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The millenium office pee party, it's a wetting orgy, it's kinky and it's FUN!

Eight-thirty at night on 31 December 1999, the beer and wine is ready, as well as the buffet. Finally the last phone calls are made and the fifty plus employees of the data electronics company in the centre of town are finally allowed to relax for the festivities. The impressive boardroom in their plush state of the art office is bedecked with streamers and banners and the party is about to begin. Most of the guys head straight for the beer while most of the girls disappear to the Ladies rooms to change first.

Katherine enters the loo on her floor where Louise, Amy and Paula are already down to their underwear and tugging on tight fitting party dresses. Katherine smiles as she drops her rucksack on the floor. She unzips her jeans and tugs them awkwardly down her long shapely legs, revealing skimpy white panties underneath. She really needs a pee but declines as the place is quite cramped with all the girls changing and she can't be bothered to clamber over them to the cubicles. Katherine slips on a very short blue skirt before taking off her sweatshirt and bra, replacing them only with her white silk blouse. Her nipples are already tingling with the anticipation of finally getting hold of her man, Steve, the marketing manager who sits just a few desks from her. She's determined to have him tonight, little does he know the poor man!

she decides not to pee until after midnight, she's held it on many occasions

The talk is of party time, men and booze. Before long the four of them leave together. By the time they make it back to the boardroom the party is already in full swing. The lights are dimmed and the music is blaring. There must be almost fifty people in the fairly small conference/board room. Louise, 23 years old, neatly cut blonde hair down to her shoulders, dances into the room, her knee length, figure hugging purple dress immediately catching the eye of the fellas. Amy, 27, rather shyly follows, short mousey coloured hair, glasses and wearing a smart trouser suit. Paula is next in, tanned from a recent trip abroad, long dark hair and wearing a tight white dress that barely covers her bum and knickers, she's just one gorgeous 24 year old. Then comes Katherine, 21, her breasts already heaving beneath her silky blouse and her heart pounding as she immediately spots Steve starting to tuck into the buffet.

Within an hour the party is in full swing. Louise and Paula are dancing with two guys and the many others in the middle of the room, cans of lager in one hand and a fag in the other. Louise has had two cans already and can already feel her bladder swelling nicely beneath her purple dress. She eyes her watch, it's a quarter to ten, she decides not to pee until after midnight, she's held it on many occasions, more than she should and knows she can wait longer.

Paula is feeling distinctly light headed. The beer is starting to go straight to her head and she barely notices as Greg gets closer as they dance and starts to trace his hands up and down the sides of her body. She's well into her third beer as well but peeing is the last things on her mind. She just wants to party, party, party!

Over in one corner Amy is sat chatting to a fellow female colleague. They have plates of food which they nibble at nervously. Neither are party animals and they are both sipping quietly at there first beer of the evening. Although she is enjoying being there, Amy really can't wait to get back to her flat alone and snuggle up with a good book and a cup of tea.

Over by the buffet Katherine is working hard at catching her man. Steve is in his mid-thirties, about two stone over weight for his 5ft 10 frame. He's got a blue checked shirt and red braces on which Katherine can't wait to slip off his shoulders, followed by that shirt, so she can gaze at that manly chest. She has secretly fancied him for ages and her fanny is already feeling wet at the thought of what she has planned for him. Just for now she contents herself with idle chit-chat while Steve tucks in to the buffet and washes it down with copious amounts of beer.

she is in an increasing urgent need of a pee

At ten-thirty Louise is still dancing. She has finished her third beer some time ago but doesn't dare have another before she's been for a pee. She knows her limit. Dancing helps take her mind off it. She knows she could go and pee anytime but the feelings she gets when desperate always make her wait just that little bit longer. She has started latching on to a guy called Andrew now and the odd kiss has started to creep in between records. She's all for one night stands and knows she could do a lot worse than Andrew, tall slim build, late twenties. She turns to find Andrew waving another beer in front of her and after the initial shock she takes it, smiles, sips and continues dancing away.

For Paula the room is spinning. Pint number four is slipping down and between hazy recollections of reality she knows she is in an increasing urgent need of a pee. Her right hand strays to her crotch from time to time but she's almost too scared to try and stagger towards the door for fear of making a fool of herself. Just bopping away is helping suppress her need but deep down she knows she can't wait much longer or she will be even more embarrassed.

