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Piss thrills for Anita - the thrill of wetting my knickers!

I thought I was alone about loving to wet my knickers. Yes it is true for a woman that the more you can hang on the better it gets. As soon as I've wet myself I have another drink so I can wet myself again.
I love to wear non-absorbent porous knickers preferably a body with the crotch sewn up and the cotton bit cut out, so it can't be taken off, (so I know that if I go out, then I have to wet myself). I find it’s a good idea to rub my vagina with nappy rash cream first as a precaution against thrush. It is as well to spray between your legs with a deodorant at least the first time when I wet myself in the day. It goes without saying that you have to wear a short skirt and don’t forget to take a towel for the car seat!
When I get going it is absolutely gorgeous; to be able to go somewhere knowing that I have to wet myself. It's healthy too! It encourages me to drink so it flushes my system right through. Then I sleep so well afterwards.
Love, Anita
i love peeing

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