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Bursting to pee! A Desperate Roadside Peeing Story.

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Hi, I often wonder if women with huge bladders are born like it, or it becomes 'trained' through childhood, puberty and teen years through need? We can all hold urine for a surprisingly long time if we really need to, but when your bladder's full and you're bursting to pee, there is a lot of pain and discomfort into the bargain. Mine is not a huge bladder by nature, but there are times that you remember in the past when you were taken short and really desperate to pee and you think: now that was a really good pee!

I remember a time when I'd just met someone special and we were round a friend of a friend's house and drinking coffee 'till it nearly came out of my ears. We stayed for a couple of hours or more, I was quite shy at the time, although not with this special fella. Saying goodbye at the door my bladder was so full I nearly let go, but I managed to hold the mass back somehow. But on getting outside, the temptation to let go of my bladder muscles just took over and I just hurried a few yards to the road, stood between two parked cars, opened my legs and boy did I pee strongly and pee powerfully for quite a long time, (I never wear knickers and I've never peeed in public) the pee stream was really thick and heavy. I don't recall there being anybody passing by, it was about 10.30 at night, so there could have been. I was just craving for well earned full bladder relief and it was there for the taking, so I took it!

There have been other times when a good pee has been taken and would have made a good watersports story, but none to match that one, looking back perhaps it was the pee of peees and an estimate of the quantity was about one and a half pints, (I normally pee about half to three quarters, after that there is too much pain and discomfort) as soon as I relaxed my tight grip on my big bladder muscle, the pee shot out really quickly with no prompting or encouragement, I used no force, just natural pressure, the peeing time was about half a minute. Can anyone else tell us about a classic 'caught short' or roadside peeing, full bladder peey story that she has experienced?

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