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Piss Fun for Women. Peeing, wetting, holding pee, penis envy!

Ladies peeing competitions,
bladder holding stories,
the enjoyment of full bladder pee holding.


Hi there girls, thanks for dropping by!
Have you noticed that nearly ALL the pee, wet sex and piss fun sites are dedicated to the pissing fellas?
I think it's a good idea to change that - don't you?

I'm relying on fellow watersports women to back me up on this, I'm willing to give it a go and produce a free piss fun site for women - but I need some content, I'm afraid it doesn't come from nowhere!

We all want something sexy to read so we can compare wet notes and what others have to say about the pee fetish, so send me your peeing comments, pantys wetting thrills and thoughts, full bladder masturbation, pee holding expectations and achievements, unusual experiences, panties wetting letters, peeing competitions, golden showers, full bladder sizes, quantities and bladder size comparisons, penis envy, maybe you've tried peeing standing up? Perhaps you want to enter our bladder holding competitions? Are you a 'squirter'?

I must say, it's the penis envy side of piss fun that I personally like to read!

This site is free to all women and girls of a consenting age. I must say, it's the penis envy side of peeing that I personally like to read! In fact, send me your views on penis envy, I'd love to hear from you and read them!

Send me anything piss fun related that would be acceptable on a free piss fun site for women, ladies & girls. Let's have some panties wetting, bladder holding, peeing, pee sex fun - especially for us females!
But, before sending ANYTHING please be assured and read my PRIVACY PLEDGE
W4W's wee-mail contact here: Send W4W a Message!

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