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Bladder Holding: Training Your Small Bladder
Ladies, you can improve your holding ability!!

Women! Train your bladder holding muscles with pelvic floor pee stops & starts for a bigger bladder, controlled peeing, pee holding AND better orgasms!

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1) How do we make our small bladders conveniently larger and impressive to hold more pee?

2) Can we use our new bladder holding capacity to enhance our sex lives?

1) A small bladder can be an absolute pest. Not being able to hold your wee is embarrassing and inconvenient to say the least.
I had a very small bladder, I didn't hold much pee at all, about ten or fifteen seconds was my peeing time and when I needed a pee I used to do the classic 'pee dance' - even in public! Sometimes a trickle of pee used to fall on the floor when my bladder thought it was time for a pee. (Remember, I never wear knickers). But that was in my early teens, now I'm in my thirties and I hold a really good bladder full - so how did I do it?

Well, it was all because of regular bladder holding 'training' and anyone can do it, you've just got to be strict with yourself.
I must say that I really enjoy a good pee and when you're looking forward to relaxing and emptying your lovely full bladder, you don't want to stop the pee flow do you?
Well, if you want a bigger and more copious bladder and increase your holding capacity, I'm afraid that's exactly what you have to do!
If you start when you're reasonably young, your bladder holding training will take a fairly short period of time, about six to nine months. If you are in your thirties to forties, it will take a lot longer because the little devil's got into a holding routine! If you are over the age of fifty, then you could try, but I doubt if you'll get any success at all, I'm afraid you'll have to live with your small bladder, it's what you've got!

OK, firstly, take a measurement of your really bursting pee, the one where you can't hold it any longer, don't be too disappointed if it's only a quarter of a pint or not even half a pint, (a forty second female pee is roughly a pint) it's only duplicating the reason why you need to improve your small bladder holding ability!
My bladder stretching experience was learned in a medical journal, it was called 'Pelvic Floor Muscle Development' and it's really easy. Just twitching and holding your sphincter for a few seconds (that's the muscle you use to start and stop your pee). You can do it sitting or standing, you can do this while waiting for a bus, doing the washing up, even while you're talking to someone in the street - in fact it doesn't matter where you do this 'twitching and holding' because no-one can see what you're doing!
Do this regularly EVERY day, whenever you can and please do it for fairly long periods at a time. After a few days of twitching (and don't forget, holding it for a few seconds) your sphincter, if you feel confident, try doing it while you are actually peeing, I know it's difficult - it might be hard, I didn't say it would be easy!
As I said before, the last thing you want to do when you're enjoying a good pee is to stop it, but this really is the only way. Your pee flow should stop abruptly, like it's been cut with a knife, then the flow of pee should resume when you un-clench your bladder holding muscle (your sphincter). If you can bear it, do this all the way through your pee, try short and long spurts and stopping abruptly. It doesn't matter about the last bit, leave it in your bladder if you prefer, it's hard to squeeze the ultimate last drop of pee out, in fact I have found it's really good to leave some pee 'in store' as it makes the new bladder emptying routine so much easier.

When you are confident that you can stop and start your pee to the 'cut with a knife' specification, it's time for the next step and that's just doing half of your pee: just let out the majority, when you feel you've got enough relief, cut your pee stream off, then clench your bladder holding muscle shut with one of your 'twitch and holds', it will only take a few seconds of concentration and bladder muscle clenching for it to close off easily by itself.
Do this regularly when you do your full bladder pee. If you now pee only two or three times a day, you may even prefer to do it like that - a half at a time - you may even get to like it!
When you think you are confident with starting and stopping your pee stream and leaving half bladder fulls, try going for the max. The 'max' is to drink an amount of water before going to bed, not a huge amount, a cupful say, just to see how you deal with it, then, if you do a good pee in the morning and you don't have to get out of bed during the night, the next night try a few more mouthfuls.
What's happening now is that you are at last stretching your small bladder and after all, it's only a muscle, a very powerful muscle too I might add - (the more you use a muscle the stronger it becomes). I've found out that for some reason, I can hold a lot more of the silver (when I've drunk water) type of pee than the strong yellow 'aromatic' stuff. Having a drink of water before you retire for the night is cheating a bit really, but by stretching your small bladder holding capacity in your sleeping (or un-conscious) state, you don't have to put up with the unpleasant discomfort if you'd done it during the day. Soon you'll be surprising yourself in the morning at the quantities and the length of time you are taking to pee. After say, a month of conscientious holding of your pee, try measuring the quantities your bladder holds now and look bakc at your first hold, there should be a vast improvement. Chances are you'll be feeling pretty pleased with yourself, but do remember, it's a bit like losing weight, you can easily go back to how you were so you'll have to keep your new 'pee habit' up, use your new bladder size to it's limits, exercise your new bladder holding muscles as much as you can, keep it toned up, even show off your new pee skills to the woman in the cubicle next door in a Ladies' toilet!
Try drinking pints of lager instead of halves. Secretly set yourself a goal: 'I'm not going to pee until after so and so'. Only do this when you're confident though, don't show off only half way through your bladder training, it may go horribly wrong!

2) I didn't really get into enjoying peeing in a big way 'til I met my husband, we found that we had an interest in peeing, he liked to hear me pee and to watch my stream. He also liked it when I needed to pee really bad and there was nowhere for me to go. We both enjoyed the sex this inspired!
Then we experimented in our bladder holding in all sorts of ways, one thing in particular was a full bladder fuck or a pee masturbation session. It really does work: If you're curious you don't have to tell your partner you're trying this, you can keep it to yourself, but just try a full bladder fuck for once in your life and treat yourself to an explosive orgasm, who cares about wet sheets! (I do really, but read on!) Use a towel or something, but you really must try it, it's a truly wonderful experience. Also, if my husband rubs the top of my full bladder with the palm of his hand, I can achieve orgasm. A sort of full bladder orgasm (or peegasm) which feels totally different and the advantage is that it can be repeated many, many times. This rubbing, or sort of 'kneading' is done with mixed hand pressure. If I'm really full of pee and I need a hand to hold back the flood, he puts his finger just inside my vagina to block up my pee pipe so I can let go, then my pee pipe (urethra) fills up and bulges, the pain is very erotic and almost pleasurable. It really is excellent and I really love it!
I'd like to pass both of these pee related bladder holding items on to you by way of my W4W pages so you can try it too anf if you do, please let me know how it works out so others can have confidence in my writing.

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