Amy and her friend are still sat in the corner. Both are twisting round empty beer cans in their hands and both are wondering if they dare have another. Neither wants to let loose their inhibitions in front of the others. Suddenly their line manager appears with some more drinks for them. Almost reluctantly they take them and politely sip and chat for a while before he disappears back into the throng of people on the now packed dance floor.

Katherine is loosing patience with her polite chat ploy and is now dropping heavy hints to Steve. She's not drunk much, one beer and a couple of glasses of wine, but then she did need to go to pee before the party. Steve on the other hand has been tucking it away non-stop. He's had over five beers by now and Katherine is beginning to wonder where it's all going. At eleven-fifteen Katherine decides she can wait no longer to show him her true feelings and says she has to go out into the office for something and would he come with her. Steve shrugs his shoulders and follows as Katherine puts her wine glass down and starts to squeeze through the crowd. Outside Katherine makes for the main office area but continues on until she reaches her bosses private office door. Pausing outside she turns and reaches her arms around Steve's neck and draws him in for a long kiss.

Steve is at first dumbstruck but as Katherine starts to force her tongue inside his mouth and place one of his hands to her waist he soon gets the message and he's delighted. Secretly he too has long since fancied Katherine but didn't dare say anything. Gradually he is tugged inside the office by the scruff of his collar and the door clicks shut behind them. It's getting on for half-eleven.

Louise has (without knowing) almost finished her fourth can. She glances at her watch as another record starts to blare out. She's busting for a wee now and her watch tells her she has only a few minutes to quickly sneak off and be back for midnight. With those four cans inside her she is having real trouble hanging on now and she decides she had better go. She catches Andrew's eye and mouths across to him above the din that she is disappearing to the loo. Andrew nods and mouths back that he'll come with her as he could do with one too.

Paula has finally decided she too must finally disappear for a wee. She staggers to the edge of the dance floor and makes it to the doorway, quickly grasping hold of the frame to steady herself. Her legs feel weak but her bladder feels as if it's ready to burst beneath her short white dress. Suddenly she feels a hand on her arse and turns to find Greg also on his way to the loo. Greg was hoping for a quick leak and then to return to the party in time for midnight, but it's already gone a quarter to twelve and now he's helping Paula down the corridor.

Amy is sat in the corner. She has nearly finished her second can and now needs to visit the little girls' room quite badly. It's unusual for her to drink alcohol and her bladder isn't used to it. Amy is too embarrassed to go right now but hopes to sneak off when no one is watching as soon after midnight as possible.

Steve and Katherine have enjoyed making out on their boss's desk for almost half an hour. Katherine's dress is above her waist and her knickers are wet from Steve's hand touching her up and a growing need to pee. Steve's dick has been removed from his boxer shorts and is resting in the palm of Katherine's expert hand. He is aching to cum but with all the beer inside him he is also desperate to pee.

she can't possibly climb the stairs and besides that she is bursting to go

Louise and Andrew reach the landing where the stairs and lift are. Wide open staircases filled with pot plants on either side. The Ladies is on the next floor up. Both are feeling hot for each other and when Andrew spots the open lift door they enter laughing and giggling. Louise is desperate to pee but knows they only have to go up one floor. They enter and Andrew presses the button, neither realising it's the top one he's pressed. He turns back to Louise who is playfully lifting her dress to the top of her thighs, just giving him a glimpse of her brief dark panties. Andrew needs no second invitation and launches himself at her and soon they are kissing and caressing forcefully as the lift jolts into action.

Paula and Greg stagger onto the landing. Paula knows the Ladies are on the next floor up but confesses to Greg that she can't possibly climb the stairs and besides that she is bursting to go. With no one else around Greg suggests she come in with her to the Gents' and Paula gratefully accepts. Inside there are two urinals and a cubicle. Paula immediately makes for the cubicle but pauses with a wicked glint in her eye and suggests drunkenly that Greg might want to join her. Greg smiles and before long they are both locked in the cubicle together.

