My name is Victoria, I'm 30, English and I'm blessed with a lovely big bladder, I always hold on to my pee for as long as possible, I love the bursting feeling and it gets me really excited & horny. I look down at my tummy while I'm talking to a client and I long to feel my swollen bulge, but instead I just look in amazement, it's quite prominent because it's holding huge amounts of my pee and I really can't wait to sit down and let it all go, a huge full bladder and a long pee is just an amazing feeling for a woman.
But on a serious note, there's a few times I've sat down ready to enjoy a lovely long pee and nothing has come out, my bladder has locked up and that's when I get a bit worried, thinking that I may have to go to the hospital to be drained! I just have to sit there patiently, encouraging the pee stream to start (like I had to in my free pee story). I have recorded at least one of these long pee for you to listen to on this download. I tell you, I'm sure I've peed 3 pints, I really should get a measuring jug just for peeing in, I don't fancy peeing in my cooking jug. Maybe I'll do section on here where I compete with myself, trying to beat my last effort, I'll think about that one . . .

. . . I did think about it! I had my own brilliant personal pissing contest and I had so much fun!

My lovely vagina with her dark pubic stubble! I have such dark hair. I will do a lovely long pee nowAnyway, I thought there must be other people like me who enjoy this peeing fetish, so I had this bright idea to share my peeing with you via the internet and with the help of Cascade, I can do just that - here I am! So I've been recording my pissing on my phone for you to enjoy. Besides, it gets me off knowing you're gonna get aroused and masturbate while listening to my peeing! I love that thought when I'm recording, someone wanking to the sound of my piss!

My mp3 pee audio below is full of my minute long pissing, at least a minute, some of them are nearly two! All done in lots of different styles so you get a nice variety - aren't I nice to you?
I managed to put these together to share with you as I love to pee for a long time.
Yeah and when I have to go to a public bathroom, I'm sure some women listen to me because I know no-one else can piss like me. But in all honesty, that's what I HATE about using a public bathroom, other women listening to my peeing, so I always pee on the side of the bowl with just a few drips falling into the water, but I think I turn it into an advantage? I think the softer recording sounds good, it sounds sexy, lovely gentle quiet pissing. I get my phone up really close to my pee stream and afterwards, when I look at it and it's covered in my piss spray! Hmmmm, I wonder who'd like to lick it off?

This recording lasts 34 minutes and is filled with pees that last at least a minute, some are nearly 2! It's 3 GBP and it's a little bit of me for you to keep x

Buy this and get your 46 minutes of my peeing out-takes for FREE!

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LOTS OF FREE PEE! (48 out-takes lasting 46 minutes)
Hi, it's me! I'm having a clear out of my failures - my inability to pee properly!! My phone has loads of my pissing on it, peeing that for one reason or another doesn't make the grade, I'm quite hard on myself, I like quality. There's a whole load of this 'junk' - and I don't want to thrown them all away. For example: ones that are too quiet, (Cascade will put all these in a zip file for me/us) there's my peeing that's too short where I thought that I'd got a load! The microphone on my phone is very sensitive and it picks up my tummy gurgling (I hate that). Also, in my early days there was distortion where I held the microphone too close to my vagina. Oh yeah and when I record my pee at home, like an idiot I sometimes leave my bathroom window open, such a stupid girl I am - so there's traffic noises over a classic bit of peeing! Doh! There's also an attack of the squits (which was totally unexpected). I get very disappointed when my bladder and I don't make the spec we're aiming for, like if I'm so looking forward to doing a power piss and I haven't been drinking the right stuff and my bladder won't cooperate, I can't power for toffee. Also when my piss won't hiss, why? and when I run out of pee just a few seconds short of my goal dammit. Also my experiments which are too numerous to mention, but if you've read my pages and you've bought my stuff, you'll know what I mean. But my pee stream has a mind of its own, my biggest problem is when I power up for a gush and it just turns into a spray like a watering can and goes simply everywhere! So there you are my faithful pee fans, you'll get this free pee set when you buy anything from my site, I think it's sensible to give things to those who appreciate my 'work' than throw it away and it's gone forever, don't you? If you've been one of my happy wanky customers and you want to recieve one, write to me, I will acknowledge you xx V

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