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The Girl's Sneaky Pee Fun Pages!

This is our Watersports for Women peeing messages menu. We need to have a list of peeing messages now as we get more and more interesting pee fun e-mails and we'd like to make finding them a bit easier for you.
Please write in with your bladder capacities or your holding on experiments, or even your reactions to our pages etc.
Your e-mails are safe, there's no lists and an 'anon' name is fine if you want. Just be (pee) happy!
Below is an index of pee fun messages written into us: Send W4W YOUR Contribution!

Letter on Piss Holding from Mary-Ann - she loves to hold her pee 'til her bladder bursts!

Sarah - from a female Jet Pilot - holding on to her pee at 20,000 feet!

A Catheter - an answer to Penis Envy? - a peeing squirting tube

Another Penis Envy Letter - this time from your female Ed.!

Train & stretch your bladder - I did it! - another peey tip from your female Ed.!

Dawn - about a pee holding on game - this beats Monopoly!

Leanne experimenting with a friend, Amy - peeing & bladder holding contests

Anne - she thought she was a superpeeer . . . - until she read our pee pages!

Anita loves holding on to it - bladder holding & wetting yourself is such erotic fun!

Clair 1 - her reaction to the holding on competition on 'The Priory' - she tries it herself!

Clair 2 - her theory on women's big bladders - interesting reading.

Heather's Huge Bladder - I bet everybody wishes she had a bladder like this!

Lyly - she enjoys wetting herself - panties wetting accidents.

Olive - she has a penis envy - I need a penis so I can squirt my pee!

April - she peees so hard she orgasms! - a powerful pee stream

Fi's Enormous Bladder - this is a bladder and a half - a champion peeer!

Fi tries for a 4 pint bladder!! - Fi is going to go off bang!

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