Amy stands with the others and the boardroom door is closed as everyone gathers in the middle of the room as the midnight hour approaches. She is bursting to pee and is almost having to cross her legs to prevent an accident. To her relief the hour finally strikes, the lights flicker for a second or two and then everyone went crazy!

Steve finally manages to break away from Katherine. He's really aching for a leak and his bladder feels light a huge football inside him. He glances at his watch and realises its only seconds now to midnight. He suggests they go back to the party for the celebrations and Katherine reluctantly agrees, besides she too is now busting for a wee. Just as she is straightening her dress the hour strikes. Immediately the lights flicker and just for a few seconds they are in darkness. As the lights come back on the electric bolt on the door clicks shut. Everywhere is quiet for a second or too more, then the loud music from the boardroom starts up again. Steve tries the door and finds it locked tight.

In the lift Louise and Andrew are all over each other. They don't seem to realise the lift is going slowly upwards. Louise wants him so bad that her frantic need to pee is almost forgotten. She hasn't had a man for absolutely ages. Andrew swings her round so she is facing the lift wall, then he lifts her dress over her hips and peels down her knickers, exposing her taut, tense quivering bum caused by her desperate attempts to control her bursting bladder. Louise spreads her legs slightly and in an instant Andrew has tugged off his trousers and boxer shorts and is thrusting his prick deep inside her tight hole. God she needs to pee! But oh what a feeling as he enters her! The lights suddenly flicker and the lift stops. They pause slightly until the lights come back on, then both think all they've got to do is press open door button on the lift and they'll be on the right floor, but first they've just got to finish what they've started. They've just got to!

She needs to pee so bad but can't stand the embarrassment

As the lights flicker Greg is sat naked on the loo in the Gents with Paula sat on top, facing him. Greg has his legs spread so that she can pee between them. Paula is so desperate but she is determined to hold back a second more as they kiss. She has one hand holding her dress up and Greg is gazing in awe at her white see through knickers. Finally Paula realises that she can't hold it a second longer and to Greg's amazement she stands, lifts her dress clear with one hand. She tugs her knickers down slightly and then presses down on her fanny lips before leaning back and letting rip with a beautiful arc of pee that sails from her standing position right between his legs and into the loo. Greg gazes transfixed for almost a minute before the flow becomes a dribble and trickles down the inside of her thighs. Then she moves closer and Greg pees hard over her sopping fanny making her gasp with joy. Neither realise the door to the gents has suddenly clicked tight shut.

After five minutes of wild celebration Amy at last spots a chance to escape from the crowd and dashes over to the door. She pulls hard, then pushes, but it stays shut firm. Feeling eyes burning into the back of her neck she returns to her seat with her head bowed, quickly crossing her legs and pushing both hands down to her crutch. She needs to pee so bad but can't stand the embarrassment, "Why won't that door open!" She curses under her breath.

In their bosses room both Steve and Katherine are pacing up and down while trying to yank open the door from time to time. Katherine has suddenly become frantically desperate while Steve is almost bent double. Both realise there is no point in trying to hide their embarrassment and are both openly squeezing themselves. They try shouting but no one can hear them above the sound of the music. Steve is in a very bad way by now. It's almost quarter past twelve and he can feel himself almost letting go. Katherine has already searched the room for a bin or something she could pee in without success and she bangs on the door even harder in frustration.

Louise could feel her climax starting to build. Her stomach aches so much from her bursting bladder but with his prick lodged inside her like a cork she feels as if she couldn't pee even if she wanted to. Her whole body feels so full her senses are just buzzing with pure desire and pure lust. His urgent thrusting finally pushes her over the edge and wave after wave of orgasm shakes her body, forcing him to cum as well as she gasps out loud in ecstasy. For several minutes they stand there leaning against the wall of the lift and when he finally withdraws all she wants now, more than anything in the world, is to have a good long pee. God her bladder is bursting! As she tugs her knickers back on she can just feel how tight and swollen it is and the sight of it bulging outwards alarms her no end. She begs Andrew to open the doors to the lift and the shock quickly spreads over her face as Andrew finds himself unable to do so.

