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Girls pee in a bowl on a New Year's Eve Watersports Pee Party.

This is a story from 'A' who, together with her friends, B, C, D, & E had a New Year's Eve Pee Festival.

Here goes with the story:

On New Year's Eve I had four other girls over for an all girlie night. We drank wine and eventually all got a little drunk. One of the girls, let's call her B, came up with this brilliant idea for a New Years Eve game: We were all to hold on to our pee for as long as possible. To assure everyone's full hearted participation, I suggested that anyone who yielded had to pee in a bowl while all the others were watching and have her quantity measured. Only the last one to go could do so in the privacy of my loo. I should add that we all know each other very well.

The first one to go was C. She has always been complaining about her small bladder. She only managed about 350 mls in a series of small spurts.

An hour later D had to go. She peed in a steady stream for about 45 seconds, producing 870 mls of dark yellow pee.

Now it was a fight between B and myself. I knew the third of the remaining girls, my close friend E, had a giant bladder, so I could hardly expect to defeat her. As it turned out, I didn't lick B either. An hour and a half after D had peed, I had the choice between giving up and wetting myself, so it was my turn to pee into my bowl. I peeed for ever, or so it felt, but that was only because I had the other four girls watching. Later E told me that it lasted approximately one minute. The amount was 1.13 litres. I knew I had quite a large bladder, but I didn't know it had those dimensions.

I had barely finished when B said it was her turn and could that girl pee! She gushed out 890 mls in what could not have been more than 10 seconds, leaving a thick foam layer on top of the bowl.

It was now clear that E had won the contest. After a while the other three girls went home, and my best friend E and I sat down to talk a little more. By now we were good and drunk and quite silly. I said to E that I wanted to see her pee also. I'll have to get full first, she said. She took a litre bottle of mineral water out of the fridge, and started to drink from it. When all was drunk, we sat down and talked some more. In about an hour it was time for me to go again, in the loo this time. When I came back, E had started pulling down her knickers and I knew the moment had come. She then started to pee into the bowl with an extremely thin, yet very forceful stream. I timed her. Believe it or not, she peed for 4 minutes and 13 seconds, producing 1.62 litres of pee. It was one of the most exciting things I've ever seen. A.

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