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Bladder Desperation Stories
Panties Wetting Golden Showers

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- 38 minutes ~ (5 panties wetting stories on this download). Download Size: 15.2Mb

Pissing Story 1 ~ A Students' Drama Class. Features: bursting to pee + humiliation + desperation + panties wetting. Rehearsals in a cold, old theatre. The 'star' is a girl who is needed on stage all the time and she's secretly desperate, she's bursting for a piss. She tries desperately hanging on but she doesn't make it and ends up wetting herself in the student's loo.

Pissing Story 2 ~ Student Saga. Features: embarrassment + wet sex + desperate to piss
A college girl saves her pee all day to have a pre-arranged 'wetting accident' on the way home. She gets caught mid stream by a fellow male student and later she gets a wet golden showers seduction in a nearby Ladies' toilet cubicle.

Pissing Story 3 ~ The Interview. Features: embarrassment + desperation + panties wetting
A young girl arrives early for a job interview so has a couple of coffees. She's nervous and needs a pee but can't find a loo. In the interview she is fidgeting, desperately trying to hang on to her piss. The Interview over she runs to the lift to get to the toilets - but it stops mid floor! She is not alone in the lift and pisses herself in front of the male companion - but does she get the job?

Pissing Story 4 ~ Aqua-robics. Features panties wetting + embarrassment + desperation
A 23yr old wets herself in her neighbour's car. The neighbour is a hunky good looking fella and they share the car to go to the gym together. Her leotard is a little too tight and she's exposing a bit more than she'd like, but that's the least of her worries. She needs to go pissing urgently, only she doesn't get to use the loo at the gym as she has a lift home from the neighbour - and horror of horrors - the car breaks down and her desperation gets worse and she's still got her leotard on. It's only when they get going again that she wets herself and her neighbour seems very interested in her desperate situation. Could this be the start of some mutual golden showers?

Pissing Story 5 ~ Car Wash Girls. Features wetting panties + embarrassment + desperation
Vicky, a 19 yr old student and her friend, Katie need some money, so they go washing cars. On this particular day they are wearing track suits for the job. After a few hours, Vicky wants some bladder relief and can't wait much longer. Katie isn't too desperate. They intend to use someone's loo - and they do, only Katie gets in the customer's loo first, fully aware that Vicky was the really desperate on of the two. Vicky ends up wetting herself and the carpet gets a soaking of hot pee too. By the way, the male customer doesn't seem to mind too much, 'good man' I say!

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27 minutes (4 pissing stories on this download). Download Size: 10.8Mb

Desperation Storys Features: bursting to go + bladder desperation + embarrassment

Desperation Story 1 ~ A girl gets a job on the supermarket checkout and is late most mornings and gets a warning from her supervisor. With good intentions, she tries to get to work on time, but one morning she's nearly late again and leaves her house without a bladder empty out first thing. She's wriggling on her seat at her post and cannot concentrate and by ten a.m. she is absolutely desperate and the supervisor won't let her go to the bathroom. Poor girl pees her checkout seat and passes the potential golden showers spillage off as a broken mineral water bottle.

Desperation Story 2 ~ Day trip to France. Features: embarrassment + bladder desperation
Two couples go on a day trip to France and it turns out to be a very embarrassing experience for one girl. A lot of drink is consumed by everyone, apart from Bob, the driver. It was Jill with the problem and no bathrooms could be found. She feared she'd wet herself in Bob's car and she did, but only a bit and Bob managed to pull over for Jill to get out and do her desperate golden showers of pee by the road, but it's not all plain sailing.

Desperation Story 3 ~ The Tennis Match. Features: bladder desperation + panties wetting
A typist plays tennis in her dinner hour and this particular day she couldn't go to the bathroom, so she played her game of tennis with a full bladder. After the game she couldn't wait to get back to the changing rooms, so she manages to get away from her mates to an empty hut for her bladder relief and hopes that no-one walks in.

Desperation Story 4 ~ The Wet Jeans. Features: accidental jeans wetting
A wetting accident in her late teens makes sure this girl goes to the toilet often. But one girlie night out, after doing the rounds at the pubs and ending up in a club, she didn't bother going to the bathroom when she got there. Later she gets so desperate and ends up wetting her jeans almost in front of an audience - but is she shown up? or even embarrassed??

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27 minutes ~ (4 panties wetting stories on this download). Download Size: 10.8Mb

Peeing Storys ~ Features: bladder desperation + public pissing + wetting panties

Peeing Story 1 ~ Jane and her boyfriend go to a disco pub and they have loads to drink and have a really good time. At the end of the evening, she visits the bathroom, but there was a long queue, so she doesn't wait for her turn as she had a bus to catch. The half hour bus trip proves too much.

