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Driving With a Full Bladder. My Bladder Bursting Journey!

I thought that you might want to know my statistics - largest bladder hold was 1400ml. Here is the story about it ....

As some of you may know, I really enjoy frantic bladder desperation - mine or a man's. Generally I do my monster pee holding at home as I have never wet myself as an adult and I can't imagine the public embarrassment.
I have often wondered if I am really holding my maximum when I do this as I know that the toilet and measuring jug are near by when I am home and my bladder is full.
I decided to do something different today. I went to visit a friend about 300 miles away for the weekend. We had fun but frankly, it was a little boring. So this morning I decided to set a few rules for the trip - no stopping at all - and I must consume 12 oz of liquid every half an hour. I also knew that as I became more and more desperate to pee, the feelings would change and that I would never remember them, so I pulled out a notebook and pencil and decided to jot down my bladder's progression from relaxed to the final bursting explosion on my long way home. I hope you enjoy these - they are a bit disjointed but I was driving 80 miles an hour towards the end and sure that I was going to flood my car with my hot pee, so I wasn't too grammatically focused!
1. 300 bladder stretching miles to go, a large (32oz) diet coke - this counts for my first 4 drinks so I will consume it in the first 1.5 hours to get myself revved up.
2. 250 bladder stretching miles to go, about 75% of the drink is gone, no worries yet.
3. 200 bladder stretching miles to go, all of the diet coke is gone, I have been on the road for 1.5 hours, I was hoping for a better time than this, but there is traffic. I open my first diet mountain dew (I have a case in the backseat, they aren't very cold but that's ok).
4. 150 bladder stretching miles to go, total liquid consumed 52 oz, starting to feel a few awakenings, if I was at work and about to enter a meeting, I would definitely go and empty my bladder out with this level of feeling, but no real urgency. I chug the rest of this diet dew and open another.
5. 120 bladder stretching miles to go, 64 oz consumed. Fullness, not very uncomfortable, some bladder pressure, like an itch you can't scratch.
6. 76 bladder stretching miles (but who's counting?) to go, 68 oz consumed. Pressure constant, walls of bladder are beginning to stretch out, this causing involuntary fidgeting, if anyone saw me they would know I need to pee. I keep attempting to change position to ease the squeezing sensation. The feeling passes slightly from urgent to constant gentle pushing - like a hand on my shoulder but it is on my full bladder.
7. 65 bladder bursting miles to go. 76 oz consumed. Sign for rest area causes frantic spasm of the whole bladder. Urethra slams shut defensively. Ooooh it feels like the tide is coming in and the waves are slapping all sides of my bladder. As I squeeze the vaginal walls contract, causing my nipples to harden.
8. 52 bladder bursting miles to go. 80 oz consumed. I slide my hand between my legs and press the fabric of my skirt against my clit (I didn't wear panties because I knew I needed nothing extra working against me). I start to rub back and forth hoping that the sexual tension will ease the now constant ache in my taut, full bladder. Damn, too many truckers to keep at it. Besides, if I cum I will go all over myself. I am now forcing myself to keep drinking, even my throat knows that I am beyond capacity.
9. 43 bladder bursting miles to go, 82 oz consumed. Speed limit is down to 55 and there are cops everywhere. Constant fidgeting, thighs squeezed together. This may not have been a good idea. PC muscles clenched, OHHHH GOD, I NEED TO PEE!
10. 30 bladder bursting miles to go, quantity consumed not noted - too full to write much. Sign for last rest area before my house. I am truly frantic. Undid seat belt to ease pressure on my huge swollen bladder. Trying to sit on heel but can't manoeuvre in driver's seat.- OH OH, I almost lost it. Speedometer at 80, must slow down, cannot get pulled over. Empty styrofoam cup is taunting me. Maybe I could slide it under my skirt and just let out a little. NO, I WILL MAKE IT!! At least I hope so, I have to pee so bad, there is a torrent of pee held back.
11. 5 bladder bursting miles to go - last 25 a frantic, twisting blur. Off the highway now. JESUS red lights everywhere. Desperately, I run one. OH Crap! a funeral procession. I am bursting to pee people - MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!! My thighs are quivering. I am not going to make it. I haven't wet myself since 1st grade. Quick breaths like Lamaze. I will hold it.
12. Home. Afraid to stand upright. Want to run but can only hobble, bent over at the waist. Make it to the bathroom door - grab measure jug - squat and release a massive pee spray at first, flying everywhere but the jug, then a steady pee stream as hard and full as a bathtub faucet, I am sweating from the effort. The pee is still spraying a little I just can't give my pee stream my normal directional control - 1350 ml plus at least 50 on the floor, wall and my skirt. Afterwards, I stand up but still find it hard to walk, my bladder muscles have been so strained that my calves and thighs ache. Time to lay down and reward myself for holding on!
Jane S

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