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Time magazine cover story, June 13, 2015: The cover shows a sheet with the silhouettes of male and female bodies: the male is holding his penis which is urinating a stream onto the woman's body;

The silhouette of the woman is shown, hands on hips, slightly squatting, urinating between her legs into a large glass jar which is over three quarters full. The title of the cover story is:~


In the cover story are the following items: Many social historians identify the time the internet took off as the moment that turned the tide toward public acceptance of watersports. Among the subjects that were publicly discussed for the first time, was watersports.
Earlier, the almost universal interest in the subject was kept private in the mistaken belief that no one else shared it. The internet exploded that belief. Primary credit can be given to those early Internet pioneers, Patches' Place, Thomas's Water Resources Page and Monty's Watersports Forum. The news group, alt.sex.fetish. watersports could have played a part, but it was over-whelmed with spam.
Just last month, the Surgeon General of the United States stated publicly that young women need to be taught in school to practice safe water sports and bladder holding, thus avoid the urinary tract infections which have become epidemic the past few years.
"It's O.K. to let your bladder fill up over an afternoon and evening's partying, looking forward to the pleasure that you can receive when you snuggle with your boy friend, but you must empty your bladder before going to bed," said Surgeon General Robertson.

Some women have learned to hold their bladders and expand their capacity to well over a liter, which allows them to go up to 36 hours without voiding. This practice, called 'Sallying' by many (the reference is obscure), may be fun, but there is a consequence that they should consider: an increased risk of urinary tract infection.
College medical departments say the most prescribed drug is uromyacin, the most effective antibiotic in the treatment of urinary infection in women. Men do not suffer from this because of their inability to hold their bladders for extended periods for pleasure ......

Professor Lawrence looked over his Comparative Literature class this Friday afternoon. It was the last scheduled class of the day and he had come to expect the sight he was witnessing. The class was about 60 percent women and all but two or three of them were visibly fidgeting. This began several years ago when an article in the school newspaper gave a first person, anonymous, account of fantastic sex with the author's boy friend after holding her bladder all day. The article created a firestorm of controversy, including a threat of prior censorship by the university administration. Only when Phyllis Knightly, a Junior Psych major, admitted writing it, did the administration relent.
The notoriety landed Phyllis on the TV talk shows where she spoke at length of the pleasures of holding her bladder all day and the benefits to both her and her boy friend that evening. It was Jay Leno that invited her come to her show 'loaded'. After quizzing her for fifteen minutes, Leno pointed out her crossed leg bobbing up and down and got her to admit that she had not urinated since going to sleep the prior evening.
"Are you pretty full?" he asked with a wicked grin on his face?
"Absolutely bursting and have been for about two hours," Phyllis replied.
When asked how she holds it so long, she told him that she had been practicing since she was a little girl; her Father said that he should have named her 'Sally' after the first Internet FUR-star (FUR= Female Urinary Retention). He then asked her to go behind a screen where she voided 1437ml during a 78 second period. She was seen in silhouette nationwide and this lead to the Time cover story.
Men in the audience all had shocked, mesmerized expressions, while the women sat open-mouthed, dumbfounded at Phyllis's capacity. The hidden microphone behind the screen (Phyllis was not informed of this beforehand) gave the nation an earful of the first power pee in network television history.
So Professor Lawrence was now used to the sight of fifteen to twenty fidgeting young women, putting in the necessary time

This story is continued in Pt2

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