ask for pissing downloads to be downloaded discreetly for the peaing fetesh persons. There are now pissing movies or dvds, toilet recordings of hot water, piss streams, going to the loo and golden showers.

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