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Penis Pissing Envy - W4W - Watersports for Women - Pee Fun!

Over the many years of putting Cascade together and reading through the many pages of correspondence that we receive, I am surprised that we don't get more from the girls on the subject of Penis Envy. I don't think that I fall into that category exactly, I can do my own 'trick shots' quite well and I know a very understanding cock that could soon be filled with pee if I wanted! However, I am positive that there are many, many girls who just wish they could squirt their pee like a man and have some discreet pee fun, now that really is what I call proper watersports peeing!!
A good substitute for a peeing phallic is the summer time garden hosepipe, now you watch the next time you see a female watering the garden, you look, she's very thorough and it's very, very interesting to watch!
Watch how she swishes the stream about and aims it and see how far the jet will go, watch how she makes the water into a 'pee like' stream, a long whooshy jet, powerful and splashy - just like peeing from a cock! Watch how she deliberately finds crud to clean off the floor and brickwork and things, even if it doesn't need doing.
Yes, I admit, I've done it myself and I always have a grin on my face when I do, so there must be others?? I've not seen any comments anywhere regarding this Penis Envy feature, so maybe, using the anonymity of my Watersports 4 Women pages, we could have a good, relaxing penis envy chat, bring it out into the open and swap some ideas even? It sure sounds like a pee fun thing anyway and a bit of pee pleasure fun is a tonic. Write to me

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