Peeing Story 2 ~ The Train Strain. Features: deliberate public wetting
A mid thirties divorcee enjoys wetting herself deliberately. She loves to hang on for as long as possible. She mis-calculates one of her public wetting, golden showers adventures and nearly gets caught peeing.

Peeing Story 3~ The One Day Course. Features: bladder desperation + embarrassment
A female mechanic attends a short course and there's no female bathrooms, she starts wetting her jeans during a lecture and runs out and finishes off her piss sitting in her car.

Peeing Story 4 ~ Keep Me Hangin' On. Features: hanging on + bladder desperation
A one way conversation with a girl who is desperate for a piss and you keep her talking so she can't go. To Wet or Not to Wet - Find out for yourself!

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27 minutes ~ (4 desperation stories on this download). Download Size: 10.8Mb

Wet Storys Features plastic pants + panties wetting + accidental piss spraying

Wet Story 1 ~ A young mum remembers her wet incident when her daughter comes home after wetting herself. She'd got 'caught short' up a tree whilst scrumping and ended up peeing over the farmer - who tells her she can come back and give him some showers anytime - I wonder why??

Wet Story 2 ~ Plastic Panties. Features: golden showers + wet sex games
A couples' wet games with each other and she loves to wear plastic panties and fills them up while in public - but she has to remember not to sit down when they are full!

Wet Story 3 ~ The Shopping Trip. Features: lavatory shy + hanging on + desperation
She hates using public bathrooms. While shopping she just has to pee and can't find a toilet, so manages to hang on 'till she gets home, but relief in the normal manner was not to be. She ends up using the washing up bowl for a toilet.

Wet Story 4 ~ Football Dilemma. Features: bladder desperation + hanging on + bladder distending
A couple go to a football match on a coach with oodles of drink being drunk. The female ends up bending at the waist desperately needing a bathroom, her bladder is so distended, but she cannot go by the side of the road when the fellas take a leak, so she has to wait 'til she gets to the match. By this time her bladder is so painfully full she has to empty it in two sessions.

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Download 25
30 minutes ~ (4 pissing stories on this download). Download Size: 12Mb

Golden Showers Storys: Features: bladder / urine holding + endurance + desperation

Golden Showers Story 1 ~ A married nurse tells of bladder control and amounts done by male and female patients and reckons women can of circumstances of how one nurse has to hold on. She also tells you how she likes to hold on to her piss and enjoys a full bladder fuck.

Golden Showers Story 2  ~ Too Shy to Ask. Features: hanging on + desperation + embarrassment
A shy girl has problems in relieving her bladder, as she is too shy to ask for the toilet. She tells you of three desperate situations where she ends up having to wet herself and also tells you of the agony and the pain endured.

Golden Showers Story 3  ~ The Contest. Features: bladder endurance + panties wetting + holding on competition
Two girls go to the pub, drinking pints they end up having a contest of who goes to the toilet first. So, who holds out the longest and who nearly wets themselves?

Golden Showers Story 4  ~ The Works Outing. Features: embarrassment + bladder desperation + panties wetting
A girl goes on a work's outing with her friends, but she really needs to go to the toilet before getting on the coach, but not sure of the whereabouts. So on the coach she is suffering and needs a pee real bad. Will the coach driver stop for her? We hear all the bladder desperation details of her ordeal.

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Download No. 26 (4 Stories)
42 minutes ~ (4 pissing stories on this download). Download Size: 16.8Mb

Piss Storys: Features: bursting to pee + bladder desperation + panties wetting

Eileen goes to a family wedding and when she gets to the bride's house she is given the task of picking up the flowers in her car. She really needs to borrow the toilet first, but time is short so she ends up going to the church absolutely full of tea & pee. Can she get rid of all the ex-tea in the church somehow? Do the flagstones get a soaking??

Piss Story 2 ~ If you go down to the Woods. Features: bladder bursting + bladder desperation + panties wetting
A married woman goes jogging in the woods every morning and every time she goes behind a bush for a pee as she loves doing it out in the open. She gets more daring as time goes on and nearly gets caught one morning.

Piss Story 3 ~ Wet Confessions of Angie. Features: bladder desperation / piss retention
Angie just loves having a full bladder and loves playing with her pussy because it makes her feel so randy. There are a number of situations she explains to you and tells you in detail describing her clothes and panties etc.

Piss Story 4 ~ Paula's Confession. Features: panties wetting + female bladder desperation + caught short
Paula's bursting for a pee on the way home and slightly wets her pants. She manages to control it until she can stop by the side of the road. She is disturbed by another motorist, but manages to stop the pee flow and drive off. Was this planned? Or was it an accident? Bursting for a piss Paula will tell all!

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