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She's bursting to pee! Free Pee Drinking Piss Sex Stories Pt1.

John Martin, author of free wet sex pissing stories, brought to you by Cascade magazine. Some mouth piss, pee drinking and stories with swallowing piss as well. Other free watersports stories include toilet humiliation, masturbation fantasies, urination wetsex, peeing games, making piss puddles, desperate females making gushing pee streams. These wet sex stories are especially for the person who enjoys the urination fetish.

" Cold Bathroom" (17k) is the story of a woman who lives in a freezing cold flat. She often has to get up in the middle of the night, go downstairs to the bathroom to pee and freeze her butt off. So she decides to 'train' her innocent, easily-led boyfriend to become her personal toilet. She does it very carefully and slowly. But does it work?.....

" Breaking and Entering" (25k) is a very powerful story about a couple of young women who break into an empty house. Except they are wrong: there's a man sleeping upstairs! One of them panics and knocks him out. But the older one decides to take advantage of the situation.
They invite themselves to an impromptu party, swigging champagne while forcing the guy to reveal his credit-card details.
WARNING! Involves enforced watersports, torture, scat and bondage.

" Night Clubbing" (11k) is a mild revenge story. An attractive girl is pestered on a nightclub dancefloor by a drunk. He won't leave her alone. To cap it all, there's a queue a mile long at the Ladies' toilets. She has to have a piss somewhere. She sees the drunk on the other side of the room, sitting down. She has an idea!

" Marital Pliss" (6k) is about a middle-aged 'respectable' couple trapped by their own routine. The wife is bursting for some variety in her life again. Then, by accident, she is forced into cooking his boiled eggs in a way her mother certainly never showed her!
The routine is about to change....

" Going Up!" (14k) is about a high-flying, smart career woman who finds herself trapped in a lift with a boring, mild-mannered man. But she's bursting to pee. After 20 minutes she can hold on no longer. And the guy DID admit he was very, very thirsty, so it was his fault really!
(This story is the Author's fave)

" The Cigarette Lighter" (13k) is about a gang of girls, drunkenly stumbling out of a club. They walk along a back-alley towards the taxi rank, where they bump into a young male shift-worker on his way home. Of course, they're all bursting for a pee. One asks him for a light. He offers his prized lighter, but she takes it from him. That was a mistake on his part. They decide to have some piss fun with (on?) him ..... What happens to his lighter?

" The Art of Persuasion" (7k) is about a female office worker (the only woman on that floor) who confronts a very lazy plumber about why he STILL hasn't fixed the one Ladies' toilet? He doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. She decides he needs some 'encouragement' to motivate him about why it is so important that the Ladies' is working at all times. He soon understands...

" For Auld Lang Syne" (7k) was written for the New Year (but there's always next year!) About a New Year party where one of the guests finds himself drinking some rather warm and strange tasting 'champagne' to celebrate the New Year. Admittedly, he and his wife are into watersports, but he didn't expect this, not in the middle of a party. But who said it was his wife's pee he was drinking?.....

" PC Virus" (13k) is about PCs, viruses and PC viruses! A young and talented computer systems analyst is refused a job just because (she suspects) she's a woman. She decides to confront the Senior Partner. While he's out of the room getting her file, she has the chance to get even. But not quite in the way she planned to (this has a happy ending too.....aaaahhhh!).

" The Plumber" (12k) is about a sexist bastard who calls all women "luv" even if they are earning 5 times his salary. Meanwhile a woman business executive with a 'pressing need to pee' wants to know when he'll have the Toilets working again? Just then the plumber gets stuck behind the toilet panel, with only his waist and feet sticking out. She's desperate to pee and with all the noise from his radio, he won't even know. Except that her pee stream 'accidentally' doesn't go down the toilet.
Anyone know any good launderettes which can get pee stains out of a boiler suit?

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