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Desperate to Piss Stories. Wet Sex Download Peeing

There are two piss stories in this set, both of them together total 95 minutes long with 8 women pissing stories on each part. If you buy both you will get 16 wet sex stories totaling 95 minutes!!
Here's a short resume of the desperate women pissing stories - both parts

This First Download (Part 1) Contains 8 Women Pissing Stories.
Reference: DOWNLOAD No. 32(a) - 50 minutes. Download Size: 20Mb

1) My First Time Pt1 - this is a story about a young girl who is recollecting her very first precious jeans and pantiehose wetting sessions, she goes into this panties wetting experience in great detail and there are pissing sound effects to add to the authenticity.

2) Flasher- a sexy wife likes to give the men her husband works with a treat by showing off her bum and her pantyhose. When she's randy she likes to piss her pantiehose before she gets it, but it sometimes the pissing sessions it go a bit wrong because she is so forgetful!

3) Jackie Tells All- Jackie the kinky piss loving bitch loves to get wet and she enjoys wet sex with her husband, in this story she gets her revenge on her husband for enjoying his mate's company rather than hers.

4) The Kinky Toilet Voyeur Pt1 - a well-to-do woman at a posh party with a bursting bladder discovers a beautiful bathroom with an elaborately decorated 'throne-like' toilet. While pissing and masturbating she thinks she hears something behind the toilet bowl and discovers a man watching her piss and filming her. She drags him out and gets her revenge - but there is a twist! Contains peeing sounds and very strong language!

5) Piss Whore - a posh lesbian employs a pissing prostitute to hold her piss and undergo a thorough pussy inspection by her female client. A good lesbian pissing story with good visualisation because of the intricate story detail and pissing sound effects.

6) It's Raining Indoors - another Jackie story. This one involves her dressing up as a tart for her husband so they can have a good piss session. Lots of foreplay and pissing wet sex.

Voice Sample

7) Soggy Knickers - a drunk girl's boyfriend comes to collect her from a girly leaving party. She wants sex but he wants to go home, so they agree on a one last drink at a pub. She is annoyed with him and empties her wet pantyhose into his drink at the bar! Features girly solo masturbation and piss fun.

8) Wet Competition - Jackie and Dave join a group of young people on holiday who are always bonking and pissing and seeing as Jackie likes wearing wet pantiehose she is in heaven! The girls suggest a 'who can do it the furthest' competition to show the boys how well they piss which leads to a lot of group sex.

Voice Sample

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This Second Download (Part 2) Contains 8 Women Pissing Stories.
Reference: DOWNLOAD No. 32(b) - 45 minutes. Download Size: 18Mb

1) My First Time Pt2 - Continuing from First Time (Pt1 above), the woman is now a bit older and so more kinky wet pissing develops. She experiments with her pantiehose wetting and makes some interesting discoveries. She comes to terms with her 'unusual habit' and accepts it and she finds her completion.

2) Golden Turn-Around - a couple plan on going out to a party and get carried away while getting ready. She pisses on him in the bath and then the favour is returned by him pissing up into her fanny. The friend's party is postponed and they carry on with their own piss party at home.

Voice Sample

3) The Kinky Toilet Voyeur Pt2 - a short re-cap of Pt1 and on with the toilet voyeur story starting with the little man's sadistic punishment for watching the women pissing. The thing is, he is enjoying it! Contains very strong language!

4) Painful Pleasure- a secretary enjoys holding her piss all day to the point of pain and starts her little wet sex piss game as she goes home wetting her pantiehose all the way and arrives home to do the huge mass of her left over hot piss on her doorstep. Contains peeing sounds .

5) Pissing Picnic- Jackie and Dave go for a picnic by a stream in the summer. Jackie is a bit of an exhibitionist in the car and nearly causes an accident on the way there! They find somewhere for some kinky piss photos and some good pissing into the river. Jackie pulls one of her wet sex pranks on her husband!

6) Shower Time- randy Jackie needs some sexual attention from Dave when he comes in from work. Jackie loves wetting herself and Dave needs a shower, so you can guess what happens eventually.

Voice Sample

7) A Unisex Toilet - a toilet for both sexes in a kinky sex club and a fella called Mike tries to piss but his cock gets so hard with the girl's pissing sounds and on top of that, he gets a girl dressed in PVC pissing in the stall next to him and she asks him to join her! He eventually manages to piss. This story has women pissing sound effects.

8) The Wet Lift - a girl out shopping is needing an urgent piss, so she gets into the lift with another person to get to the floor with the toilets on. The lift gets stuck and she is bursting to pee and eventually has to borrow something of her fellow passenger's to piss in.

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DOWNLOADS Nos. 32 (a + b) = 95 minutes!

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