Paula had emptied nearly half a packed bladder full by now. With Greg spraying her crotch she now wanted more than anything to feel him inside her. Greg, naked, was more than up for the occasion and urged her to removed her clothes quickly. She did so, kicking her sodden panties off, her fanny glistening with wetness. This time as she re-squatted on the loo facing him she eased down on his inflamed prick and her vaginal walls gently squeezed him as he nudged inside. She gasped as the full length of his shaft hit home and within moments she was both cumming and peeing at the same time, rocking back and forth like a rampant teenager.

In the lift Louise was beside herself with desperation

Amy was really close to wetting herself now. She had seen others try the door without success and more and more people were showing visible signs of needing to get out of that room and soon! There was a lot of crotch holding and twisted legs on the dance floor. Eventually enough people had tried the door to make everyone realise there was a serious problem. The music stopped and everyone gathered at the door, but no matter how hard they pushed it would not budge. One girl finally shouted out that she needed a pee and of course she wasn't the only one. It became clear that virtually the whole room had full or nearly full bladders. Action was swiftly taken to alleviate their most pressing problem. Two tables were tipped on there side to shield one corner where two waste bins were to act as loo's for the Ladies, while a similar situation in the far corner would act as a Gents'.

In their solitary office Steve was in agony. He could barely stand up straight and although he knew he could hold it, the pain he was experiencing made the need to release overwhelming. Katherine too was close to just letting go, only the frantic rubbing and fingering of herself from under her short skirt was stopping the inevitable flood. They had given up shouting for help and were now almost locked in their own private thoughts of desperation. Eventually Katherine said "Fuck it!" She shuffled over to one corner, lifted her skirt and inched her knickers down. Then she crouched down and just let go a beautiful hot funnel of pee all over her bosses carpet! Steve watched in utter amazement. He had never witnessed a girl pee before and the sight had him so captivated it was far too late by the time he realised he was peeing himself, hot jets of pee washing down both legs of his beige trousers.

In the lift Louise was beside herself with desperation. Being stuck in a lift was bad enough but all she could think about was voiding the contents of her grossly overfull bladder. She had her legs twisted together so tight and was rubbing her hands up and down her thighs in a very agitated manner. She had to go and she had to go soon! Making love to a guy was one thing but peeing in front of him was quite another. Andrew gazed ruefully at her, quite helpless to do anything for her. He was enjoying her situation immensely. She managed to last another fifteen minutes when the urge became so great she could feel tiny dribbles starting to leak into her panties. No matter how hard she pressed or squirmed she knew she couldn't hold back any longer. She begged Andrew to turn his back as she hurriedly lifted her dress clear and squatted in one corner by the door. She just didn't have time to pull her knickers down as within a second a forceful arc splashed into them and oozed onto the carpeted floor, hissing loudly as it cascaded from her tortured loins and quickly formed a growing puddle. Andrew watched wide eyed and Louise could only smile with embarrassment, but the overwhelming relief just felt sooo good!

In the boardroom Amy was truly bursting. The thought of having to pee in a waste bin in the boardroom in front of everyone would normally have been a definite no-no but she just had to go somewhere and right now! She joined the queue of maybe ten women waiting their turn. She was close to the front when she suddenly felt her panties dampen and despite a last desperate attempt to stop the flow by pressing the fingers of one hand into her crotch, she realised with horror she'd wet herself and oh how badly! She glanced down at herself and was relieved to see just a small wet stain on the front of her pants but she knew her knickers were dripping underneath and it wouldn't be long before her accident was there for all to see. At last a bin became free and with a last valiant effort she managed to stem the flow just long enough to lower herself over it, drop her panties, and ooohh what relief! She barely noticed the other people around her and when she'd finished she was the happiest girl on Earth!

Katherine's arc of pee slowly fell to a dribble and the last few drops ran tantalisingly down the inside of her thighs. Her boss's carpet was awash with her pee and rapidly soaking into a large stain. The whole incident had turned her on no end and she could tell Steve was most definitely feeling the same way, despite his glistening trousers where he had peed himself. Steve had managed to stop himself from going any more but needed to empty badly. Katherine invited him into the corner where he finally released his prick through his fly and squirted hurriedly down on the already massive puddle. After that they were all over each other again. Katherine was quickly naked and clambered onto her boss's desk. Steve dropped his pants and entered her easily, both of them reaching a breathless climax just as the fire brigade burst into the room!

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