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Girls Filling their bladders before their evening dates.

Continued from Stories 1
"Teaching English has never been as pleasant," professor Lawrence said to himself as he watched the fidgeting girls stream from his classroom when the bell rang. Most of the women flew to the ladies room, as women had at the end of the day for generations.
However, in this era, the purpose was not to empty all those fully stretched bladders, but simply to engage in all the conversation and primping that, in earlier times, accompanied the peeing sessions. ......................

Betty slowly walked out of class and slipped into the girl's rest room. She needed to pee badly, but had been rushed from class to class all day without finding time to get to the toilet. She was also afraid to join in the universal sport of holding it.
This was her first year at university. Her shyness had kept her from finding a boyfriend and she was simply too insecure to try anything as brazen as playing the panties wetting, desperation game all the other girls played.
She walked to the far stall and closed the door. Betty imagined the other girls were snickering at her inability to hold her bladder, but it was all in her mind. She slipped her pink panties down and sat on the cold seat. "Why hold it?" she asked herself as she sensed the powerful urge to relax her sphincter muscles and let her naturally strong stream of pee stream into the bowl. She sat there and considered this feeling and the feelings she'd had all afternoon, as her bladder pushed out her body's hot urine. She slipped her finger over her clit and felt it respond quickly to her touch.

Betty found herself perplexed over the feelings that were sweeping through her body. "Perhaps I might wait a bit longer?" she questioned herself, as she reluctantly took her finger from her clit; "At least until I get back to my dorm room."

I thought I'd hold it and ask you what the big 'panties wetting' deal is . . .

"Are you coming to the dance?" asked Cheryl, Betty's flamboyant roommate. Cheryl had about three boys interested in her and went out almost every evening. Those evenings as she got ready, she was always dancing from foot to foot, or swaying her two tightly-pressed legs together. Cheryl told Betty that she usually held her bladder from just after lunch through the evening.
"Big deal," Betty told herself; "I haven't peeed since last night."
"Yes, I'm coming," Betty replied to Cheryl's question. "But it's probably a waste of my time." Cheryl looked over at Betty and wondered why a pretty girl like her had any trouble getting boys interested in her. She had a nice figure, though without Cheryl's very full breasts; Betty's jet-black hair and eyebrows and her blue eyes were really striking, but Betty always wore some dowdy clothes.
"Cheryl, why don't you wear your white jeans and that light blue blouse; it really brings out the blue in your eyes. You fit in those jeans better than any girl here and please, Betty, even if you don't have to pee, wiggle a little as if you had to; all the guys love to see us bursting for the pot."
"Well, I may not need to pretend. I haven't gone all day and haven't been so full since I can remember. I was about to pee after class but... well, I thought I'd hold it and ask you what the big panties wetting deal is. I've never played these games before; no one knew anything about it where I came from. When I got here it seemed that you all knew about it and I felt like a jerk. Then as I sat in the stall getting ready to tinkle this afternoon, I got this funny feeling, a sort of naughty, sexy feeling... that's what made me wait until now."

"Betty, don't feel so out of it. I've been wanting to talk with you about this for a long time. I should have done it earlier. We all have to find out about different aspects of sex in our own time. I've heard you playing with yourself at night and in the early morning so I know you know how your body works... and don't blush! I'd frig myself more often if I didn't get so much pleasure from my boy friends.
My older sister, Fran, told me that we are the first ones that can really incorporate all the feelings in our body together as we discover our sexuality. She said that she had been married for years before she and Fred found out about holding your pee in and panties wetting.

The simple fact is, Betty, as any recent book on female sexuality will tell you (and you can borrow any of mine any time you want), our bladders are one of our best sources of sexual pleasure; all we have to do is let them fill up! And the best thing about it is that the guys love it! I've got this one guy, Joe, that breaks out into a cold sweat when I whisper into his ear that I'm bursting for a pee.
But you don't have to be brazen. Just get full and do what comes naturally. Wiggle, squirm, fidget, look around as if you really wanted to dash off for a pee, but can't right now. Believe me, the guys notice."
"Well, Cheryl," Betty said, "I'll give it a try this evening and I will take you up on borrowing one of your books. The one I got in junior high school didn't mention watersports at all."

So let your bladder fill to the brim and let's go pee up the town!

"I tell you, it has only been widely discussed that past decade or so. I think the same thing must have happened after World War II when Kinsey or somebody provided indisputable scientific proof that women really had orgasms. Before then there was enough doubt that only a very bold woman could admit she came without risking being called a whore or pervert.
So let your bladder fill to the brim and let's go pee up the town! If you need a little more volume, just guzzle a couple of glasses of water; you'll be bursting in an hour." Cheryl said.
"It's full, believe me!" Betty pleaded! "I haven't peed since last night before bed. I was late for class this morning and knew I could wait until a break, but I've been running late all day. Dr. Messina had me work on the chem lab problem over lunch and well, here I am. I didn't plan for holding it or panties wetting at all. You know I usually pee when I have to."
"God, Betty, I'd never be able to wait that long. You must be born with a naturally huge bladder. The guys go crazy over a long, long Cont..

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