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Amazing Female Pee in a Public Restroom.
Holding her pee inside her huge bladder.

Hi W4W - Watersports for Women!
I would love to add still another female view to the ever growing discussion on female bladder size and urinating ability.
Probably genetic in origin and further developed, my own enormous organ certainly became a focal point of attention!
I would love to add still another female view to the ever growing discussion on female bladder size and urinating ability.
Probably genetic in origin and further developed, my own enormous organ certainly became a focal point of attention from the time I was a girl. During my teenage years, having such a gigantic bladder undoubtedly played a large role in forming my sexuality.
Even today, at 22, I can still vividly recall countless public restroom adventures in school that left girlfriends (and a few faculty) in shocked dis-belief, as well as my artistic female urination displays at parties and at the college dorm which further enhanced my rarefied female peeing status and through it all, I nearly always responded to the attention with feigned embarrassment or casual dismissal - "hey, that's just the way I pee."
Therein lay the quandary; I loved the comments and reactions, but felt slightly kinky and perverted at the same time. Pissing, I thought, was a "guy" thing. Men were the ones who held peeing contests and were forever measuring their penises. Why then did I feel such secret pride and why did my fanny feel excited when I would emerge from a nightclub public restroom stall to find my impatiently waiting girlfriends beside themselves and countless stunned public restroom visitors virtually boring holes through me with their eyes.
Wasn't it perverted when I began to go out of my way to demonstrate my tremendous bladder?
Perhaps not. Until I got to college I never actually measured my bladder output, but I can say that I was an expert choreographer, able to start-stop and vary my pee stream for maximum pee effect and drama. One never really knew when I was fully drained as a favourite trick of mine was to slow to a prolonged drip-drip-drip after many minutes (yes that's correct) of intermittent splattering.
What most people never realized, was that I loved to keep some urine in reserve for these occasions. Just when they thought I was at long last finished, I would come back with a powerful burst. I swear it would leave so many people in a state of mixed, yet very strong emotions.
Peeing with females most likely would have stayed an open secret among we girls were it not that I started dating my boyfriend, Tom - a tall, chauvinistic jock type, we found ourselves one late night on the beach after a long Saturday of celebration, drinking beer. The story-synopsised version is that we found ourselves past midnight with full bladders, a closed beach restroom and nowhere to "go." Tom told me in no uncertain terms that he was going to relieve himself right there against the concrete wall of the public restroom. Somewhere deep within me, I summoned the courage to reply, "Well, I hope that you don't mind some company." A bold move on my part since we had only been dating briefly. He shrugged, unzipped and out came the most beautiful, long slender, pale pink garden hose of a cock I'd ever seen.
The story gets much better:
"I hope you don't mind waiting," he announced, "because I really have to pee and when I have to pee..." Typical male athlete attitude, I thought, but I let out an impish giggle and gave a practiced toss of my shoulder length blond hair. So there we were, peeing away a few yards apart... and peeing .... and peeing. He was right, the guy could pee. Slowly, as the second hand on my watch goes around for the second time, he started to look more and more in my direction as it became evident that I was not only keeping up with his pee, but was giving no indication of slowing down. We peed some more until, at an indeterminate amount of time later, his stream faltered and died. That was when the delicious part of the story began! Drained, his long dangling organ still hanging out of his pants, he cast a steady gaze in my direction, his date, her butt against the side of the wall, legs spread, pee still spurting on to the sidewalk and the entire immediate area below drenched by my pee output, I continued to pee with forced nonchalance (believe me he does have a beautiful penis). He stared, I peed, until it finally happened, he admitted, "My God! I've NEVER seen or heard anyone who could pee so much." I looked over to see the most incredible hard-on! True story.
We've done numerous measurement tests, with many WELL in excess of two liters, with a couple close to 2500 ml. This is the truth as honestly as I can tell an electronic stranger.
While this thoroughly beats the 1.66 ml quantity of Svetlana Superpeeer, there is a 3120 ml figure quoted in Sarah's letter. However, her e-mail address appears to be non-existent as I've tried to contact her. At any rate, hope to hear from you. (Cascade/W4W replied)

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